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The PDGA Board recently amended the Bylaws to remove the right of the membership to elect all of the Board members, and instead allowing it (the Board) to appoint some of its own members.

I need volunteers who would be willing to circulate petitions among local PDGA members. The petition requests that the membership be allowed to vote on the amendment.

The membership should be consulted because:
1) The administration made no effective case that the amendment is necessary, and there are very good reasons to believe that it is ill-founded. You can review this discussion on the "Picking and Packing the Board" thread on the "Other PDGA Topics" Forum of the PDGA Discussion Board.
2) The Board should not remove such important and fundamental membership rights without the full "advice and consent" of the membership.
3) The Board acted with deliberate haste and stealth in forcing the amendment. It was all over in five days, and few PDGA members were even aware that it was being done.
4) If the Board can get away with this, they could easily remove other important membership rights. Next year, for example, they could vote to appoint all Board members.

At this point a petition is our only recourse. We need about 2000 signatures. If I could get about 100 volunteers from different parts of the country, each one would need only 20-30 signatures. If you would be willing to do this, please contact me (shive@uwyo.edu).


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You can play tournaments still, even without the pdga. We are so far away from any influence the pdga has we would be idiots to join. I ran for regional coordinator yrs. ago and got beat by someone who wasn't a pro and didn't tell me he wanted the job. He ran a stealth campaign in Kansas with his club voting for him. No one in austin bothered to vote cause I was the only one on the ballot. I talked to the election board member and nothing could be done. This happened in the early 90's. Thats the last I ever had to do with the pdga. They don't want a sensible tour anyway. So, make sure you don't act like a skateboarder when you play the "tour" we know they never get on TV. Seriously, hold your own tournaments, thats how we got started yrs ago.



The downsides are:

1) Appointed members are not accountable to the membership.  But they vote on issues that bind all members.

2) Appointed members (of the sort Brian described) may know nothing about the concerns of typical members.  But they vote on issues that bind all members.

3)  There was no need to appoint such people to the Board.  By your own admission, the Board has hired such people, successfully, for years.  So let them be hired, but keep them off the Board.

Appointed members are still accountable because they still need to be appointed by Board members accountable to members. Appointed members will only have influence but no majority power on the Board. Their influence will be stronger as Board members versus hired hands to help the org in areas where that expertise among members inside the sport is lacking.


Ideally, appointed Board members are expected to be experts in bigger, more developed sports outside disc golf to help guide the Board in directions they haven't yet seen or don't have the experience to address. This is a way to reduce inbreeding where a Board can get trapped in only dealing with what they know within the sport and don't have the initiative to get beyond those boundaries in directions healthy for the advancement of the sport.


Your point of view fears the future. This point of view projects a future of expanding possibilities.

I say play Southern National events. All the money that is collected in fees goes to the championships at the end of each season. Now that's giving back to the players.
Of course, this "selfish" player-centric view means no compensation for the organizers, stats people, webmasters, course preparers, sponsorship acquirers and TDs of the events who actually do all the work...
I hope you are not referring to what I posted Chuck cause I have ran many of these SN events,designed and installed courses, prepared them for tournaments, aquired sponsorships for tournaments and courses, and whatever else i could do to help all for the love of the game. If you are looking to get paid for running events and such I would suggest not running them.

That's a point of view that's holding back the sport. You want better courses and professionally run events, then those people who do it regularly and do it well should get compensated. Players have been taking advantage of those volunteering for years even knowing that those who volunteer mostly do it willingly. I have around 8000 hours of volunteer work in the sport since 1989 so I've done more than most. But I also now get paid for several activities, too.

When the sport started, most players volunteered sort of like everyone in the community volunteering for barn raising when each neighbor needed the help. It's not that way any more and hasn't been that way for a while now. Only a few do the volunteering while everyone else benefits from that effort. It's not like everyone is taking turns running the event each year or doing the brush clearing on a new course. 

Think of any other organized sport run by your Parks Depts. Those people get paid. (Yes, the parents still volunteer as coaches.) Wonder why Parks Depts don't run disc golf leagues and events and disc golf gets less respect and budget support from Park & Rec than other sports? Our current financial model doesn't provide support for compensation for those who do the work. If you keep giving everything you do away free, that's what value society will place on the sport. Not much.

It's not an all or none decision to volunteer for everything or get paid for everything you do. It's case by case. We seem to have no problem paying the disc manufacturers for their products and the target manufacturers for baskets. But they also donate a fair amount where people can't afford it or for a good cause. Why is your time any less valuable for professional tasks that require experience such as running events or designing courses? There are still tasks where volunteering might still be needed because the community can't afford it (clearing brush, installing baskets) or it wouldn't get done so you don't need your hand out to get paid for everything.
Chuck, for the love of Darwin, stop being so reasonable.

Prof. Shive,


Weren't you a board member who resigned your position halfway through your term? That is how JK became a board member. Also, she was an appointed member as a direct result of your quitting. Is it reasonable to assume that her appointment set the precedent for appointing board members? It seems to me like you're against something for which you planted the first seed. Just saying.

Chuck has argued that we are well served by the Board's decision to partially disenfranchise us without consultation because we voted for the Bylaws that allowed them to do it.  By his logic we'd be well served by anything the Board did.  They could vote to appoint all Board members and pay themselves fat salaries and Chuck would still be saying, "Why should you object?  You gave them the power. Where's the downside?"



Yes and what's the problem in that? Most Boards have the power to do these dastardly things and yet they mostly stay in line. Again, fear of the future versus expanding possibilities...

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