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Not sure if anyone else is annoyed by this. Hence the thread. Why do some people (not going to name people) feel they need to leave a comment on every person's, new or veteren, page? What are peoples thoughts on this?

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F OFF TREVOR!!! if your speaking of me! I was pumped to beat bennet and let all my friends know about it woo-woot! Anyways I'll just delete you as a friend! (j/k) just talkin smack (l.o.l.)
This has nothing to do with you Burke. You only left messages on every MI persons pages. Rightfully so for taking down THE KING. Check your page and get back to work.
people have things they want/need to announce. Upcoming events, new videos. The great thing about this site is how everyone has banded together for the most part and made a giant disc golf family.
i could care less. if they want to post, let em post. it is a public disc golf forum last time i checked.
Great topic. As a social network, DGRS has obviously enabled many people, organizations and businesses to try to develop relationships with others within the vibrant and growing disc golf community. Since this is still a new and thriving community of like-minded people I truly believe no one has crossed the line so far (except maybe that one "disc golf girl" character). People such as Donny Olow and Bryce aka Hardcore Hyzer have definitely tried to create a large friends list, but I do not think their habits (and perhaps addictions) within this network have gotten to the point where we can say "please stop." That being said, I do believe that we will over time begin to see people and or businesses who will step over the line.

At this point I think while all of us DGRS members are benefiting from the community and the resource available, I also hope that outside sources will not be able to infiltrate our social haven (much like what has happened on myspace) in a way that will devalue the purpose and product that so many of us have come to rely and depend on.

Have fun!
i dont like when someone pastes the samething on everyones page. or they feel the need to put a video or event of something on my page, everyones page, and in every club on the site, when the video or event is posted on the main page originally for everyone to see. thats useless and i just delete it, so dont bother.

another thought: i HATE it when people write STUPID, unhelpful, one word responces to Discussions just to get there points up or something? god, i hate that. *cough* Donny Olow *cough*
Don't forget, you can also choose on your page and blogs to approve comments before they can even be added to your page. I know it is one more thing you have to do to keep out these unwanted posts but I mean come on, I know Donny is not "maybe" planning on attending the MIDGC tournment in Mt. Pleasant, MI on Feb. 22. It is a free site built for advertising, just not quite sure what some are going for yet. And yes the one word posts are a little more than unhelpful and open ended.
Let's keep the discussion nice, folks, so far it pretty much is. I personally don't see a terrible problem with the folks who 'greet' new members. It's beyond my own comfort zone of what I would do, and I can see how it could be annoying, but it's so easy to delete anything people post on comment walls, etc. I am sure that to some newbies it is a comforting thing, too. Frankly, as the network creator it's kind of nice to see such enthusiasm.

There have been one or two people who engage in that who are questionably related to disc golf and we are keeping an eye on them. If you see such posts, please do let us know.

As someone commented earlier in this thread, there are a LOT of options available to you to limit who can post on your own places, require that you approve such postings, and also ways to limit (or increase) the number of follow-up emails you receive from such things.
Hey welcome to this great site for Disc Golfers!!!!

No biggie...really it's kinda funny that I got that a couple of weeks ago. BaHahahahahahaha!!!!
maybe it has to do with the "ranking" thing
I was in here early, around#200 I think
check in everyday, post about things I know about, uploaded 80some pics and used the blog to keep track of everyday I hit a course last year...
but someone still ranks me as a "wannabe" (maybe they know more than I do, lol)
perhaps my rank would go up if I spam everyone on here with a whassup....?
naw, now Im lookin to keep my wannabe status
I think welcoming a person to the site is an o.k. thing to do. Most are yes.. probably trying to get "ranking" points but others are just trying to promote a particular club or business. I approve all messages before they show up on my comments. It's easier that way.
Mike Inscho said:
I think welcoming a person to the site is an o.k. thing to do. Most are yes.. probably trying to get "ranking" points but others are just trying to promote a particular club or business. I approve all messages before they show up on my comments. It's easier that way.

....Of course it's about the points Mike.......If Ben can be a God....why can't we? LOL!!!


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