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I'm interested in what the etiquette is in various places for a card or group playing through a group ahead of it. In casual play, of course.

What old timers have told me is that if it is decided and agreed that a faster group should play through, then the group ahead throws its drives on the next hole, followed by the second group throwing its drives. Then the second group approaches and putts out while the first group waits. Then the second group finishes.

Is that what happens on your courses?

Now, how to decide who should play through and when is a different story. If there are groups on nearly every hole, it makes no sense - to me - for anyone to play through.

Groups throwing multiple drives or discs, or larger than 4 people, should pretty much be prepared to let anyone through who catches up; when they catch up. IMHO

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I'm old school because that's exactly how we let a group play through.

During our weekly minis, only one or two persons play through, and there is usually only four to six person max on our scorecards. So, anyone in a group of three or more have to wait for those actually playing the mini, or jump to the back nine whichever.

We almost always explain the mini and invite everyone to join the next week as well so we don't appear to be jerks.

Your humble opinion is seconded.
Well you appear to be a jerk! I don't care about your mini, I have just as much right to be there as you and just because you feel privileged doesn't mean I should have to wait for your group if my group is playing faster regardless of the size.

Concerning the original post, this is how I see a play through practiced nearly everywhere I go. And about the comment that no one should need to play through, there are many times that a group is so slow the groups ahead of them keep getting further ahead so it makes perfect sense to let others play through.

I've been playing this game irregularly for more than 20 years and now that I am playing more often it seems so many players consider themselves elite and about the rules of etiquette. I can tell from reading the posts on this board that it's the regular players and not the newbies that have the most disrespect for the game.
In reference as to whether or not he is a jerk, that would be a no. The course he runs doubles on was designed and maintained by that very group that play doubles at it. And your right you do have just as much right to be there. but even in casual rounds if a group of 4 pops up behind a group 6 playing doubles they will both play at generally the same speed. For the most part everyone that I throw with enjoys the laid back atmosphere of the game and despises being rushed. As I am sure you do too.
I wasn't saying he was a jerk just that he appeared to be one. Casual or not the course is probably on public property and I'm just trying to have a casual good time myself. Unfortunately people feel like they are above the rest of us just because they plan a weekly tourney. We play for money every time we go out does that mean we're more important than the other players? No it means we need to play at a reasonable rate and let ANY SIZE GROUP that is playing faster to play through. I just took exception to his limiting the size of groups he would let play through.
Seems to me that you appear to be the jerk with the attitude.
Yeah Mike, I'm the Jerk that raised the funds to put in the back nine holes, and I'm the Jerk that sponsors the course and adjacent roadway as part of the Keep the Park Beautiful program. Oh, and the Jerk that ran the two charity events at the course. And the Jerk that raised the funds for cement teeboxes. And the Jerk that raised the money to replace the two stolen baskets too.
You don't know me but you're right you have just as much right to be there, doesn't mean you can interupt a regularly scheduled event. We usually do let those groups play through if it's obvious they're waiting on consecutive teeboxes.
There's that elitist attitude I'm talking about. Do you own the property the course is on? If not then your weekly mini has no precedence over my play. You're right I don't know you but you come of as a jerk and you said you were trying not to.
And I think your really inconsiderate and jerk. If he did all that work for that course I think 1 time a week his play takes precedence over whatever you would be throwing. Thats B.S. if you had done all that work, and put in all that time you'd think a little differently. Talk about an elitist attitude.
Actually I would hope that I would do the work for the better of all, especially for those of us that don't get out that often. And I would never think that doing the work entitled me.

I don't think Dave is a jerk and I'm glad to hear he does alot to advance the game.
Hoping to do the work, and the doing of it, are two different things.
Well, you not doing the work at your course makes you appear lazy.

I didn't say you were lazy, and I don't know you, so I really don't know whether you are lazy.

I don't think you are lazy.
Oh I'm lazy.

I also work 50+ hours a week and only get out once or twice.


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