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I recognize that we are all plastic geeks here but how many of you find discussions of how well this or that disc will help your game some what misguided? Climo is a x-time world champ, but do you really believe its due to his disc selection? Cale can turn over a predator like no ones business, but that doesn't mean I can! These guys could beat me throwing 15 year old plastic and garbage can lids.

Nothing makes a disc fly better than the skill you put into it, whatever it be. And considering how much power you can use in a shot dictates its stability I also find general statements like "this is the best turn over disc" terribly misguided as well. Whats your take?

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Even if it never happened, this is awesome!

This interview with Feldberg, and about Climo, is awesomely about this subject:

"So I get to 2002 and I go up against Climo back in his town at the Sarasota Super Tour - I’m playing against Kenny - and I’ve got him beat going into the final round. Of course, with my new push putt he’s taught me. I’m feeling pretty confident. But, it’s really windy - all of the holes go left a little bit and I’m throwing Banshees and Firebirds and nothing will go left. He’s throwing TL’s and Leopards and they’re all hyzering right to the pin on every hole. I’m just losing my mind, and I almost want to quit the sport - I’m never going to beat this guy - I’m just not good enough. I sit down after taking second place - Champ walks by me at the end of the event and says, “Keep your head up.” I say, “Champ, man, I’m out there throwing Banshees and Firebirds and I can’t even get them left enough. You’re throwing TL’s and your getting left of the basket. I just can’t do it.” And he says, “you’re not doing it right.” My ears kind of poked up - I always like an opportunity to learn something. And he said, “You’re throwing stalls, not hyzers. When you learn to thrown hyzer, it’ll go left for you - I promise.”

What he was saying to me was that I was doing what most players do when they’re learning. I was taking a stable disc out and trying to throw it out to the right and make it hyzer in. What does a disc want to do when it’s overstable? It’s mission is to go out and find the ground - so the reason it hyzers is because it’s going out and then the nose dips and it wants to hit the ground. If it’s windy, you’ll throw it out and it won’t go to the right because it’s stable, but the wind will just keep it there and it will just drop out left. It will be good; it didn’t turn OB or anything, but it didn’t really go in there like you would want it to do when it’s not windy. When you take a Tee-bird like disc or an Eagle that’s mid-stability, you throw it with hyzer, and what happens is it goes through the wind and it’s TRYING to hyzer - as it tries to flatten up because it’s less stable - the stuff that most people throw - it goes forward and as along you give enough hyzer where it never gets past flat, the disc will then try to go forward as it finishes instead of just hitting the ground, and it will dramatically hyzer further.

I started teaching this in my class - I would stand at the top of this hill and I would ask someone to give me their most stable disc. Someone would give me their Firebird out of their bag - I’d throw it on that exact same line and it would hyzer pretty hard left. Then, with a DX Valkyrie - I’d throw it with the same line - it looks the same in the air, but finishes 75 feet left of the Firebird. It doesn’t seem to make sense to the class, but it’s what I call understanding stability. There’s no way you can get to the top of the game with a 1030 rating unless you understand stability."

The Katana rocks. I am a pretty old school player, but I will give the new plastic a go. My friend sells discs and I had the opportunity to throw a Star Katana that he had. Last year I "discovered" the Sidewinder. It is a great control disc that suits my style. The first time that I threw a Katana it was effortless. I am not a top five percent player, but I do pretty well because I can manage my game. I threw the Katana with the same finesse as a Sidewinder and it simply went farther. This is no joke. Don't be afraid to try something new. I only carry nine discs yet last year I completely redid my bag. Now I have quite a bit of Quest AT drivers in the bag. Plastic matters, just not as much as the grey matter we all possess.
After throwing a Katana the other day my opinion is that Katana = Rogue. Its does the same thing only I already posses Rogues. They are both wide rimmed flippy drivers, for me, and it didn't posses any more glide. In the group I was playing with the other day I out drove the guy throwing the Katana every time, by nearly 100ft, but that had nothing to do with disc. Had we switched discs the result would have been the same!

Every time a new wide rim comes out, since the Valk, people have claimed it goes another 50'. 50 seems to be the magic number for some reason by the way. I'm sure its closer to 10-15ft in reality, but I digress. By this logic I should be throwing at least 800ft by now! I don't buy it.
that video is about left to right wind and understanding stability, which is actually counter-intuitive to Climo's godliness, and actually favors the idea of selecting the "Right Disc" for the right situation.
My Take? While it does boil down to the Indian not the Arrow...It can't be denied that as disc technology has increased/improved/expanded.....so has the average players ability....especially when it comes to driving distance.

I'm not one to jump on the new disc bandwagon either...to me, it's not how fast and far a disc will fly...it's about how long will it last...Reliability/Predictability. But hey, Big D is cool too!!!! ; ) ...just want to see if it's durable first.

Bottom line....(here's my staple response) "It's All Relative to Your Ability"
Never tried a Rogue. I'm a pretty old school player and up until last year I carried three DX TeeBirds in my bag. This year I switched into a mix of Innova and Quest AT. I definitely don't have a plastic addiction. I only carry 9 discs in my bag. For me to add a disc I have to see something. The first time I threw the Katana was a positive experience with good results. I know that it probably isn't for everyone. In fact when I threw a more domey one I had different results (not as good). My philosophy is probably anti plastic addiction, but I am just trying to be open to a few good new discs. I could care less if the company or anyone else says to buy this or buy that. What I care is did it work and I will consider buying one. Something will have to come out of the bag though.
This is hilarious. One day we found a big pizza prep pan from Pizza Hut made out of hard plastic. It was huge (probably around 16 inches diameter). One person in the group had to throw it on every hole. We even drew a face on it and called it Wilson. Have some fun.
Good point. Technique is always more important. It's like a bad driver in a Porsche. Still a bad driver just with more to lose when they crash.
I think that the most important thing for a beginner is someone who is willing to teach them some proper technique. How many times have I seen a newbie with a skip step and a disc going around the body instead of straight through. The disc goes up in the air and straight left (RHBH). The other day we played with a guy on his first day out and by the end of the round he he made some pretty good shots. Explained the X-step and how to slow things down. Keep it flat, etc. You don't want to overload a newbie with info, but at the same time it is easier to avoid bad habits when you start instead of trying to unlearn them later. With good technique you can throw anything. That being said, I wouldn't give a newbie a Destroyer.
People keep saying that the Katana is flippy, but for a weenie arm like me it works well. Not sure but I threw a more domey one later and it seemed more overstable. About the only thing I want to experiment with this year.

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