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The first release is finally in the Apple app store. Use search term "sports disc golf." Scroll down and it's one of the apps listed.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disc-...ga/id449511724

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Will there be a Android version available soon?


Haven't started on it but it's in the plans. I'd be surprised if it were available before October but my guess is it will be done before the start of 2012.
$5 is a little steep for the initial release. Someone let us know if its worth it.
Ongoing upgrades are included so jump on when you're ready.
There ya go...been waiting.  Not getting just yet but glad that it is up there.  I like the round rating feature on it and the fact if you have 3g road trips will be cake now.  Not to mention you can save paper now on those thick course directory books =).  Other feature that no one else has is the re-ordering of the box.  I love this feature.  No more going back holes to see what the order is.  WHo got what...it does it for you.  Maybe adding a couple of more to the card would be nice.  I know we have some big groups sometimes...yeah it's slow I know.    But we enjoy each others company...so this won't cut it for those rounds.  I personally don't have an issue with a $5 price tag.  IT"S SOFTWARE PEOPLE.  We have gotten spoiled for the .99 apps...so the only downfall would be not many people get this due to that.  Most play disc golf for a reason...it's inexpensive.  And because the biggest feature people would be looking for is the scorecard...well there are other cheaper apps that do scoring well.  Not nearly as good as this one should be able to...but ya know how folks are.  Why spend $3 more for the same thing.  Even though this app should trump all.  Thanks for the heads up on the APP.  I am stoked.  Been waiting a while now.
Since it's a PDGA app and no more than 5somes are allowed in competition, it was quite a discussion to decide to include up to 6 players which is the max now. I figure if you have 8, play doubles so four team scores can be tracked. ;-)

I don't think my touch is new enough to run it. But I have friends with the I phone4 that would jump on it if I told them it got good reviews.... but like Josh we will play more then 6 in a group from time to time. You should up it to 8 or 10, remember there are millions of discgolfers and only around 40,000 living PDGA members, so your target audience shouldn't be PDGA players.


Just sayin.

Not to hijack the thread but.... This is what I see the major problem with the PDGA is, when it comes time to make a decision the PDGA caters to the few instead of the masses.


While I understand you are the ruling body over tournament/competitive discgolf, that should not be your main concern when creating stuff you plan on marketing to the public. 


Is there an additional fee for non-members? LOL, j/k.


I am a member just not active, and I know what you do for the discgolf community Chuck and we appreciate it , so don't take this personally.

Just thought I would touch on the subject.

I don't think we want to encourage groups over 6 to play even in rec rounds, especially slowing play by keeping score. PDGA players play rec rounds, too, and don't want big groups in front of them. Ball golfers would laugh even talking about 5 let alone 6-somes.

But seriously, the way the screen is set up, six players provides the maximum use of screen space for easily and quickly seeing players and scores. I don't think it's wise to compromise the quality of the app for most people to accommodate bigger groups than should be playing at one time. I'll submit the request but I doubt it will be as high of a priority as including other features that need to be added to deal with several course issues it doesn't handle yet.

I understand, if its a matter of ease of use/viewing it's for the better. I just thought if it was purely a matter of the PDGA rules influencing the final product the PDGA would be doing itself a diservice by limiting players. but that does make sense. 


I ball golf and we often play 5-6 people groups during twilight, but we never finish, and we know it's against the "rules".


I only have an Ipod Touch and I know this idea doesn't work on it. But can you run multiple copies of the same program on an iPhone? I'm thinking this would be a way to handle more than 6 players if that were possible.
Does this app allow you to score unlisted courses, such as tournaments with extra holes, or seasonal courses? And can you score more than 9 or 18 holes, (our home course has 21).

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