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Been playing in snow how many towels do you carry? And do you put all white discs away?
What do you drink that does not freeze?

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Phillip green (hornet),

The higher the percentage of alcohol in your drink, the more resistant it is to freezing.  I am guessing with global warming that white lightning (moonshine, Everclear) will be safe from freezing in any conditions you encounter.  Any kind of drink will not freeze in your bag if you drink it fast enough.  But c'mon, how much do you drink during a round in the winter?  For thirst purposes probably very little.  Then consider how many layers you need to adjust just to write your name in the snow.


In winter I carry as much stuff as my bag will hold.  I carry a big bag. I try to leave a bit of room to hold layers or garments which need to be pulled off when it warms up during the round but sometimes I fail.  I carry at least 3 different types of towels, including at least 3 standard sized, cotton golf towels.


I avoid white discs even in the summer because I don't want to become dependent on a disc I have to pull out just because there is snow on the ground.  However, the recent run of Z Glow Nukes were so good (and so unique) that I put one in the bag.  With the recent blizzard it just came out and I miss it already.  I guess I need to have a couple of them dyed since none of the traditional Z's I have found fly like they do.


Here are the keys to winter play: mittens, neck cowls, handwarmers, ice cleats, Polartech, Gortex and many thin layers.  Send a spotter anytime you are throwing an anhyzer.  If you are searching for a disc try to walk in the already existing footprints and kick snow.  You will find many discs when you retrace your steps because the snow you kicked reveals a small sliver of disc (which is why you don't throw white discs in the snow).


The most important skill you (should, might) learn from throwing in snow is balance.  Without a normal run up and poor traction and uncertain planting you (will, could) learn how to concentrate on balance and compensate for the numerous challenges.  This lesson will benefit you year round (if you actually learn it, of course).

I usually carry three or four towels, just enough to keep my discs dry.  Use the first for essentially taking off dirt, or excess snow.  Use the second to fully dry my discs.  A few of each will do ya good.  Im not sure what you can drink to that wont freeze (other than alcohol like Ellis said ha) but, i do know that if you keep a hand warmer or two with your drink, it will surely not freeze.

A thermos of hot chocolate works for me!

use freezer bags to keep the towells dry.
Only dry the part of the disc you grip- it'll make your towells last longer.
I just spent 30 bucks on a mug, so well see how that works...

IMO,  The nicr microfiber towels are great in the sumer but are not ment for winter play.  I would listen to Mr Ellis.  I have and enjoy my winter rounds more from learning from his tips. 

Regular large cotton towels are awesome, I use 1 to kneel on if the shot requires it and a addition 2 in the bag.  1 to cover the discs from falling snow and one for use.  As 1 becomes to wet I switch them around to allow a better surface.   Also birdie bags are great for winter play, A light dusting on you frozen throwing hand and a lil on the part of the disc you plan to grip should allow a better feel IMO.


 And for the booze...  Saillor Jerry spiced rum is my personal fav. but sometime you just gatta have a beer, with beer a coozy will help it from freezing.  just remember that the top will freeze, I use my pen to jab a hole to keep it flowing.

I carry a couple of towels to wipe of snow and water and sometimes ice.  I don't throw white discs at all during the winter.  The one time I did, I lost it and it was only a 100ft shot!  Anything with boose in it because antifreeze will kill you till you die from it.

Thanks for the advice i dont drink Alcohol while discin but hot chocolate in a thermos would be great. Balance is something that is very important i have learned on slick tee pads ..after busting my butt. I am prmarily a back hander and the snow/ice cut down on distance for sure. The extra cloths dont help with flexability but got to stay warm. I just started throwing in april of this year so learning that throwing all the disc the same way and letting the disc do what it does naturally.

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