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Couple of us here in South Africa have started throwing around the idea of doing a trip to the US.
Obviously this will cost a fair amount of money, and take some planning , so we looking at doing it in mid 2012.

The main reason for the trip is disc golf, a chance to play some well known courses, and even perhaps play in some properly sanctioned events... bonus is we get to see the length of the USA.

The idea is basically to land in New York, and do a road trip down the east coast, then across to the west coast, stopping over at various towns and cities... mostly camping as this will cost the least. We will probably buy a vehicle in NY and sell it in LA.

We have a lot to learn in the next 2 years about putting this thing together, but will be a dream come true. probably spend around 2 months doing the tour.

Sure some guys on here have done similar trips, so tips will be appreciatted. Theirs also that movie about the DG road trip, what is it called?

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I Agree, the midwest has one of the highest population of DG courses, so you should definitely spend some time there.

I'm from Michigan so I can give you some insight on some (not all) of the good-great courses here.

In Southern MI there is, Hudson Mills / Kensington / Stony Creek (not as good, but its my home course and its fun to play) / Addison Oaks.

In the northwest there is, Flip City (AN ABSOLUTE MUST. THE BEST COURSE THAT I HAVE EVER PLAYED BY FAR) / and Mason County Park which is on the coast of Lake Michigan and has 3 great courses on it, Beauty, Beast, and Goliath.

There are some other really good courses in the southwest area of Michigan but I have yet to make it out there. and like someone was saying earlier, once you get the name of the course that ppl recommend, look them up on dgcoursereivew.com. its a very informative site.
Yeah seems like "Middle America" has some major courses, we surely will hook up with plenty of you guys when we their :)

I was eating lunch when I overheard some German tourists planning their afternoon. Looking at a map, they decided to take a drive around Lake Superior, then head over to look at Mount Rushmore, then eat dinner in Chicago.

The map shows an outline of South Africa to scale over the disc golf courses in the U.S.
You should definitely check out some of the mountain courses here in Colorado. That being said, I have to recommend going to the course in Sipapu, New Mexico. One of my all time favorite courses as it is located at a ski resort. You work your way up from hole #1 to hole #17 and then hole #18 is straight downhill. Awesome. Aspen, Colorado would also be a great place to play. And if you talk with some of the locals here in Colorado Springs we could probably find you a place to stay for a couple of days. Colorado has some great venues for disc golf.

You know it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a loop around the US instead of just going straight across. So many states to see.
Sounds like a lot of fun. Let me know if you are going to be driving through New Mexico. Disc golf road trips are the best!
It is funny that you bring this up because a friend of mine and I were talking about doing this, but going to Europe.
Don't yall drive on the wrong side of the road? my advice is to start practicng how to cook over camp fire , and how to make food that is not readily perishable. sandwhichs get old quick and you can only eat so much beef jerky. as far as courses play the ones along the major highways there is plenty going off the beten path will only cause you to see the same things twice eg going into florida then back out etc. always plan loads of extra time it is best to hurry up and wait then to be late
Thanks for aqll the replies guys.

Yeah its really got me going this, still busy researching on costs, weather etc etc. Im gonna present it to the buddies here and ask who is COMMITED to making this happen. How and where we travel will largely depend on how many guys decide to join us, if its gonna be 2 of us probably wiser (cheaper) to get around via busses , trains and planes. But ive put the numbers together for various options and we will see who jumps on board.
The commited part is they must start putting away money NOW, so we will see who is really commited.
Keep in mind the US is huge (see map above). I've never been to SA, but the US is not like Europe...basically our public transportation sucks...renting a car would be a better option.
there are some great courses around illinois too, around The Quad Cities especially (Moline and Rock Island Illinois, Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa) Some of the ones I would recommend would be Middle Park, Bettendorf, Camden 1 and 2, Milan Illinois, as well as West Lake, Davenport


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