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I didnt start playing until June of 09 and got serious about playing right away. Anyways, it seems that there are A LOT more people out, especially bigger groups, out this year. Is this because its the start of the nice weather and i missed it last year, or did the sport blow up over the winter? Also, why is that its always groups of 4+ people that wont let a twosome or someone by themselves play through?

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i've seen that too and just as scared as you are. it seems like a lot of people are getting "serious" as well. i was playing with my buddy and we were on hole one, these guys ran past us and started playing on hole two. There were 5 of them and those assholes wouldn't let us play through, we had to wait for every single hole. it was ridiculous
I've noticed over the past 32 years that disc golf grows fastest when the economy is bad. It is cheap fun you can afford when you're broke, so that makes sense. If you're a serious player, you have to play before noon.
That is exactly what I was going to say. Hit the course earlier, and avoid courses that you know have a tendency to have huge backups during peak hours. (eg.Cass Benton) Or sometimes you may just have to say something not all new players are aware of some of the unwritten rules of disc golf. Unless you are throwing really, really bad I wold almost think that any group would let you play through. If they don't then they are being jerks. Try speaking up.
So does it eventually die down as summer progresses?

And Im definitely not afraid to speak up and ask to play through, I probably pasted 5 groups today. I guess i just assume its common knowledge to let someone, who is obviously playing a lot quicker then your group, play through. (without them having to ask)
No Joe it probably will not die until around august or September when the kids and college students go back to school. Once October hits it is usually just the serious players you will find playing in MI.

Also Disc Golf is the fastest growing recreational activity for like the last 10 years or so.
Yup, sometimes its just a matter of asking! dont assume the worst, people are generally good :D
Ah you live in BC... Just go to Kimball pines and you shouldn't have any traffic concerns ;) Not a lot of causals/noobs on that course. And coldbrook is P2P.
Nope it's not you. I've seen a lot more traffic at my home course. Thank goodness it's out of the way. I played today with some friends. We didn't see another disc golfer till we played two rounds. It was great! As for people not letting you play through. Yes, most disc golfers are cool. But I see more and more of the Noobs that could care less about anybody but themselves. For instance, whens the last time somebody called you and said they found your disc? Jeez, and to have to offer a reward is just B.S. Granted it's not just disc golf. It just seems to be the way the world is going.....OK I'm climbing down off my soap box :)
the course i go to is pay to play and its been busy
I am reading a lot of good things to point out of everyones posts.

I have thought to myself "damn there are an unusual amount of people at the courses lately". Its not even the people with the 1 or 2 discs just out for the exercise. Its people with full tourney bags that hold their 4 discs, and they wont let you play through.

I have also been noticing a LOT more people teeing off when you haven't given them the clear, anyone else?

My own advice ive been taking is I am playing the courses that are more put up in neighborhoods. Less people seem to venture to those ones. Unless I know I am going to go play for tags of course ;)
yeah, i would suggest playing earlier too, we get up at 6 am and drive two and a half hours to get to traverse city. we are usually at hickory hills and ready to toss around 9 am, and guess what................there are 5 or 6 vehicles in the parking lot already! so that doesnt always work out. we were there last month on an abnormaly warm day and we were stuck behind a friggin party of 12, none had bags, they were all over in the trees, and they had 4 or 5 dogs with them, and 40 oz. to freedom in the other hand, another dude had a huge radio he was draggin around with him, i had the same issue here at my home course just today, 9 newbs whippin their only disc 100 ft. out of bounds, only to run to it and do the same thing over again! this was at the first hole, i walked past at the second tee to play the back 9 and they all started throwing while i was passing on the fringe! someone mentioned the unwritten rules of discgolf earlier and i think i will make up a few posters and put some "ettiquette suggestions" on it. im all for the growth of the sport, i think we will just try to form more tourneys, even if they are cheap, just to fend off some of the newbs who dont seem to care about the rest of us! what really sucks tho is the amount of litter they all leave behind!
I am fairly new at the sport but My friends and I have been lucky in that some of the older guys on the course took an interest in our posse early on. rolling with us every now and again... providing feed back and guidance (which has been invaluable). Having said that, I believe people are either thoughtful of others or they arn't. I don't know that "Thoughtful" can be taught. I do know that out there on the course,its the one time during the week when the "Here and Now" comes with every drive and putt... You shed the house note and bills and Roll with your friends. That is what I like about the sport. Looking at it from that point of view, if you are thoughtful, you want everyone out there to have a great day too. Some folks are not wired that way...I don't think the vast majority of the shit heads will stick with the sport because their heads arn't in the right spot for it. and for the rest of them Maybe some old dude will roll with them one day, and they will be open, and wisdom will be passed on

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