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How do you fight this plant once its already left its mark on you? I've got it all over and nothing seems to be working for me.

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Calamine lotion and time and patience. And no itching

Just kidding bro that sucks bad, Whare were you that you got it all over?.

You need to wash EVERYTHING.. bed sheets, hat, shoes, cloths, disc golf bag.. EVERYTHING! trust me when I say you can get it over and over again. As far as getting rid of it.. stop itching and maybe try soaking in sea salt ? ..
Bleach. I get poison Ivy quite regularly and last year I tried Bleach after doing some research on line to find out what people use. The only other thing I know to do is to google it there are so very good sites out there and that is where I got my idea to use bleach.

Hope it works for you!!!
The leaves produce an oil called urushiol--this oil is a skin irritant, and causes inflammation. Because it's an oil, urushiol stays on the skin and constantly causes inflammation and itching. Be aware--your pets can pick up this oil on their coats and give it you. Wipe the affected skin with alcohol or a dilute bleach solution to remove the oil. Ditto on wash everthing and remember it's an oil you are trying to remove. I like a an over kill on washing up if I even think I have touched poison ivy, first industrial hand cleaner (Gojo), then several washing with dish soap and then wipe down with alcohol or bleach!

If you have a serious case, get to a doctor! You will need something stronger than over the counter medications. The body sometimes seen to go into overdrive reacting to the oil and only a doctor can get you a medication to stop the reaction.
I always carry a bottle of the santitizing soap with me and coat my legs after each round...the ETOH in it denatures the oil...So far so good this year...

If I get it I usually scrap it off with a plastic knife and pour bleach on it...in my best Rocky Voice..Cut me Mick...
I learned tons about this growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and lots of poison ivy, sumac, and oak.

Ivy Dry works great for my family and to most people we recommend. http://www.ivydry.com/
(This stuff dries your skin out)

Before I started using Ivy Dry I used Ruli-Gel.....which was bought up by Band-Aid Brand.....so not sure what it is called now.

Great for bug bites, poison, and anything that makes you itch.
Technu before the rash. It removes the oil. Now that the damage is done you can still use it to remove the oil. OK, this may sound odd, but a buddy turned me on to this trick. When the itching gets bad. Put the effected area under hot water. Now NOT burning hot, but hot. It starts to ich like carzy, but then it's gone. It feels sooooo gooood :)
i've heard of the bleach as well. My hispanic bloodlines has granted me pretty much immunity so I couldnt tell ya
Fels Naptha soap to wash off. I've already sprayed about 8 gallons of round-up at the BRATS. Enjoying watching it curl up and DIE!
i wish they would spray out at Lakeshore because I think thats where i got it...
How?? There's like 3 little vines by the pond edge, that's all I've seen out there, unless you went wandering around in the woods for no reason. You'd have to try to get it there.

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