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Now im all about helping the little guy, I support my local dealers, i support my local courses and buy a disc here and there. But every now and then i want to go pick up a couple of discs for as cheap as possible. This time i wanted to get 2 175 gram dx xd's. Want something that i can throw with that easy natural turnover, Usually the magic does it for me but i need something that i can throw hard. My evo magic is great for 150 and in but looking to go 200. SO i look around ebay, see a few 7.99 not too bad but then 7 bucks to ship !!!! then saw 2 175 @ 18.99!!! plus 5 to ship. Cmon !!!! I totally understand you guys need to make some kind of money and yeah after paypal fees, ebay listing fees, but damn !!!! You guys get these dx discs at what 4 bucks each ??? What happened to MSRP ??? MSRP on dx plastic was $7 last i knew. Shipping shouldnt bee too much ! I shipped 2 discs and a hat the other day to a friend off here and it cost me 5.60, 2 day priority. I didnt make a dime of that purchase and im ok with that. But 7 bucks to ship one damn disc ?? Your a joke!!! looks like i will be going to prime discs in the off season and buying a stock pile of stuff i want. Atleast steve doesnt rape me with shipping and i usually get my order the next day.

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I go to see my local pros they normally have what i want or can get it. That way i get to throw it first plus my money stays in Michigan.
The deal is that in business you make money off of everything passed on to the consumer. If you pay $3 for shipping to you add $1.50 to that for you piece of the pie. This is how the majority of buisness works. This is why it costs so much now to buy homes and cars, we are paying all kinds of inflated values on product.
dang.. As much as I've heard discgolfcenter in this post.. I'm wondering why I haven't ordered more from these guys.
You guys n gals should try buying discs from the US and then paying for shipping to Australia! At the moment, the Aussie dollar is only at 68 us cents, so you do the math (ive been trying to stop myself from buying any disc golf stuff until our dollar recovers a bit, but I dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon, given the global financial situation). One of my pet peeves is inflated shipping, i dont mind the sellers making their money off the disc sales, but then to double-dip on the shipping? C'mon, thats not very fair. Luckily there are some very good Ebay sellers I buy off who only charge me the exact price of shipping, one being Jeremy Rusco from Dynamic Discs. He's also chased down a few rare discs for me which was fantastic. Another good seller are the guys at LSDiscs who have also helped me out a bit, especially Bren.

Online stores are different though. Some I have to contact to get the exact shipping, which Im happy to do as this means they are checking for the exact shipping cost, but others have an arbitrary price for international shipping. For example, I wanted to buy 3 discs from one of the larger online stores (I won't name names), and they wanted to charge me US$24 shipping! For three discs, that comes out to US$8 per disc, which is insane. I dont mind if the sellers or stores need to charge me an extra few dollars on top of the shipping to compensate them for the time and effort that goes into shipping something internationally, but they need to be reasonable about it.

So over here, the most economical way of buying plastic is by getting a few guys together and putting in one big order. Generally this means we get better deals, and the "per item" price of shipping comes down as well. $5 shipping for as much as you want to buy? Sounds like heaven to me.
I just got Innova DX Wraith, 5.00$
, Innova DX Teebird, 3.00$
Innova Pro Wraith, also 3.00$

all on ebay, with free shipping... these were used but in decent condition....Shop around you can find some great deals in the bay.
I'm having a blowout year-end sale. I'm disc long and cash short in a really bad way because our last couple of tournaments were lightly attended and I got a little over-exhuberant when I was ordering. I'm getting a comprehensive detailed list together. I started a thread in the disc selling category, but given my blow-out prices, it seemed appropriate to post here too. The first 200 discs are on the list. I'll post and add more later. E-mail me for prices. They are too low to publish. This is all new, unthrown, 2008 stuff. I just over-ordered for a tournament and under-promoted it, I guess.

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