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Anyone else think the whole $5 tradition for hitting an ace is pretty lame? Shouldn't hitting that shot be a reward unto itself?

I have never actually had to pay out on an ace, as I play a lot of solo rounds, but I have had people pay me for hitting one despite my protests, claiming that if they don't it'd be "bad karma". I don't want anyone thinking I'm giving them bad karma. :(

I just don't see the point in whoring my ace out for $5 a pop. Where did this tradition start and why can't can't we put such silliness behind us and focus on the love of the game?

Oh, and I'm not talking about ace pools. Those are an organized betting system that's paid into before an event and I think that's totally cool. I bought in last tourney I played.

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I have paid out as much as I have taken in. There was a 10 day stretch where I saw, heard or made about 7 aces. It was pretty intense.
We only do that when it's agreed before the round starts. I've never played in a group where it was assumed that an ace = $$ from the others.
Around here we have always had the "Fifty-One Club"
You do not have to join...If you do not belong to the fifty-one club, you do not pay and you do not get paid.
Usually before the round starts I will ask my group if anybody is in the 51 club.
One person always has to ask what it is.
It is the fact that if somebody in your group hits metal (basket and above, chains or number plate) on the drive from the teepad, everybody who is a member pays that guy a dollar.
IF it sticks in the basket (ace) everybody pays that guy five dollars.
Simple, Free to join, and most people jump in after it is explained to them.
It is part of the focus and love for the game, so join or don't!
At the State Championships I had to throw with Denny Ritner.
We both started running close by some of the baskets and discussed the 51 club and possible ace pot.
A few holes later, he used my line and slammed one off the number plate.
Later, when everyone was in the parking lot and gathered around, I gave Denny his Dollar, raised above my head with a loud announcement.
This was the love of the game, where everybody in the tournament figured out that Denny almost hit an Ace.
Denny was proud, I had fun with it, and next time I will be running the basket to get my dollar back, or Five!
I'm always in for 51. Chas taught it to me and I teach it to others. You don't have to pay but if you wanna get paid you gotta play. It's a lot of fun. I've paid out WAYYY more than I've ever got paid. I've never hit a tournament ace. I pay into the ace pool EVERY time. Still waiting for that paid ace. I'm working on #40
Ahhh.. The people I've played with down here seem to act like it's just assumed, every round. I guess maybe it's different in other places.
Aces seem to come in streaks.
There is another discussion about that somewhere on here.
Establish everything before the round.
Who is in the 51 club and who is not.
What metal you are paying for (Orlando paid for pole or any metal established with the basket...hit the lock on the bottom and ring the pole for a dollar, but an hour away in Clearwater it has to be basket or above...no pole).
I think it becomes assumed because most everybody joins.
After all, it is free until there is action.
People pay for entertainment every day, this is no different.
It adds excitement and drama where it did not exist.
Fun for all, and most everyone can afford it (I have paid out $11 to one guy in one round....2 aces and a metal).
It was worth it because we created a great memory and it was at a low cost.
I could have given that money to a theater for a bad movie and had a crappy memory!
I agree. Whenever it's suggested, I'm in!
i pay it only on league rounds (or tourney), casual rounds with some friends they dont get shit. never once been paid for my 25+ aces.
Hey we're talking $5. Not a hundred, not a thousand, not a million. 5 bucks. That is like a fast food lunch.

I can appreciate that for some folks $5 is more than they can afford. OK, so they should not be involved. It is not a mandatory thing. It is just a polite custom.

The average player hits one or two aces a year. Some players have not aced in a decade. Some players play short, easy courses and hit double digits. So it probably averages out to one or two a year. I play a lot and probably pay out 10 to 20 aces every year to my friends. I also generally hit a few aces every year so I collect some of it back.

Compared to what it costs me to stock my beer cooler for my thirsty friends it is a negligible expense.

In ball golf, where aces are much more rare, the custom is the player who hit the hole-in-one buys drinks for everyone at the clubhouse.

The "1" part of the "51" custom (hitting metal or dots) has never made sense to me so I don't pay out or accept the $1 for dots. If I were playing a game where the group was paying out $1 for deuces, then OK. There is nothing special about a dot. It may not even result in a deuce. I am more impressed with a park job than a dot. I am more impressed with a leaner than an ace, since it is much more difficult and rarer.

Speaking of side bets, we played a fun side game at the Ace Race at White's Acres (Milford, Michigan) last weekend. In an Ace Race the holes are modified to make them within reach of a possible ace. Only drives are taken, no putts or upshots and whoever hits the most Aces after two rounds is the winner. We were in a group of 6 semi-sober competitors and to spice things up we played a game which I made up and Todd White named "suicide". Everyone throws a buck in the pot. One the first hole the two drives farthest from the hole are eliminated. On the second hole, 4 players are alive and the two farthest away drives are eliminated. On the third hole the CTP between the survivors wins the pot. For the 4th hole everyone throws a buck in the pot and the game starts again.
If I witness it, I'll pay, even if they're not on my card. I have walked up to a card and handed a guy $5 on more than one occasion. Now when there is a big ace pot up for grabs, we reverse it. The one that hits the ace pays the others on the card $5 each.
I just think it's kinda arbitrary and random. I like to hit aces for the love of the shot, not to get 5 measly dollars..

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