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Hi everyone! I've been playing this great game for only a couple month now and love it! So I decided to enter my local tournament, The Summertime Open in Sylmar, CA. I'm a bit nervous since it's my first time playing an orginized and am wondering if there's any ettiqute or any advice for a first timer?

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Get a hold of a rules book and familiarize yourself with it. Most etiqutte is common sense but most common tips would be stay quiet during others shots, stay out of their line of sight and watch the temper if you have one.
Read the rules.
Do not litter.

And PLAY your game that you practice.
Relax, have fun and don't take things too serously. Just do your best and have fun. Your not playing for a million bucks.

Learn the rules so that you don't do anything that will get you stroked like throwing a disc back to another player.

Things to know for sure...

Falling putts. Out of bounds rules. 10 meter rule. Courtesy. Any others?

PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf & Competition Manual

700 Introduction
800 Definitions
801. Conduct of Players
802. Equipment
803. Rules of Play
804. Tournament Procedure
805 Measurement Cross Reference and Equipment Technical Standards
Summary of Rules Changes
*** Competition Manual ***
Section 1: Tournament Procedures
Section 2: Division Qualifications
Section 3: Player Code of Conduct

Try to read atleast the Important ones and make sure you hear the TD during players meeting for other rules.

Oh , and most Important !!! Don't Drink Beer / Liquor or smoke pot during rounds !!!!! You could get DQ'd.

Download the rules Here :

Watch the OPEN players if you have a chance. Pay attention to how they handle the pressure and you will learn a lot.
make sure you have a marker or a mini to mark your lye. Some people frown upon those of us that didnt carry them our first time out. There cheap you can normally get one for free from where ever you buy your discs or a couple bucks. Copenhagen cans work great just make sure you mark it because some people will bitch if you pick up the same disc and just throw. Take your time and relax dont rush through your shots remember to be consistant with your game and go through all the motions even if its only a 5 foot putt because you could miss that 5 foot putt and be out of the money contention.
Pre-register early. A lot of California tournaments fill up.

Play in the lowest division they offer. You never play a tournament as well as you play casual rounds.
don't listen to this guy Lalo. a can of Grizzly works much better ;)
-be sure to not throw anything more than 6 feet away from you during the round.
- that includes any disc you mark and pick up, your mini, your towel, ect. Just be sure to set the disc next to you or in your bag before your next shot.

-Every disc in your bag must be have some sort of marking on it. It doesn't need to be your full name or anything like that...initials or pdga # will do. Also, you cannot add any discs to your bag after the tournament begins. So be sure you have everything you need because you cannot grab a disc outta your car during lunch.

-Trust them with the mini marker. Be sure to bring one with you and use it on every shot...even if your disc in 2 feet from the basket. You could still be penalized if you just pick up your disc and put it in without you mini. You will most likely receive one at the tourney but don't rely on that....go get one.

-As far as etiquette goes....don't talk on other persons shot, don't stand in eyes view or peripheral vision of other on their shots, DO NOT bring your cell phone...leave it in the car, wait for everyone to shoot behind your disc...it all goes in order of who's disc is farthest from the basket at the moment, do not litter...even pick some trash up if you see it and you might even inspire the others in your group to pick some up as well, just be respectful to everyone else playing...don't yell loudly or yell at your disc as its flying...usually there is a group on every hole so they are hearing everything you just yelled, and if one of your group members is being a complete and total douche bag...don't get mad...let the TD take care of that.

Hope its awesome and you have a great time! Tournaments are a great way to win merchandise and other things. What are you going to playing (division)?
"Also, you cannot add any discs to your bag after the tournament begins."

Not true. You can add discs at any time (though you might not have the time or chance to do it).
Where in the rules does it say you have to start the tournament with the same discs? I've never heard of that and can't find it anywhere in the rule book.

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