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I'm interested in what the etiquette is in various places for a card or group playing through a group ahead of it. In casual play, of course.

What old timers have told me is that if it is decided and agreed that a faster group should play through, then the group ahead throws its drives on the next hole, followed by the second group throwing its drives. Then the second group approaches and putts out while the first group waits. Then the second group finishes.

Is that what happens on your courses?

Now, how to decide who should play through and when is a different story. If there are groups on nearly every hole, it makes no sense - to me - for anyone to play through.

Groups throwing multiple drives or discs, or larger than 4 people, should pretty much be prepared to let anyone through who catches up; when they catch up. IMHO

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hey mike,, isnt about time you got off the internet and went to work..
Most of the time the faster group play the hole out, start to finish while the slower group watches. Some times on a long hole, if the faster group is far enough away where they can't reach them with a drives, we will throw before they complete the hole, but most of the time, we just wait intil the hole is clear.
If it is obvious players behind you are playing fast I let them through, but if I have a bunch of groups in front of me that Im waiting on then yes, its pointless...
Which is what I was eluding to when I mentioned the weekly mini, it's usually four or five groups or cards.
We always just play with the larger group for that hol. And then play ahead of them on the next hole.

I would also like to say dave has a pretty solid case on not being a jerk. I wish someone would put in concrete at my course. Not to say that any single person could do it but we cant raise the cash, you know how money is.
Terry there are two courses in Mt. Pleasant. CMU and Deerfield. At the CMU course, there are people teeing off everywhere to the extreme that I deem the course hazardous to play. I tried on Sunday evening, and I had driven and walked to my disc , there were people driving on the hole already. I had to hide in the woods for a group of 10 to tee off and go past my twosome. At Deerfield everyone will let you play through or will invite you to join their group and meet new people. I personally believe that if you are waiting to tee off on a hole, you should be able to play through.
That is what happens in my neck of the woods....
Tru dat!
we only have a few people so we dont got alot of traffic but when someone usally come up on are group we ask if they like to join if not we let play ahead most of the time the person from out of town and gose around wit us to no the coures
That's how we play....once you get behind us and are waiting.....usually two or more at the same time...in 3 part harmony...will ask you to play through...or play with.

If we're the fast group ...it is rare to find a slow group who won't wave us on. When that happens, after the second hole we will do the asking.
we usually observe if another group is less people or more skilled than us such as driving the hole or riding up on us tightly its not a bad thing but i dont like to feel even the slightest bit rushed.
We do the same Terry. If it's someone alone and especially if it's one of the "lone wolfs" of the course I'll invite them to join our group and get to know them a bit. I see one of the purposes of our club is to bring together and foster a local disc golf community. One of the things I like a lot about disc golf is that it is inclusive rather than exclusive. I'll never EVER join a country club even if I'm given an honorary membership and even if the course is gorgeous (though I'd be tempted).

Oh wait, this was a post about playing through!

Some people I've noticed are unbalanced in their stance in letting others play through. They either are completely unaware of or ignore faster groups behind them or they are too eager to let others play through. If you're waiting on a group or groups ahead of you, it makes no sense whatsoever to let another group play through. I've actually had one group ask me if they could play through in this situation and I politely said no and explained why. I think they were okay with it, I cannot remember, it was a while ago. Either way I would be okay with them not being okay with it. :-)


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