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            I have a probolem with putting with my putter's. I have an omega and it seems like the bead on the edge of my disc is just way to big.(first prob) I will use the my omega for a few full rounds and still lil to no improvment.(second prob) I switched up to a #2 driver and it flys straight for and goes into the basket 65% of the time,putt range only 23ft and closer tho.Any thing past that I miss. I guess my ? is should i keep using the disc that give me a better % now or should I just get a diffrent Putter and just deal with the fact of using a putter. Any Advise will help.


                   HillBilly Matt-

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Try diff putters until you find one that's right for you.
Do you have any advise on what typ of putters I should try. I have felt a wizard putter and like how the ruber was soft and not hard any more putters out there like a wizard putter. or what typ of putter do you use and why?
i like the r-pro dart , its soft with good grip like the omega , it flies strait with a little fade in the end . it gets the job done , but is tricky in the wind , but hey if you find a putter that works great in the wind let me know so i can put one in my bag .
Using a putter helps when you miss they dont go as far and doent role away as much.  Also less power is needed to get them to fly.  As for what putter to use we need a little help.  Do you like it deep our shallow, bead or no bead, and hard or soft?
I like shallow and with a lil bead. the main problem I have with my omega is that the bead feels like it is 3 inchs. it is way to hard. I have hade more in-outs with the omega then ins. So I would think that I need a stabel putter but yet soft plastic and not a big bead at all. I have felt the wizard before but I think that, that disc is a lil out of my price range right now. Well for a putter that is.

Your putter should be the best disc in your bag so dont be afraid of spending a little money on them.  If you like the gateway plastic try a magic, no bead a little more glige than a wizard and stable but not over stable. It sounds like super soft would be a good start for the plastic. Weight, that is what feels right to you but if you are having trubble from out side of 27ft maybe on the lighter side 170g to 172g.

That helps alot thanks guys. I will be hitting the local store later today. Oncae again thanks yall.
The Magic sounds right on the money for what you have described you are looking for. The Soft Focus by Discraft is similar in feel and bead to what you are looking for. The Banger GT in X platic has a nice rubbery feel with a small rim, and the reason to give it a try is because for some people that thumb groove is the ticket. I throw Soft Magnets, they are grippy, but may have a little too much bead for you, nice neutrel stability with a good amount of glide.

I putt with 168 Magics.  I love that they're lighter as they have even more glide and it is easier to putt at longer distances.  This way you can keep the same stroke w/o sacrificing your form to putt longer.


I used to putt with max weight discs like the Warlock, Aviar BB, and Voodoo.  I found that I like straighter putters as it lends itself to my style of putting.  I do switch to heavier and/or more stable putters when the wind calls for it though.

I Agree !!!!  Experiment and see what's right for you !!!
Ok I'm a little confused here as the Omega SS is one of the softest putters on the market. So two things come to mind on what you have. They made a run of really hard omegas like dx plastic. Or you have either a Qmega or Omega AP.

The softest you will find would be the DGA gumbputt, you can roll them up in a ball and put it in your pocket without it breaking.

Not many with a smaller bead then a Omega ss, maybe a Gateway Magic SSS (super stupid soft)

You might try changing grip or putting style. I try new styles all the time, really helps with trouble putts.
Try a Classic Roc or an XD.

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