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I'm always trying to improve my form and technique and if you could look at a few drives and let me know anything I'm doing wrong or could improve. I know you can't see the flight of the disc but my main concern is perfecting my form. I did drives from 3 different angles and I don't expect anyone to watch the entire video but there should be enough drives and angles to analyze form. Thanks for the help!



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I'd like to see a video with your normal run up on the tee if possible.  Looks like you could pull just a tad tighter which will help you at the hit.  Your hips are also jamming and not opening at the hit which will increase your distance with the same effort when you get the timing down.  There is a video of Dan Beato that talks about this, when I get to work tomorrow I'll see if I can find it and post it here.

I noticed the hip jamming as well, when you are planting your right foot to stop motion to start toward the hit you are landing toe first and then rolling the foot to open the hips. That toe plant is real grippy and is slowing the rotation of your hips. If you where to plant on the ball of the foot and rotate around that,  your foot will open faster letting the hips release.


JJ, you have better looking form than 99% of guys out there already, keep huckin em' dude.

Your form is great for the most part.  Dont take your eyes off of the target for so long. Dont worry about the snap of your wrist as much.  Power comes from the whole body and flawless repetition.  I also throw into such things.  Get some tape and put a foot in diameter circle or X on the fabric, at about chest level.  Now, stand further back.  Aim for the circle.  You can work on your midrange release by standing still and not doing a run-up shot.  This will improve accuracy and precision.

I watched the video.

Looks like you have the proper form.

You could reach back a tiny bit more to generate more thrust for more distance.

Back off the power and add a bit more snap and let the snap pull your body around for follow through.

Relax and smooth it all out for more finesse and control.

Try to add spin to the disc without adding extra power...like a towel snap.

At this point you should be heading to an open field and work on where the discs are landing.

You want to be more accurate and not worry so much about distance.

Work on Hyzer releases and Anhyzer releases to learn how your discs fly and when they turn.

Make sure you can land the discs where you want to be...not just how far they go.

And not just drivers...get accurate with your putters and midrange.

-Scott #5003

Thanks for the input guys, its much appreciated! I will work on using my hips better and I like the idea of putting a target on the curtain for accuracy. Unfortunately there isn't a field that isn't covered with 3 feet of snow and I hate losing discs so the curtain is all I have for now. I do a lot of field work once the snow is gone though. I envy you guys who live in warm climates, since MN is supposed to have 30 below windchills tomorrow! Thanks again, if you have any drills you found helpful let me know!

Learn to snap a towel...

Once the arm knows how to snap, it introduces itself into your golf game automatically.

I can take a fly off the wall every time!

This is what I did during winter when I lived in Michigan.

Every year in the spring I would throw farther than the last year because I learned to SNAP.

Snap creates spin. Spin is what holds your disc in the air and on a straight line.

The longer it spins, the further it will fly. As the spin slows down, the disc starts to fade.

-Scott #5003

Try to FORCE your non throwing arm around more...

Start your non throwing arm high (when you reach back)

As your coming forward dip your non throwing arm down and close to your body

ending it in a sort of uppercut... its important to use you other arm to generate momentum...

so start non-throwing arm high and end high bringing it close to your body and low during the pull through

I can blast about 650+ no BS...


I will try this, I remember trying to do this before but never stuck with it. What kind of discs and flight pattern do you use for a 650 foot bomb? Do you do a 360 or normal run up? My goal is to hit 600 by next year but I can only hit 500 right now with a hyzer flip. I want to get better at distance lines and 360 throws.
I've been working with Blake and Beto to get better snap and I'm not quite getting the big snap I want. I will try this towel snap and get it down. thanks for the help!

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