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I'm interested in what the etiquette is in various places for a card or group playing through a group ahead of it. In casual play, of course.

What old timers have told me is that if it is decided and agreed that a faster group should play through, then the group ahead throws its drives on the next hole, followed by the second group throwing its drives. Then the second group approaches and putts out while the first group waits. Then the second group finishes.

Is that what happens on your courses?

Now, how to decide who should play through and when is a different story. If there are groups on nearly every hole, it makes no sense - to me - for anyone to play through.

Groups throwing multiple drives or discs, or larger than 4 people, should pretty much be prepared to let anyone through who catches up; when they catch up. IMHO

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Whenever a group catches up to and is waiting on mine, I usually ask them if they "want" to play through. Often they'll say yes, and the process will go very much like Terry described. Many other times--a few times yesterday for that matter--the group behind us declined. This ended up being a good thing b/c despite playing pretty quickly at times, with 1 or 2 discs, were newbies and could also take 15 minutes on a single hole. Nonetheless, my point is that I am usually the one in my group to ask the one behind us if they want to play through simply so I don't bad or feel rushed and can concentrate on my game. (I often play with my grad school friends--many of whom are newbies--so we don't always keep the pace I'd like to.) I find that once I offer, I no longer worry much about whats happening elsewhere because at least I tried.

As for Mike's rantings about privilege on the course, I will definitely say that everyone has the right to be out there. BUT, some earn that right more than others. Clearly Dave is one of those people. Most of our club members--myself especially--is very welcoming to more casual players, but we have surely invested more in the sport and the courses than they have. Even though our courses are on city property, the city does little to no work on the course, and thus is done primarily by the most dedicated club members. (Regrettably, I wouldn't yet put myself on that list.) Nonetheless, I agree with Mike that the size of the group should not necessarily dictate whether they should play through. As an advocate for human rights, I agree that privilege and discrimination are always problematic. But I do think the scales tip a bit when there are organized events going on at the course. I know when I'm going out for a quick round when there's an event scheduled--that I don't have time to participate in--I'll make every effort to simply go to one of the other courses in our area. But I'm sure I care more about, and am more respectful towards, those who do the most for our sport than many other people are--on this site and especially on the course.
You know what nobody's mentioned about this thread yet....is that we're having it!!! ...and that's awesome people are playing our sport. The best we can do is be courteous and welcome them...let them know what's happen locally and go from there.
The course has steadily gotten more play the last year or so but even so, this realy isn't that much of a problem. And I'm usually the one getting the flack from my card for offering to let others play through.
That being said, we're starting a new fund raising project to put in another eighteen holes adjacent to the current course. Hopefully thirty-six holes will help with the flow of play for all who come out to the course. We'll see.
Give a newbie a disc and hope he catches the bug that got me twenty plus years ago.
I don't know, but we always will let a single or fast twosome go through. I think that it's good to throw first and then let them throw and putt out. However, make sure they know that your discs are already out there. I have had somebody pick up discs on the way through. Too bad this thread started with a bunch of nonsense about elitism, etc. People tend to think that courses just maintain themselves. That being said, sometimes there are just too many people on the course to let anyone play through. Whatever works. It's usually not a big deal if you are polite.
communication is key.
if it is obvious that a group behind you is playing faster, then by all means we let them play through.

if the course is packed and there would be no real point to letting a group play through, I would talk to them and state the sometimes not-so-obvious and they are usually pretty understanding.

unfortunately we are all human and sometimes tempers flare, so be nice.
It should state somewhere that Faster groups should be allowed to play through if asked politely. I let single and doubles run through sometimes as long as they don't throw on me while I'm still playing the hole. If I'm throwing single and I'm playing quickly , I'll still ask if I can play through before doing so.

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