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 I'm taking a poll for my own curiousity; Is it out of line or rude for a golfer to indulge in the musky goodness of marijuana on the back nine.

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In a tournament yes, it is bad for the sport.

However in a rec. round it is a personal choice, just be kind enough to keep as much out of site as possable
Normally I am on the last or second to last score card in the intermediate division during the second round. So the people I mostly play basicly treat it like a rec round. So normally we dont care if someone smokes or if we swear or anything like that. We all just out there to have a good time. If your a good player and on the top score cards then it might be a little out of line.
I personally find it offensive. If you're on your own or in a group that does that, fine, so long as you don't get obnoxious or loud in doing so. If you're with me, I'd say no-go. I'm 20 and have yet to smoke weed with no plans to do so, so...it's a personal choice. If you're with anyone who doesn't partake in the 'experience', it is probably a good idea to keep them from smelling the second-hand smoke. : )
Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.
I'm the same way about cigarettes. It took me 40 years of playing to realize it's MY responsibility to stand upwind.
It's only okay if you bring enough for the rest of the class to enjoy ;)
you just got to pick and choose your places to smoke. I love to smoke but sometimes it kinda throws me off or it turns my game up. my biggest concern is just kids, it's not cool to be blowing smoke while there are kids in sight. but get lifted man
I totally agree with this statement. I have no issue with people wanting to get high on the course. I just would like to be able to take my kid to the course without the fear of someone blowing any kind of smoke in his face. I also hate for a group of smokers to slow down the speed of play for a non-smoker. When I am in the zone, I want to keep moving.
I dont really care what others do but the image it gives kids dont set good with me I play with my kids that is why I started playing, so we could have fam time outside I would not be happy if I seen it at my park with my kids. there is time for all, public is not the time
No when to say when
If no one sees you,its ok.
Ask first, Should always be the course of action. I don't care for it, but I understand that its there and its part of how I was introduced to the sport.

In Michigan where I am at and in many other states, It's not too much of a problem anymore. As far as I consider it, you have a medical prescription for it unless you tell me otherwise.

I shouldn't have to worry about getting a ticket if someone else is smoking just because I am sitting by you. The day I do get a ticket for sitting next to someone with it, I will have major problems though.


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