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All I have is a Pro Katana and I have found it turns over on me when I try and send it to Heaven, not every time but often enough to make me a little angry, just wondering what yall view as a better disc and why.



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OK, you're going to like this.....Champ Katana! It's my fav. out of the three, because. It's the middle of the two in stability. I found the Star was to overstable for my taste. I also never liked the break in of Star plastic. Ya, know...starts of the most overstable out of the plastics. Then becomes less stable, compared to Champ. Now having said all this. You may also throw a country mile? So to give you an idea or a base line. I throw around 300 to 330'. From previous posts, I'm comfortable saying you will find the Star Katana. To be the most overstable out of the bunch. Some have even said to overstable.
The Star Katana is so awesome, I am getting rid of mine. Want it? In other words, it is too overstable for me.
I love my Champ Katana. I can throw it with the lightest anny (RHBH) and it makes a sweet S curve. For my max of around 330ft.
I don't usually keep multiple flavors (plastics) of discs in my bag... SO, this begs the question -- what is the advantage of such a practice?

FWIW, I just suddenly figured out how to throw my Katana the other day, and my DC Surge and Force
How much? Just lost mine in Mobile!! Give ya 20 bucks!
I throw the disc with a thumb and two finger power grip. Sounds stupid, but the torque is all in those three fingers. I like to throw giant anhyzer slow turning fade shots with late S action 400ish. It also works well in a hyzer if I have room on the right comming out of the hand. JMO
Check out the post about "diff. flavors"
i threw the pro three times. first throw, absolute bomb 420+ uphill. second time, not enough spin on the disc, hyzered out early. third time, tried a high anhyzer line, dove the whole way, landed nose down 330.

bought the star yesterday and have thrown some absolutely beautiful drives. first drive, 370 uphill, threw it flat, went way right ( i thought it was gonna dive bomb into the ground the whole way but just kept gliding ) and finished with a fairly hard fade at the end. next hole, 410 downhill, threw it with extreme hyzer and it flipped up flat but was still travelling left because of the amount of hyzer and finished real hard. the amount of hyzer that is set at release will determine how much it will turn at the beginning and how much it will fade at the end. i find this disc to be a very predictable understable disc, but i guess it's really just if you get the angles right. if you miss your angle, it won't do what you want it to. still can't get the high anny line right though. seems that it acts similar to the pro in that regard right now, but i'm sure it's my approach.

btw, if you say the star can't handle wind, you're wrong... unless it's a lot of wind ha. i threw it with what i felt like was almost 90 degree hyzer into a good 10+ mph wind and it flipped up went right the whole way until right near the basket, which was 430 feet away downhill, it faded a little and took a nice straight skip. i figure pretty much any disc can handle the wind if you match arm speed, spin, and angle of release, and in this case, it produced a big drive.

needless to say the star katana is an extremely long disc with a lot of high speed turn, a decent amount of low speed fade, and a lot of glide. last drive i used for it today was 450 flat ground. personal best BH, second best FH/BH only to a 470 footer uphill with a FH star groove at altitude///.

in direct comparison with the pro katana, i would just say that it's a more predictable version. never know when that pro is gonna dive into the ground. the star seems to just be stable enough to coast and glide into it's full flight, ultimately maximizing distance and predictability.
Sounds about right, the catch phrase for the katana from Innova is "catch the angle right and watch it glide outta sight". When I bought my Pro Katana I bought a Nuke at the same time. I have had some great throws with my Katana, I average 350 max, with one good toss I ripped the Pro Katana 390-400. That was the most ground I have ever covered with one rip, its just not predictable enough for me. Like you said, sometimes it just turns over and dives. My Nuke however is far more predictable and I have been more consistent with it.

Thanks for the insight, I may have to explore the Katana in a new plastic.
gotta tell ya, i still love using my Boss', 2 champions and 1 star. haven't got a Katana yet, but i think i'll get a champion 1st and go from there. love reading all the input. thanks for having such a great place for disc golfers to go and discuss disc golf things!
hellz yeah........this site is great.........
nice profile pic Josh.....damn hippies! lol

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