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 I'm taking a poll for my own curiousity; Is it out of line or rude for a golfer to indulge in the musky goodness of marijuana on the back nine.

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Ediquite. Really? Can't anyone spell anymore or have you been hitting the pipe early in the morning?

Anyway, if you bring up the subject of marijuana on the forum you will start the usual debate. It's bad for the sport. It's not as bad as booze. It's illegal. This subject has been hashed out more than once on this site.

The lowdown is that in a tournament it's a definite no. It really doesn't matter what card you are on or what division you play. Don't disrespect the tournament or those running it. If you must do it then sneak off behind a tree and be very discreet (I'm not recommending this). Wait till the end of the round and then sneak off to your car. It is highly frowned upon (no pun intended). Better yet if you leave the course to take care of business.

League play or casual play it really matters who you are playing with. In league a lot of players smoke and they are neither blatant nor foolish. And most everyone knows who smokes and who does not. It's not much of an issue for us. In casual play I think that you should not just light up around people you don't know or who are not friends because they may get offended. Respect their wishes and they will be more likely to respect yours. You should always ask.
Jim ,I agre with your third and fourth paragraph.From reading your first and second I think your a jerk!
How do the first two paragraphs make me a jerk? I get tired of people who don't know the English language. I too have partaken in the substance in question but yet I do take time to spell things correctly and use the English language in an appropriate manner. It really isn't a matter of whether or not you smoke. It just matters whether you spell correctly. The pipe in the morning remark was an attempt at a little humor (whether you or the OP finds it funny or not).

The second paragraph merely states the fact that this subject has been hashed out over and over again on this site and the three things that I cited are always the three things that come up. It's like here we go again. The fact is that I generally have a beer before league and I also might share in a pipe during the round. But I understand that my actions will not only be seen by those in my group but also by the general public that shares the use of the park. If I act in a stupid manner it could reflect badly not only on myself but on the sport as a whole.

My apologies to Jack if he took offense with my spelling remark. It just seems more and more that the norm online is to not care about language anymore. I'm not going to be the language police here.

And Steve why don't you stop by our course sometime and I'll share a beer with you.
So once in Vegas, playing the Gentlemens Club I waited till between rounds to sneak over to my van and puff. It was kinda windy so I didn't think the family picnicking 30 feet upwind would mind. I'm still holding my second toke when the dad (about 30) walks up to the passenger side and kindly informs me that it's STILL a Felony in Nevada and he's an offduty LV cop and "Please don't make me do my job."

Yes. Sir.
But the cop can legaly solicite a prostitute, how about that sir.
I don't know about Nevada, but in Texas a cop was just convicted of soliciting a prostitute offering trade for drugs - 20 yrs hard time, loss of job, pension and I think that his wife probably isn't to pleased with him either.
I think his stumbled onto a great phrase 'ediquiete' - disc golf etiquette.. named after Steady Ed.
Don't worry Jack, they laughed at Galileo at first as well.
the weed topic is overdone. and i do get sick of hearing about it.
Im in recovery and not ashamed to admit it. It doesnt bother me when people smoke the "herb" or drink but.........I dont endorse it either. I would rather not witness it during discgolf or any other recreational activity that Im apart of but it happens all the time. Whatever I guess, who am I to tell them not to. I smoked wherever the hell I wanted to when I was using.

What is WAY OUT OF LINE IS when you approach a basket and there are some complete IDIOTS breaking up there source of.........."reality relief" on a disc on top of the basket. I say lookout because Im rippin em right at the basket. Completely uncalled for and when I bring my little boy out there, I better not be witnessing this behavior because I will in fact come "unglued" next time I see you doing that. Consider that a warning because my little man comes first and youngsters do not need to be exposed to this during recreational activities. Period..........
why...are they performing enhancing? ;)
Sometimes . . . . . . . . .
well put. stay strong on your road to recovery my Wharf Rat friend. i'm not opposed to it, cuz i can appreciate good herb, but i too am a dad. first thing is first, and when i bring my son to the course i don't want him to be exposed to something he shouldn't be at 8 yrs old.


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