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Is this legit?

I am all for it as a non-smoker who has to focus in every event just to stay out of some jerk's smoke cloud and not let it make me feel sick all day, it isn't really fair to have to do that. Then again for a smoker it could make it impossible for them to compete and maybe they won't go. If this is true, it should have been decided, discussed and announced long ago. People have plans to go there and now may wish to cancel but cannot.

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im a smoker and i think its a great idea if true. but i think they should put marshels on each hole,so it not up to the players to call foot fouls or anything else that can get you stroked or a DQ. you should be only thinking of your game not trying to get in an arguement with another player over some bs that they should know not too do. it is baby steps though in a good direction
So true Marshalls are needed.
I'm up in the air on this , I smoke occasionally (when I have a buzz or am out of dip) I really think the statements like above about dodging a jerk smokers smoke all day is a little ridiculous. It's not like they are standing right next to you while you are putting or teeing off.  Quite often when a smoker sees that his/her smoke is going in another players direction they will move right away. In my opinion if it is a safety hazard due to dry conditions than this is fine.

Being from the area. I think it has more to do with the places they are going to play. De La is a NO smoking area, yes people smoke and it sucks, because all you see are cig butts all over the place! However. It has more to do with the high fire danger than anything.

I was playing there after a pretty bad fire season and I was just walking from the parking lot to the 1st tee. I didn't even cross the street before this guy drives by and slams on his breaks, backs up, and starts going off on me for smoking. The poor guy almost lost everything in the fires, so I feel for them and have no problem respecting their wishes.

Now I'm sure their are other factors involved, either way. I don't see it as a big deal, but I'm not playing for anything and I won't have to worry about the stress of tournament play.


Looks like it is a city-ban on smoking in parks so not only the players can't smoke there. Seems like something that big (and unusual) should/could be put into ads for worlds better so people would know more about it ahead of time. But I will be glad when people can't smoke anywhere, ever.

That is a Problem :  " People have plans to go there and now may wish to cancel but cannot.


This Rule should have been made at the First of the Year with announcements made.


Something to think about:

This is not a lecture, just fact.

My girlfriend's father died from cancer due to smoking.

A best friend died from cancer due to smoking.

My cousin died 2 weeks ago from cancer due to smoking.


Still want to smoke?

Why would anybody?

Sorry, doesn't work. I seen enough non smokers die from cancer or just walking out their front doors. Take a good look around people. Most illnes's are on the decline, But cancer and get this Autism are on the rise! OK, I slipped in Autism, but a 600% increase in the past 20 years is crazy. In short, it ain't just smokes killing us!

Also, you will be playing in August, that's the heart of fire season in CA. The county parks ban on smoking has NEVER been inforced, as you will see by the thousands off cig butts on the ground! Man, very tacky....pick up your butts people! cig butts that is ;)

Why not make it Mandatory  !!!!!!! DO NOT SMOKE ANYTHING at ALL PDGA EVENTS ?  PERIOD !!!


That should Burn Alot of Players !!!!

Sounds like a good idea to me ;o))
The Autism increase is a function of a broadened definition in the newest version of the DSM-IV. Basically, in 1964 that one kid in your class, you know the one, the "weird" kid. Well, now, Weirdy would be diagnosed with some form of Autism. So, there are not more Autistic kids, just more Autistic diagnoses. Feel free to Jenny McCarthy the crap out of me now and start talking about vaccines and how they are instruments of the devil.

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