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for us hard core disc golfers out there we are not deterred by the weather! but the elements can be brutal!     any tips to playing in the cold rain besides the obvious?

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Grippier plastic.  The lower end plastics are generally much easier to grip in wet weather.  Also, count on your shots going not quite as far as they would in dry weather.

i make sure that i stay dry, my discs stay dry, and i take extra towels.  don't rush your game just because of the weather, if you can stay focused with adverse conditions then when you have ideal conditions you will be that much better

Besides the obvious, keeping your discs and body dry, cold rain presents an extra problem for me.  I have really poor circulation in my fingers, so I'll take hand warmers with me if I know it's going to be cold.  Everything comes down to being comfortable: grip, temperature, etc.  So bring the umbrella, rain shell, and waterproof shoes (or socks).  I also recommend a birdie bag, or something similar, to help when your hands get to  the point where a towel just isn't cutting it.

I have heard the tips like hanging the towel underneath the umbrella to keep it dry, bringing an extra towel in a Ziplock bag, bringing extra socks, treating the shoes with Tectron before you go out.

 I always thought that it would be great to have an umbrella that fits a Quad strap on your back so that it is over your head while you throw. Call it the "strap-on", although another name might be better. Just kidding. Still it would be cool.

I don't usually play in the rain simply because I don't enjoy it that much and usually don't play all that well. I will play if it doesn't rain too hard. 

...problem I see with umbrella on quad is the "Mary Poppins" wind travels,foot fault ;>}

  • Just Played an Ice Bowl today with rain/snow mix.  Number one rule is you have to stay dry.  I have at least 5-6 towels on me one out and the rest in a ziplock bag.  Hand warmers are also essential.  I have a great hiking shoes and an extra pair of socks.  U also have to have weather appropriate clothing on.  Durring the summer I keep a poncho in the bag for those quick showers keeps me and my bag dry. 

Fade Gear WeatherGuard Straps- surround your bag in a waterproof shell. I'll match any competitor's price on anything until the end of this month.

Sometimes the weather is going to win and you just have to deal with it.  When the rain and wind are ferocious enough it blows sideways and no clothing will keep it out and no amount of towels will keep your discs and hand dry.  I have been in storms where a dry towel becomes soaked in 30 seconds.  Umbrellas are useless in strong winds.  All you are going to do chase it down the fairway because the winds carries it away as soon as you set it down.  If you attach an umbrella to a cart the wind blows the cart over.  As soon as your hand gets wet and wrinkly towels are useless.

So what helps?  Experience for sure.  When the terrible conditions come out it is time to go practice in them.  Most players avoid playing in bad weather so if it hits in a tournament they have no idea how to deal with it.

In a tourney when the skies open up, slow down.  Slow way down.  I am not a fan of slow play but in crazy weather if you slow down the weather may break and cause harm to fewer holes.

If you can arrange it, park your car about half way through the course (based on your starting hole).  When you reach your car trade out towels and gear.  I carry multiple outfits in my car and trade out clothes and add hand warmers, hats, mittens, etc.

I am a forehander and when I lose my grip I lose my game, so I desperately try to keep my throwing hand dry.  After a throw the hand goes straight into the mitten before I worry about anything else.  At some point, if I do lose my grip then I go to all backhand throws (boy is that ugly).

Heat helps you keep your hand dry (and feeling in your fingertips) so I overload on handwarmers;  4 in the mitten and 4 in the pocket.  I don't worry about the off hand except to use a waterproof mitten.  Btw you need  oversized mittens.  Mittens which are too tight are very difficult to go on and off when they get wet.  Oh, and gloves are poor excuses for mittens: even fancy, expensive gloves suck compared to mittens.

In winter ice storms I try to keep a handful of discs in a plastic bag and not use one until it is a critical shot (especially anhyzers, which are more exacting even in good conditions).  So I carry more discs but keep on drying off and using the same ones just to save some in prime condition.

I was playing in a tournament on a very tough course ( Leviathon in Ludington, Michigan).  With a few holes to go I had a 6 stroke lead on the field even though the weather was cold rain all round.  Then the skies opened up and hit so hard and so fast that within one hole I was soaked to the skin and my hand looked like I had been in a bathtub for an hour.  I switched to backhand and played terrible, hitting first trees on long tunnel holes.  My competitors got inspired and my lead washed away.  I slowed down to a snail's pace and fought for every stroke.  By the end of the round I finished in a tie for first place.  But fortunately the weather broke.  I went to my car, put on a dry outfit, took out a fresh bag of dry discs and won the tournament in sudden death.

Disposable Hand Warmers are the BEST invention Ever. Well, besides discs, I guess.

Mark Ellis is the man! Me, I would probably just call it a day and go sit in the car and drink a beer.

Hey Mark, wanted to let you know I switched to mittens after one of your posts a couple of years ago.  It made all the difference during Alaskan winters, and still helps out now.  Today it was mid-40s in Columbus, OH.  I still had my mittens with me in case my fingers started acting up.  The level of warmth they provide can't be matched.

I have heard of people buying golf gloves to throw with but I think even better than that would be those new football gloves that receivers wear.

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