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I keep teetering on the line of buying a SLOW SPEED Approach disc. I am still only a few months into my DG Career. I am still working on every aspect of my game daily. One aspect I have not practiced NEAR as much is my putting (hoping to remedy this if I get a basket for Father's Day). But, as it stands, my comfort zone for putting is about 15ft. I pretty well know I'll hit it at least 85% of the time from there. Past that, I am a trainwreck. Past 30ft, I still try and putt, but mostly a jump putt upshot. Past 40ft, I wont even try and putt anymore. It is just not productive for me at this point. So, with out being able to make the distance I hope for, especially on 350ft+ holes, I end up throwing A LOT of approach shots from 40-60ft out. For some reason, I have started to HIT more and more of these approach shots, or AT LEAST leave my self a drop in. The times I don't hit it, I of course end up with a long clean up putt because I carried it to far trying to grab chains.


Does anyone have any experience with the REALLY SLOW Innova approach discs? As in the Innova Polecat, Sonic, Birdie, Etc.... Are you regularly using them as approach discs and how do you feel they work for you? I would like to look at something that won't fly by so far when I take a run at the chains and miss. One of my 1st discs was a DX Birdie, and I remember not liking it much. May change now that I have thrown more, but if you throw a polecat or Sonic, Please speak into the Microphone!! Please and Thank You.

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They all would work for that slow speed approach.

I've used and liked the Sonic...it's got a great predictable slow speed flight. The only problem with it...and it's BIG problem. It's durability sucks eggs. One good tree smack and it's done. It will crack. I don't think the Polecat or the Birdie has that issue.

Why Innova? Are you open to other brands?

I don't know Man, I am WEIRD like that. I STARTED on Innova, got used to their rating system, and feel really comfortable with their discs now. I have this brand loyalty thing. I am strange that way, almost to the point of obsessive compulsive type of thing. My Wife wants to shoot me sometimes. 


I know I am probably limiting/hurting my game by not straying OUTSIDE of Innova discs... Did you have another brand, or Particular disc in mind, Dookville? Tell me about it. Maybe you can get me to try something else.... My Wife would thank you for it! :)

the discraft rattler is a great slow disc, super striaght and it will teach you alot about how to throw every kind of shot.
lat64 has the fuse and core on the slower end of their lineup. The pain is awrsome as well, but a little on the fast end for what you are looking for. opto plastic feels like champ but a little grippier. lats mids have a fat lip and come off your fingers oh so smooth.
Lat 64 uses the same rating system and in my opinion their discs are actually much truer to the ratings.

Change the line of your putt rather than the putter.


Try lofting instead of running straight at it unless you know you can make the come-back. 

Looks like the Lat 64 Sinus is the closest disc to what I am looking for in their line, in terms of ratings... BUT, it is rated VERY similar to my Yeti Aviars, and I was thinking of an even Slower speed disc. Look like great discs though. I'll have to handle one next time I am at the local DG shop. Thanks for all the recommends Gents!

look up the snap discs whitler. it sounds exactly like what you're looking for. this video shows how it works:



Try the Zephyr in the 170-180g range so it's similar in weight to your putter. I use it for shots from 50-100 feet when I can run it.
My fav is the Classic Roc, it's just a great workable disc. I mainly use it for dead straight shot, because it has little to no hyzer at the end of it's flight. However, it will fly any line you put it on. It's my "go to" disc from 80ish feet and in.
So for the disc choice, Rhyno Pro plastic.  Very dedicated and controllable finish, its similar to the birdie in shape but much easier to use all around.  I use mine off the tee for shot that need to fade and stop, down hill to the bucket.  The disc is tacky and soft, seldom does the disc hit and roll skip or move.  The disc hits the ground and stops.  Also very useful for a putter.  This is a disc you should try.  I never threw one until seeing what 1 could do the hands of a pro.  Very good disc to use and learn from, a Pro Rhyno will always be in me bag.  Also if you could find a Champion Edition Classic Roc, then enough said.  I have one but there arent may around so mine hardly come out of the box.  Hope this helps.  Its a little long though.

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