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I recognize that we are all plastic geeks here but how many of you find discussions of how well this or that disc will help your game some what misguided? Climo is a x-time world champ, but do you really believe its due to his disc selection? Cale can turn over a predator like no ones business, but that doesn't mean I can! These guys could beat me throwing 15 year old plastic and garbage can lids.

Nothing makes a disc fly better than the skill you put into it, whatever it be. And considering how much power you can use in a shot dictates its stability I also find general statements like "this is the best turn over disc" terribly misguided as well. Whats your take?

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He doesn't hyzerflip them, he throws it "turned-over" or an anhyzer release. Either way, they stay turned over a lot longer than they would for me!
Hell yes! He has the power to keep it over and the skill to throw with annie form. Ok, so he throws a helix with it really,but it stays turned over for 80-90% of its flight. Sick!
I watched him throw an FLX drone on an anhyzer route at 2008 Worlds. I figured he threw a comet or a buzzz until I read the top of the disc. I can get mine to flex right, but it comes back, his finished flat.
Flx drone is the sickest overstable disc too...I can only use mine on hard turns or get out of trouble shots. That is impressive to have that disc hold a straight line.
I agree good point
nice topic and i think you hit the nail on the head, so to speak. i'm so tired of hearing about the nuke and katana , these discs are probably for the top 5 percent of players to use who have mastered the basics of skill and power. it sells discs which doesnt really help the sport grow but just makes alot of people frustrated because they don't get the desired results advertised by the disc company. i think the disc company's should be concentrate on developing a target (basket) that doesnt spit out shots that are dead center.
The Katana rocks. I am a pretty old school player, but I will give the new plastic a go. My friend sells discs and I had the opportunity to throw a Star Katana that he had. Last year I "discovered" the Sidewinder. It is a great control disc that suits my style. The first time that I threw a Katana it was effortless. I am not a top five percent player, but I do pretty well because I can manage my game. I threw the Katana with the same finesse as a Sidewinder and it simply went farther. This is no joke. Don't be afraid to try something new. I only carry nine discs yet last year I completely redid my bag. Now I have quite a bit of Quest AT drivers in the bag. Plastic matters, just not as much as the grey matter we all possess.
After throwing a Katana the other day my opinion is that Katana = Rogue. Its does the same thing only I already posses Rogues. They are both wide rimmed flippy drivers, for me, and it didn't posses any more glide. In the group I was playing with the other day I out drove the guy throwing the Katana every time, by nearly 100ft, but that had nothing to do with disc. Had we switched discs the result would have been the same!

Every time a new wide rim comes out, since the Valk, people have claimed it goes another 50'. 50 seems to be the magic number for some reason by the way. I'm sure its closer to 10-15ft in reality, but I digress. By this logic I should be throwing at least 800ft by now! I don't buy it.
Never tried a Rogue. I'm a pretty old school player and up until last year I carried three DX TeeBirds in my bag. This year I switched into a mix of Innova and Quest AT. I definitely don't have a plastic addiction. I only carry 9 discs in my bag. For me to add a disc I have to see something. The first time I threw the Katana was a positive experience with good results. I know that it probably isn't for everyone. In fact when I threw a more domey one I had different results (not as good). My philosophy is probably anti plastic addiction, but I am just trying to be open to a few good new discs. I could care less if the company or anyone else says to buy this or buy that. What I care is did it work and I will consider buying one. Something will have to come out of the bag though.
Plastic addiction describes an individual's insatiable desire for more discs. Skill level is the degree of ability an individual has to control a disc.

As far as I know there is no relationship between the two.

I remember a player who loved to collect discs. He had an impressive collection and was constantly in the hunt for the newest find. He couldn't throw a disc in the ocean standing on the beach. Usually he just hung out at courses, trading and discussing plastic but occasionally played rounds and when he did he carried TWO huge, overstuffed disc golf bags with him. It was an amusing scene. He would pick up his most recent shanked shot, carefully and lovingly dry it off and spend a few moments deciding just where, in which bag, to place that valuable hunk of plastic before shanking his next shot with a disc worth slightly more than his car.
lol !!!
I also knew a guy like that. He had the biggest bag I had ever seen. He was carrying 30 discs at least. They were all from every label under the sun. The only problem, is that he played disc golf poorly. He was always hemming and hawing over which disc to throw for every shot and took a very long time to play. It was like pulling teeth.

I like to carry a mix of old and new. I like the Katana, but it was a trade from my son who didn't like it. I have bought at least one of each new Innova driver that has come out since I don't remember....LOL


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