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What's your pick for the better disc? And please, only people who have thrown both.

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Like them Both !!! Tough Call.
Is one more stable than the other? Faster?
The Pred AKA Tsunami is faster, but I throw an old CE Firebird (Sooooo worth the $$$) So for me the Firebird is more overstable and they are the FL versions. The Firebird fits my game better. It's my overstable fairway driver and my Teerex is my overstable driver. Were the Pred AKA Tsunami fits in between the two of them. I know it's not in my head, but I just can't throw Discraft drivers, well minus my 150g Flick, but thats diff. I throw their mids and LOVE them, but IMO seems their drivers are more power based and that's one thing that's lacking in my game. So I'll take the Firebird!
Glad I'm not the only one that's not in love with the rim on the Pred, I would acatually call it downright painful at times. I've got quite a bit more time with the firebird as it was one of my first discs though. 11X in champ plastic, and it has served me very well.

Interesting statement about DC drivers being more power-based. I throw almost exclusively discraft, and love their midranges more than everything. I do find myself thinking that their drivers as a general group are more overstable than some other brands. Is this just me? For understable and slightly overstable drivers, Innova has got my love. The teebird, leopard, and sidewinder all have a place in my bag.

Max Weight Stiff Champion FireBird for that Immediate hard turn, right out of the hand, and some great skip action.
I consider it a utility disc for around the corner shots, short overhead shots, short sidearm shots and skip shots.
It is the most overstable sharp edge disc in my bag.
It ignores wind and always follows its unique hard curve.

Some Big Arms like to use them as Drivers, as the over-stability of the disc counters the amount of Z's and torque they put on it, which offsets and becomes a long straight shot.
The much closer comparison is the Crush to the Firebird. In my hands a Z Crush and a CE Firebird fly alike except the Crush has a smidgen more glide. They look, feel and throw very similar to one another. Both are flat topped. Both are superb.

Predators are way more overstable than the Crush or Firebird. The rim of a Predator does not fit in my hand: too deep and too domey.
I use my Champ Firebird for the same utility shots...same disc for many years. I recently added a Star Max for the same type of shots....I'm actually using it more than the Firebird these days.....incredible skip shot action...fantastic sidearm spike hyzer.

Can't compare to the Predator...never used one.
Yeah, I'd say the Crush is fairly close speed wise...to the Firebird..but over all it seemed more like a Champ Orc to me..(I had a Z Crush and compared them...they were a lot a like..easy to control....nice D) I gave the Crush to a some friends though..along with a few easier to throw discs. I told them whomever ends up with the Crush should work up to it..or use it for big headwind shots.
i have a pred if you want to try it out. i dont use it because of my love for the firebirds as u kno haha and the pred is almost new...
Pred, cause it's more overstable making it more predictable. I would say a Crush is about same stablity as Firebird, though a Crush is easily faster then a Pred or Firebird, I would say Preds and Firebirds are similiar in speed. Crush's speed is more like a Orc.

Pred is without a doubt more overstable, both handle wind really well. If you get on Firebird's too much they seem to act different, where a Pred doesn't seem to. I always hated how easy it seemed to be to get over Firebird's "cruising speed" making it much less overstable (just like the Crush and Drone do if you get on them). Where a Pred is like Gateway overstable, you would need a arm of a god to turn it over.

Then Predators rim only some people will like backhand, I prefer it more sidearm myself. Though my Spirit has taking it's place cause it's more overstable and faster/farther. Both Predators and Firebirds are good in the 300-330'ish range in my opinion of course depends on your arm and snap.

I however have only thrown max weight Star Firebird and Z Predator 173, Flx Predator 172g (man I miss my Flx Predator).
i've thrown both. an old ce firebird and a z pred both in the 170's. and i'd take a monster over both of them. especially a gummy monster.
You got a point. I use to carry a Monster, but put a 150 Flick in it's place. Travels further, but still hyzres like mad ay the end.

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