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How do you fight this plant once its already left its mark on you? I've got it all over and nothing seems to be working for me.

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I don't know. Its the only place I've been that could have ivy
that sucks, im imunne and very glad. my friends get it bad and use bleach and rubbing alochol to dry it up and calimine lotion to stop the itch. doctors can give you steroids to help if you have it really bad. good luck. best bet is to learn what it looks like and avoid it. being immune and educated i actully pick it when i see a little of it around to help out me non immune breathren. you can touch the stalk just not the leaves.
I carry around a small spray bottle of ammonia in my car. If I think I got any on me or clothes etc I spray it on there. The ammonia neutralizes the oil from the IVY, OAK, and SUMAC. My wife is highly sensitive to the IVY so I make sure to spray for her sake. This will work as long as you do it within 8 hours of exposure.
Not true, could have it on a disc from a month ago somewhere else. Literally can't get ivy at Lakeshore unless you touch one of the few tiny plants by the pond edge, in the OB side, or have a super-shank drive on #14 Blue and go into the woods off the tee, but haven't seen anyone do that yet..
I never heard of ammonia. Interesting.
Bleach.... It works wonders. If it's warm enough where you live hit a swimming pool, chlorine does the same. I put a small amount in the tub and take a quick bath. Just don't rub the oil around to other uninfected areas, just kind of soak. Also make sure you change the bath towels out, along with everything else. this woks, it's just not an immediate cure, but then again nothing is.
I had poison Ivy so bad last year on both my legs it looked like I had 3rd degree burns. Besides getting a steroid shot, I used many other products. The best one I used was Top Care clear Anti Itch Lotion (I think I got it at Target). I was also told by the doctor to use FelsNaptha soap. This bar soap is in a white wrapper with a red and green labeling. It is in either the laundry aisle or the aisle with other bar soap. If I even think I got into any poison Ivy I shower with the stuff and also wash my discs with it.
I use the tecnu when I know I have been in it. I weedeated some on the course a couple of weeks ago and didnt get it bad. But I am not highly allergic. I also use some stuff the doctor prescribed called timavate (the spelling is probably not correct). The generic of it is clobetasol propionate gel. I does not do much for the itch but gets rid of it in about a week. The important thing is not to scratch it when you get it. I have heard aqua net hair aerosol hair spray works for the itching but thats just hear say. If you have it bad go see the doctor and get a coritzone shot and the timavate will help for the milder cases.
cortizone cream get it every year dont itch you will just spread it!
When I was a wee lad, I used to be terribly allergic to poison ivy. Now, I'm all but immune. It used to be a guarantee that I would get poison ivy at one point or another between the months of May and August, every year. It's been about 10 years now since the last time I had poison ivy, and I know I had to have come in contact with it at some point. Your best treatment is complete avoidance, but when that fails, anything that will dry it out works best. Try bathing in a tub full of Aveeno oatmeal. Worked great for me.

Remember: Leaves of three, let it be. Leaves of four, eat some more.
Salt water and no scratching. It is gonna take about 2 weeks before things turn towards the better. I also use rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball (or just pour it on large areas) to help dry it out. Make sure you wash your discs well if you were on the course when you got it. The best thing is prevention. Know what it looks like and stay away from it. I feel your pain. (leaves of 3, let it be)
Good news is most of it is clearing up. I just have one spot between my fingers that is giving me a hard time. :) . Thanks for the advise everyone.

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