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I recognize that we are all plastic geeks here but how many of you find discussions of how well this or that disc will help your game some what misguided? Climo is a x-time world champ, but do you really believe its due to his disc selection? Cale can turn over a predator like no ones business, but that doesn't mean I can! These guys could beat me throwing 15 year old plastic and garbage can lids.

Nothing makes a disc fly better than the skill you put into it, whatever it be. And considering how much power you can use in a shot dictates its stability I also find general statements like "this is the best turn over disc" terribly misguided as well. Whats your take?

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I agree with what your saying. If the info is from a good source I use it to figure what I'm doing wrong. Most of what I read on the net I dismiss
I hear you. The BEST turnover disc for YOU is the sidewinder.
Sorry, I couldn't resist. You're right. Mostly. One thing a person can take from the huge ammt of replies you get when you type, "What's the best roller disc" for example is that if one disc comes up over and over and over, it might be worth giving a try and if you don't have access to good players at your local course, this can be helpful. Because you know that players at your general skill level have success with that shot with that particular disc. This can also get you into trouble though. When I just started disc golf I bought a firebird because when I asked people what the best overstable disc was, that was the answer I got. A wiser disc golfer would ask, "How long have you been playing?" "What kind of discs do you use now and what do they do for you?" Anyway, that firebird was way too overstable and I'd have been much better suited with a light weight teebird, which is what I found by accident...literally I found the disc in the grass and found it worked great for that shot. So, if you're taking advice from people on this site for disc selection, then make sure they know where you're coming from and make sure you trust where the advice is coming from.

As an anecdotal footnote, I'm really glad I bought that firebird now, because it was an 11x and I grew into it! :-)
even more so true in regards to putters. putting is mostly mental anyways.

but there are exceptions. I have some older discs like a really beat up eclipse that WILL turnover for me almost no matter how I throw it. not much skill involved with that disc.

and then you could say .. well.. a mini should fly the same as a Force, but it aint gonna happen no matter the skill lvl also, so.........

Thank you Swan, I love it when people post what I'm thinking. I generally have zero interest in new discs that come out. If one falls in my lap I'll try it and sometimes like it but in general I've been throwing the same old molds for 3-4 years. Use what works there are no magic discs.
I will admit that when I suggest discs, I suggest a magnet, buzzz, and xl, with a comet as the possible forth. I feel a player of any skill will find value in these and they have been tried and tested.
I'm torn between these two schools of thought, but it seems the more I do research, the more I hear about slimming down your bag and learning specific molds and making them do what you want. I've bought and won sooo many discs that I almost don't know what to do with them. I do find that I only throw certain discs all the time and rarely pull out others to throw and you would think that would be my first sign to just pull the discs. I have a hard time deciding on what to pull out, I guess it is just more practice in an open field that will tell.

I think I'm going to try and force myself to pull out a lot of the molds I don't throw "often" and just work with those. Then at some point I'll get doubles and triples of the discs that I do like in different plastics so that I can different stabilities of the same discs from the get go.
My thoughts on this is not "With which discs Climo & co could beat me?", but more "Can I beat me with a different set of discs?". But I guess that if you gave Climo a fastback he wouldn't rip it 400 feet (or push-put it in from 50)...

Of course each player needs to select discs that fits his/her level of play/spin/speed, but if all your competitors are throwing high speed discs you will struggle to keep up if all you have is a 12 year old Aero.
Can he seriously turn over a pred?
I agree good point
He doesn't hyzerflip them, he throws it "turned-over" or an anhyzer release. Either way, they stay turned over a lot longer than they would for me!
Im certainly not implying all disc fly the same. But even that eclipse might not turn over too hard for someone else who just started. In fact it might be a stable disc if your power range is 200ft, as bad as that sounds people have different power, skill & talent levels.

I am implying that champions have the skill and a mind set that they can beat you. Even if you give them older tech plastic and I had the latest and greatest. My money is Cale/Doss/Climo ect...

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