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Should it be free or pay to play.

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Second that motion. I like to bring my little guy (three) out with me and my group all the time. We have trouble with local cops saying that our beer and other trash is the found all over the ground, surely it's not true. Even my son of 3 has repect and gives me his trash when he can not find a trash can to put his things in. Most places have trash cans at every other tee box but, still broken bottles, fast food crap and other empties are everywhere; even next to the cans themself. We are there to throw something into a basket for fun and sport but some cant get it to do the same with there rubbish. + I hate it when people break off branches or worse CUT \ STOMP down trees that may cause them to take one more stroke.
I would agree with Steve. There is around 50 courses within 50 miles of me. of them I only play 10ish. the rest are great in design but have become a breeding ground of smokers and drinkers that think its just fun to screw off and know that a local group will have to pick up after them. NOT COOL. As I play I pick up after others. They pop up out of no where and interfere with your throw or worse make you feel like your gonna tag someone. Though I thought bout it, thats really not my goal. If there were some pay to play around here I would pay and offer help if the owner needed. I have infact throw with intent at one person. HE was taking a leak on the basket I was throwing on. I miss him though DAMNIT
The one park in town that charges to play disc golf is the only park in town that does not have dry clear cement tee pads (theirs are still covered in snow on 3/4 courses). 'Nuff said!
I normally shovel the pads but I thought;" oh I'm sure the ams will be clear". I don't mind paying, but when I'm paying an extra $50 more then everyone else I feel my needs should be met.
I also feel the common opionion of ptp being more for the serious player is a lil off. Sure a couple bucks isn't much for all day but when you play everyday a couple bucks adds up.
yeah, a whopping $14 a week...

Pay to play is the way to go...course maintenance needs to be paid for somehow.
I am a Michigan golfer and we have both pay to play and free courses. I have no problem paying for a course as long as the course is in top condition. And paying for a course has its upsides. The people that would normally trash a course (break trees because it messed up there line or throw empties into the rough) are less likely to play a course that has a fee. And if they do at least on a paying course there is a ranger to clean it up.

I'm not saying every course should be pay to play but having a couple in the area is nice.
I'd rather pay a few bucks for a well-maintained course. Granted there are many well-maintained free courses.
I like the fact that living in the Metro Detroit area we have a few pay to play courses, making those courses the better ones to play at.
I agree they tend to be a bit less busy during peak hours, and the courses better maintained.
the non-pay to play courses tend to be pretty beat up with lots of trash and graffitti, and the ocassional mob group trashing the place up. (Eg. Cass Benton)
It's only a few bucks to pay and it usually makes for a much more enjoyable round of disc golf.

Altough there is some free courses which are very nice also. (Eg. The Ponds @ Lake Shore)
depends on the location of the course and whos running it, you have to pay for ball gof courses, and if the ciliber of the course is astonishing then ill pay 10 to 15 dollars to play
I agree with much of what has already been posted here. I think it is a great idea, if it keeps the losers out of our hair! We have one already here in NorCal (Lava Creek in Paradise) and I am in discussions with a landowner who is interested in having one on his ranch outside of Willows. I hope he goes for it, because it would be a great addition to the disc golf scene around here.
The comments here reflect why...
Scum Bags, Thieves, and Drunks will never pay to play.


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