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I've recently decided to move from buying all Z and Champion type plastics and buy more of the Pro and X because of the break in period.  I've also decided to get discs in the high 160s as opposed to max weight.


I'm just curious to see how my bag compares to the field for preferences of plastic type, weight, and why you like Z/Champ over X/Pro or vice versa.

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I'll tell you why I choose Z plastics over all others... it's becuase of the long break in period. I tore through D, Pro D, X, Star. The heat here in Texas warms up those plastics so much that any little hit (not just drives into trees), just kills them. Really... I watched my bro-in-law toss a putt with a BRAND NEW D putter, it hit the top of the basket and it put a huge gash in it! They get chewed up way too fast...

Now that doesn't mean I don't throw other plastics but that is why I lean heavily to Z... I love the grip on the D and Pro D plastics...

173g is what I try to keep my drivers at, 174-180g on mids and 173g on putters

But that's me...
here in florida we have to deal with the hot summers so i use champion plastic on all my main drivers. i do have a couple pro-d and dx disc's but i use those in the rain for grip. i used to buy all my disc's according to color and noticed that most of those were max weight. now i try to find the lightest champion disc's (usually 170) because i can control them better then max weight ones.
Well, I to throw discs in the 160g range as well. I even throw a few 150 class discs (Boss and Flick) what I've been told and I tend to believe it. Is you can generate more spin from the lighter discs. I've throw both the Boss and the Flick in higher weights and was unable to get them to fly the way they were intended. I also find that there is little to no draw backs when I have to deal with the wind.
I do like the "Z", Champ, and Opto (the latter has become my favorite plastic. reminds me of the old gummy Champ platic) Granted they take more time to break in, but when they do. They stay that way until they are lost or stolen. I just don't like the life span of the Pro or "D" plastic. Right now my bag is a mix of "Z", Champ, Opto, Star, and Gold Line. plastic. I tell ya though. If Latitude 64 made a bigger array of discs. My bag would be filled with them. Their new plastic (Opto and Gold Line) is the best pastic I have ever thrown, minus the CE plastic. CE is still my favorite as of now.
Due to the number of trees I hit, I like to throw Champion/Z plastic. I tend to throw DX when I don't care about the disc, or there is an good chance of losing the disc.
I throw a wide mix because I am still in the process of learning what works best for me. I have found, however, that I like my drivers to be in the 160's (Valk, Tee-bird, Starfire, Avenger, and Crush), except for my wind disc, a 175 gram CE Eagle, a 150-class R-Pro Boss that I am learning, and a 150-class Flick that I use for thumbers. I have Champion, DX, and Star Valks. I can throw the DX the farthest, but it gets flippy after a couple of impacts. The Champion Valk is my favorite. I have DX and glow Tee-birds. I am trying to get ahold of a Pro Tee-bird, though. The Starfire is DX, Avenger is Pro-D, and Crush is Pro-D because they are new testers. I try to save money by trying discs in the basic plastics first. The Flick is ESP and really awesome. My mids are an Elite-X Comet, max weight, which I love, an FLX Buzzz, max weight, which seems to be on its way out, and a KC Pro Roc, 168, which was one of my first discs and is usually my safety net. I also throw a Z Stalker. It is dead straight and quite useful. My putters are KC Pro Aviars, 171, but I am trying out a DX Aviar right now, as well. So, as I said I am all over the board, but as discs become useful to me, I try to own them in Champion/Z or ESP/Star.
All my main drivers are Star plastic. My favorites (destroyer and wraith) I have multiples of. I carry both a 173 and 167 Star Wraith, and a 172 and 166 Star Destroyer. With each type, the heavier is my distance/open fairway disc, and the lighter is the control/tight fairway disc. I keep a max weight Star Monster for wind and huge hyzers/thumbers, and a Star Xcaliber 172 for a little added distance where i would normally use my Destroyer's. Mid's i carry 2 rocs, both dx, one 167 and one 174, a 174 proline Aftershock, and a Z Hawk 173. I like the dx plastic for Roc's, but i want to try a Star. I wish i could get my hands on a Star Groove, I'd probably like that more than my Champ's.
I think Star plastic is just as if not moreso durable than Champion, with added grip to boot. I may not throw the farthest, but I throw high speed discs, and they move. Not a single one of my star discs has a gash, gouge, knick, or dent in the rim and believe me they've all been through hell over the 3 years i've been playing. Putter is a Star Rhyno, and I love that compared to the pro rhyno or the champ rhyno. I guess im just a star kind of guy. I love the grip, I love the durability, they fly consistently, and I dig the solid colors. Candy plastic can get a bit tricky to find in thick underbrush or in water.
have you thrown anything made with the zero line plastic from lat. 64? i loooove it!
Innova Champion, Star, and Pro; Discraft Elite Z, Pro D; Gateway's Medium and production organic blend. All are max. weight or as close as possible.
1 dx, 3 z/champ, 1 rpro, 3 pro, 3 star and plenty of back up pro and dx beater upers

I throw alot of wraiths: pro for distance, champion for hyzer, dx for anhyzer and star after many of trees = distance

for thumber/t-hawk champion plastic is a must (roadrunner)

wide open hole for max D rpro platic boss/xcal, but one good tree hit and its no more

my weight range is avg 167-172g

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