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Not sure if this has been a topic, but it is part of the disc golf life I guess. I ended up with a bad case of poison ivy over the weekend. From Rolling hills if your curious?

Lets hear some help with some treatments?

I have been using Ivy Dry bought at CVS for bout $8, during the day.

Day 2 I started to seep and swell, so I started using Dawn liquid soap to clean and soak it, every hour during the evening.
 Day 3 has seen significant improvement, and plan on keeping with this method for the remainder of the itching and seeping.

I have seen people talk about Clorox baths and vinegar baths. And caladril lotion was recommended by a doctor friend.

And yes, stay out of it! is an option but not a treatment

Doctors do perscribe drugs and lotions, this is for the people that are looking for a home remedy

Well if you have any input let me know

Anyone know names of lotions for after you know you have been in it?

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I used to live/work in South Carolina and I would get into the Poison Ivy at least once every summer. Eventually I started using a product called Ivy Block (a preventative, not a reliever). It worked well for me. As far as treatments go, I always used caladril.

Technu! Awesome stuff. Rhus tox is a homeopathic remedy that you take internally.
We have a poison ivy problem too. When I am at a tournament with Ivy or stinging nettle, and if I can remember, I ask to TD if we can take safety relief from them. Its better for everyone to get that out in the open before the tournament starts. I feel for you. Poison Ivy is so much worse than poeple think.
I am highly allergic and now know to go to the doctor for a cortisone shot within 48 hrs of onset. benedryl helps because you can't itch if your sleeping :) Even after the shot, I have still been fighting it for two weeks. make sure to take cold showers; warm or hot showers open up the pores and kick off the reaction.
try niacin you can get it at wal-mart or your local pharmacy! take two one day then two the next. I hope this helps! it worked for me.

I have only have gotten poison ivy once - when I was 13, on my ankle.

Until last Fall.

It ran up both arms to my elbows.

Horrible looking. Even worse feeling.

I tried for 2 weeks to "naturally" deal with it.


I made no headway.

Medrol dosepack is sometimes the only thing that will.

If it's any consolation -

If you can wash the oils off of your skin within 15 minutes of contact - it CAN be prevented...

But that's a small window of time.

The oils can get on your disc, your clothes, your dog - and be transferred to you later on.

TECHNU kicks butt! It will remove the oil from your skin. You can also pour a little in with the laundy and it will remove it from your cloths. Think of Poison Ivy oil like velcro. It binds to your skin and by simply washing, it will not remove it. Also, the thing most people don't know. Is that you will not get a skin reaction on your plams or fingers (that's how people get it all over their bodies). So if you just wash your hands with Technu. You greatly reduce the spread of the oil.
Water temp won't make much of a diff. If anything, a little trick a learned. Is you turn the water to as hot as you can stand it. Then put the affected area under it. It itches like crazy at first. Then is goes away and it's quite soothing after that. Oooo it feels so good. Of course I would only do this to extremities.
As an archaeologist here in California, we have to deal with Poison Oak all the time. I dunno how similar it is to Poison Ivy (I'm guessing it sucks), but we all use Technu (as others here are suggesting aswell). It does totally work, but you have to apply it asap. It is probably too late along in the process for you now, but the stuff totally works and they also have a "Pre"Technu now that you can apply if you know you're gonna be in the stuff.
Good luck and don't scratch!
Human urine applied before the area before the venom can cause damage is the best method. The ph in urine nutrelizes the venom and the horible side effects are drasticly reduced, and since the venom is nutralized I would also imaigine your body would build antibodies to prevent fututre attacks as it seems to have done with my self
Very helpful everyone thank you.

Bought some Rhus tox last night and seems to be helping big time.
I totally agree. Hold the affected area under the hottest water and for as long as you can stand it. Then be prepared to wipe up the goo that you will see in a little bit after. Then you will have no itching for quite awhile. It usually makes do a little jig while it is under the water, must be all the nerve endings going nuts. :)

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