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Is this just a money grab by the PDGA, or is it a way to get players who don't play many events a better rating?

Will the league ratings be separated from tournament ratings?

I think its a great idea--but there will be a whole lot more 1000 rated players amongst us if players get to count every league round played at their home courses in their ratings.

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How is this a money grab?

Much cheaper than Tournaments. MANY players will play leagues but not tourneys. Now they can have an official "handicap" like in ball golf. This is a way for them to have a rating. Payouts can be cash and the alcohol rule is relaxed. Sounds like WIN WIN to me. I think its one of the best ideas I've heard in a long while.

I have a -9 handicap , so I have to shoot 9 under par just to be even.


Will results be based on average or your handicap ?

League TDs only report players' raw scores just like a regular event, not their score after handicap is applied if it happens to be a handicap league.

100% compliance with PDGA Rules??  Hahaha.  Which sanctioned tournament can claim this?  Has there ever been a single tournament which could claim this in the history of the sport?


The rules which deal with competitive fairness are pretty well followed in tournaments (sanctioned or not) and leagues already.  Even in casual rounds, among tournament players who have a basic understanding of the rules, they tend to follow the essential rules, the rules which actually matter to determining the validity of scores.


If someone is sipping a beer, smoking a cigarette and flipping his disc during a round it doesn't make the game any easier.  So these kinds of violations of PDGA rules don't result in lower scores or a competitive advantage over someone not doing so.


One of the big draws of PDGA membership is acquiring a handicap rating.  If more leagues were singles leagues (as opposed to doubles) then PDGA sanctioning of Leagues would have greater appeal.

Wouldn't that be +9?

Anyway, I'm so for this idea. Look at the potential for our great sport. If nothing else, at least the PDGA is attempting to do things and advance our sport. If it doesn't work, then it'll stop. As always there will be an adjustment for all of us as it is a new change. At the same time, we AND the PDGA have to give this a fair shot and let it run its course for many months or more than a year to get a solid baseline.

I think it is funny how so many folks have complained about how the PDGA doesn't do anything, and then when they do something, complaints are heard. Which do you want....a PDGA that tries and attempts or a PDGA that doesn't do anything? I know that there will ALWAYS be nay sayers, but you haven't even given it a chance. So, basically, your opinions hold no weight until this new idea can be established. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for spirited discussions, but let’s be realistic, think about it, and not be pessimistic.

Honestly, I like the opportunity to have more attempts at rated rounds. That is one of the reasons I'm moving from Alaska to Alabama as we don't have a ton of tourney opportunities. I'd like to live in a place that would give me the opportunity to play a tourney every weekend if I wanted and rated leagues.

Do all members in the league need to be PDGA members to Qualify ?

Not at all. There's no nonmember fee for leagues like the $10 in B & C-tiers. We'll track the ratings for the nonmembers. They just can't see them. If they decide to join/renew, they'll be able to see their stats and updated rating.

I think its going to be huge. Great idea!

Will the league need to have the 5 propagators who already have a pdga rating?

Yep. Note that we track ratings of non-current members. But their rating isn't published. So you may have props in your league that are not current PDGA members. Let's say you have a league that's thin on props, maybe just 6-8 who regularly play. If you only have 3 or 4 one week, we'll use the stats from other league nights to produce official ratings for that one night although you wouldn't see unofficial ratings for that night while the league was running.

I started a no handicap, divisional singles league at Lemon Lake last summer. I think the league is begging for a rating system, can't wait to get all of the info!!


Will everybody in the league be forced to pay $1 or will it be optional? If it is optional, will the ones who want to do it be forced to make a 12 week commitment ($12)?

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