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I am wondering what some of you prefer for weights in your discs when it comes to differences in putters, mid-ranges, drivers and roller discs. I am about to do some shopping for new discs. My go-to disc right now is a 165g TL, a weight which i narrowed down to being the best weight for me in terms of accuracy, consistency and distance. My Putter (a Star plastic Aviar) is 175g and again, the weight I feel most comfortable with after trying different.

What I am wondering is if its correct to have this different range of weights for discs that do different flights? Should my hyzer disc be a few grams heavier to help avoid turnovers and create a more predictable hyzer? Should i by a Roc that is heavier because its a slower speed disc? Should a roller disc be heavier or lighter than what you prefer for your go-to straight driver?

Also, what about the weight of a disc used exclusively for thumbers and tomahawks? Lighter or heavier?

Lastly, what about a long ranger putter? A disc with more glide, a lighter disc, or just stick with my 175g Aviar and practice?

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Mids and Putters around 175
Drivers 170-172

I don't throw overhand shots unless it's an out of trouble shot. I have heard you want heavier roller discs but I just use what I have as drivers already. I use all the same putters but I know people who keep a max weight for normal putts and something in thie mid-high 160's for long range/jump putts.
Putters- 172

Mids- 170- 175

Drivers- 168- 173
Surges, Forces, Predators, Tee Birds 170g-173g perferably.
Hawks, Stratus, 175g perferably.
Wasps 170g-171g peferably
Putters 173g Magnets!!

I throw my Z Predators for overhand if I need to and they are 170.
I like stable to overstable drivers as light as I can get them for glide and less fade. Easier on my arm. I have a 160 R-Pro Boss which is really unstable and only for straight down wind open shots. 167g Star Katana, and 168g Nukes are my main drivers now. I carry a 175 star Xcaliber though for stiff headwind shots when needed, and a 172 Champ Boss 9intermediate wind). I like midranges (Roc and a Z Wasp) around 175 for stabilty and workability in any wind, and putters 170-172. These don't drop too fast for me. I have a stiff big bead Aviar at 175 (max) for long up shots in any wind. Rollers from 172-174, around max weight to keep stable and not turn over too fast. Lighter drivers and heavier mids and putters are pretty common.
Hey Joe, thanks for the response. One question though... why would you want to keep a roller shot stable? I thought roller discs were pretty much all very understable discs? Wouldn't having them a bit lighter help it to turnover quicker? Isn't that what you would want?
For Driver I like 168-173
Mids 173-178
Putter 150 166-67
Tommahawk sometimes a 150 but I preffer 173
everything 175 grams for me, I have a few that are 165+ but I try to get a disc thats about 173-175
Max weight on Putters and Mid range.
Heavy drivers for wind (and overstable).
Lighter drivers for glide and finesse shots.
Beat plastic for turnover shots...
I practice putt with 25 scaled weight 175 gram DX Aviar Putters.
Practice and learning your discs well is the key no matter what weight you pick.
The disc will roll over faster on the ground as well as in the air. You want them understable but heavy so they don't turn too quickly.
Everything in my bag is 175
In Japan we have weight limit regs. Most tourneys are 152gm max. But this year we have tourneys with a 159.9gm max reg. When I played in the States, I threw max weight putters and mids and drivers between 170 and max. In my opinion, from short throw to long, weight should decrease. Specialty discs such as overhand throwers and rollers should be heavy.
I prefer em in the 110-120 range, and bigger and they need to be over 5'10" or were you talking about discs?

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