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Hey.. any chance that TODAY, on this 9/12/11.. that this post could rouse ANY of your good friends from New York Freestyle Masters, or Ulti, or DG PROS to PLEASE go down to Memorial Pools for 9/11, and ask a couple of cops on each side of the pool, if it's okay to give American TV.. (and the world!) a view of a couple of people peacefully throwing Frisbee (at a pro-level) over one of the spans?

200 feet per side.. Seems symbolic as a demonstration of Peace and Friendship but can also be symbolic as a flying disc that is under control and going, with great care, from one hand into another hand.. as it should.

But here is why it could also be more deeply symbolic to the world.. (and we don't even know it!..) t is because the organization UNICEF, for the last ten years or so, have been connecting Frisbee play with the PE part of their School in A Box program. Which goes in AFTER A DISASTER, and brings the school up to par for a few weeks with all the materials donated by UNICEF. Millions of foreign children have seen the FRISBEE flying in their life, right after a disaster.

See the link to the articles about how man children have been introduced to the Frisbee as a symbol and tool for peace, friendship and exercise. Contains links to articles about UNICEF and Marines use of Frisbee

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May need to have a qualification event to decide who is allowed to throw over the span. :-)

Valuble link link,thanks.Not sure if NYC memorial is ready for this right now,might be taken the wrong way.Hallow ground for the surviving families and country.

Good luck.

Most likely would lead to arrest or two.

This is hallowed ground.

Self promotions of any sort should not be tolerated.

It does seem very selfish to me as well. When it comes down to it, it is just throwing a frisbee. That is no way to pay respect for those who passed. Might as well just have pro hackey sackers show up and do a demonstration, or send in the fire eaters. They need exposure too. What a selfish dick.
Your intentions are good, but I agree it could be taken the wrong way.

While you're at it, have two friends dress up as the towers and throw styrofoam gliders at them. Then have a Jenga marathon. That'll fly . . .. .

The problem with this suggestion is that Ground Zero is now sacred ground and basically a burial ground of sorts for those who never recovered the body of their loved one. It may be well intentioned, but would probably be the last thing that the 9/11 families would want to see. Pick a different site.

Fair enough, of course I know that this is one side, however I would respectfully guide the debate to  see the intense symbolism of a "flying disc" there, as a demonstration of the peace and cooperation that our enemies would like to stop. I might suggest it is even the antithesis of the plane flying through that space to do damage. 

Add to this, the fact that playing with such a toy out in the open anywhere  in a Taliban ruled land would lead to cardinal punishment! So I would offer that flying a Frisbee there is also one specific statement of Freedom!

From an article about laws against kite flying in Afghanistan under Taliban :

"But I simply couldn't figure out why the Taliban would include kite-flying among the cardinal offenses of their fundamentalist regime.

To fly a kite is to experience moments of the purest spiritual uplift; the soul takes to the air and soars heavenward along with the crudely assembled contraption of paper, sticks and string."


"I applaud the ongoing collapse of the Taliban; long may it remain fallen, and long may the kites of Afghanistan mount the sky."

I would submit that a flying disc perfectly lifts the same feelings.."purest spiritual uplift; the soul takes to the air and soars..". And yes, I would consent that perhaps the wisest approach to the idea. would be to ask the families of 9/11 victims how they would see it, and if they would grant their permission.


And to re-iterate, millions of Muslim children that now could relate, after having been touched specifically by the flying disc, aimed (in part) to help calm their world after a disaster, through UNICEF School in a Box Program.. is part of the idea.

Call me a selfish dick, but I think it is visionary. I apologize in advance, to all who believe it is a contentious idea.  I respectfully think it is a cathartic idea.

The 'flight' of a frisbee is no doubt awesome....

Unless you are a disc golfer, frisbee, ultimate player.... Ed Headrick, any frisbee fanatic.

People do not want a frisbee flying around a 'cemetery' the average schmo just would not understand.

A fellow disc golfer died a few years back and buried with him was a 'signed' golf disc by all who were there at the burial.

I expect no less from my disc golf friends and family.

But like everything the 'general' public does not understand.

Thanks for the follow-up.

Respectfully, I tend to believe especially the general public would be seeing and subconsciously loving the peaceful symbolism.

I say this, because you would not believe the steady ROAR of pure joy and delight that is emitted from 500 children while they are watching one of our 30 minute Frisbee school assemblies.. aimed at educating them how to use a Frisbee as a tool for peace, friendship.

Like I said, I do think general public "gets it." This is an excerpt from one of the links wrt the Marines wanting to use Frisbee's (specifically!) for promoting friendship, and wrt general public willing to donate $$$ for discs to that cause..

From the article about Spirit of America 

"The items will be given to Iraqis as gifts of friendship from the American people. The goal is to help the Iraqi people and to build better relations between Americans and Iraqis."


"In two weeks the American people donated over $57,000 which we used to purchase 2 tons (15,000) frisbees imprinted with "Friendship" in Arabic and English, (and school supplies)...."


"When the Marines asked us for Frisbees in January it was specifically because they would foster interaction between the Marines and the local children. The Marines knew there was not much they could teach Iraqi children about soccer but Frisbees offered a teaching and laughing opportunity.

The real point is the interaction - that's where relationships are built and opinions formed."



Well ,the thought is there and is commendable.Healing is/will take many years for the surviving families/friends.Your not a dick by any means unless your first name is Richard,insert humor.Perhaps Central Park could serve as a secondary choice for the UNICEF/Marine project.Smiles/laughter from children/adults is secondary to none.no need to apologize for a means of relief,the intention is there.Just apply this to another area in NYC.

It will be nice to see your project "fly" in the face of adversary.Keep the dream alive.A very good catharsis idea,not at all contentious.

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