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Should it be free or pay to play.

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If on public land, free. Our taxes pay for the park.

If on private land, pay. The free market will determine their success.
At the 2010 Pro Worlds site, Lemon Lake Indiana, you pay to park which is kinda like pay to play. Its a county park, but I believe proceeds go back into the park for maintanence and improvements. Once one is in the park, they can play as much as they want until it closes for the night. A season pass is also available for purchase and can be recieved for volunteering work at the park. Imo this is a fair arrangement. By the way, I think that parking is free for Worlds players.
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there is waiting and plenty of drunks and garbage at the ball golf course, but yes, no groups bigger than 5

That would be nice if it were true. Morley Field is pay to play and has all of these less than fun elements.

I live in Metro Detroit,here we have to pay at the County parks, and no cost at the city parks. The cost of the county parks is $2 per round or you can buy a seasonal pass for $50. The money goes toward improvements that otherwise wouldn't happen. These courses play over fields and and require mowing. The cost is worth it i believe. Others don't feel the same, most of those are people who don't play often and can't appreciate what the cost is for. The city parks are taken care of with city dollars and while are well kept are generally not in as good of shape as the pay to play parks.
Jon I also live in metro detroit. The only complaint I have for the metro parks is that the don't shovel the pads but they do plow the paved trails for the walkers that don't have to pay the extra 2 bucks over the park enterence fee.

That season pass seems a bit high.  Most season passes you have to use 10 or so times to have it pay for itself, but to have to use something 25 times in order to break even seems a bit much.  Hardcore players would certainly get their moneys worth, but a weekly or biweekly player might get discouraged by that high price.

You rarely EVER hear of walkers defacing signs, painting cement, littering and destroying trees with plastic frisbees.
Pay to Play has it's upsides. It tends to weed out the idiots, most of whom aren't willing to pay for DG. The money goes to improving the course. Of my 3 local courses all are in city parks but one is pay to play . Sylmar is far and away the best of the 3 courses with a pro shop and well maintained fairways and teepads and new basket positions popping up now and again. It's worth the money to dump into it. Sylmar is only 2 bucks a day, play as many rounds as you like.
I wish it was more to pay and play then maybe you wouldn't have to worry about theifes, groups of 20 that leave a beer can every 20 feet, and the worst kids that have nothing better to d othe walk aroud break branches,sign poles, deface park property, brake bottles, and give disc golfers a real bad name. it is because of these people that we can't have nice things. These people don't even care about the sport and ruin it for those that do! I would pay 10$ a round to not have to deal with it.


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