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From Monsanto: The makers of "Agent Orange." For those too young to know the US military used it in Vietnam to kill off foliage, the jungles of Vietnam to get at the 'enemy.' Great stuff!


WASHINGTON -- The chemical at the heart of the planet's most widely used herbicide -- Roundup weedkiller, used in farms and gardens across the U.S. -- is coming under more intense scrutiny following the release of a new report calling for a heightened regulatory response around its use. Critics have argued for decades that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides used around the globe, poses a serious threat to public health. Industry regulators, however, appear to have consistently overlooked their concerns.


A comprehensive review of existing data released this month by Earth Open Source, an organization that uses open-source collaboration to advance sustainable food production, suggests that industry regulators in Europe have known for years that glyphosate, originally introduced by American agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto in 1976, causes birth defects in the embryos of laboratory animals.



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I'd rather take my chances with whatever this causes than poison ivy!


Is that a third 'eye' growing on your forehead?

Try a mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap.

It's cheaper, earth friendly and CHEAPER!

Even works better.

IS this company from California where everything causes cancer and birth defects?  I try hard not to use anything like that in my yard cause of my animals and son.  I find it easier and more responsible to just pick the weeds that grow.
This stuff is dangerous. It's been killing farmers for years. Monsanto just wont admit it. Some scientists believe that it can cause various types of cancers. Including Non-hodgkins lymphoma. Which is what killed my father....he was a farmer...so don't tell me this stuff is safe, it's not.

Good topic, the chemical companies definitely lied to us, thankfully i haven't used it for years but try telling that to joe smo , who wants the weedfree, green lawn > I can't stand the smell of lawn chemicals .Pass the word via social media or word of mouth. ORGANIC,ORGANIC


But third eyes will give my children an evolutionary advantage!
Know/knew way too many 'Nam Vets that were/have been affected by this chemical compound.Birth defects in their children and their own health have been disasterous.
Yeah, birth defect from those chemicals

A Harvard chemistry student tried synthesizing Demerol, a chemical structurally similar to heroin and other opiates, and during the process he messed up but was unaware, he just wanted to make money by selling it.  Pretty soon, people started showing up in hospitals in a complete catatonic state - unable to move at all.  And they kept showing up.  The doctors were completely puzzled. 


They came to find that the substantia nigra, the part of the brain responsible for producing the neurotransmitter dopamine, what our brain sends through our nerves when we want to move a part of our body, also affects mood.  One doctor was able to make the connection - death of the cells in the substantia nigra is the end result of Parkinson's disease.  These patients had somehow gotten late-stage Parkinson's in what seemed to be an instant.


They treated the patients with L-dopa, and almost miraculously - they began to recover.  The chemistry student was caught after police involvement and when they tested the batch of what was supposed to be Demerol (meperidine), or MPPP, the error in the synthesis led to it becoming something called MPTP - a major component of cyperquat, a widely used herbicide.


Larger concentrations of Parkinson's have been found in rural areas, due to heavy use of herbicides used in farming.



Chemical companies lie and now they've got the laws set so they can drill for natural gas using hydraulic fracturing anywhere they want, filling aquifers and streams with loads of surfactants and other great stuff.  All because it's American now for any big company to be able to send their lobbyists to pay those in Congress for their vote.  The EPA bill that allowed this is flat out dangerous to the health of millions and millions of people, but it got done.  Makes ya wonder.

THE MORE YOU KNOW!!! The more I want to blow up Monsanto.

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