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Interesting article about the rising problem of public drinking at a disc golf course in Alaska. The author is laid back about having some beers while waltzing through a round of disc golf and doesn't mind the recreational drug use that is likely to occur out there, but points out the problem of underage drinking and overall dangerous behavior that follows from general public intoxication.


Anyways, you can read it, but there's definitely a difference between casually drinking in public while keeping it discreet and warranting altercation en route to getting plastered.


Personally, I stay out of the drunkards' way. I'll partake in my share of illicit activity on the course that does not include anything violent or disruptive, but I'm not about to cause a scene and promote an unstable environment. I'm also not about to alert my local officers to have more of a presence at the course. I'd like to continue my "activities" without getting run-down by the po-9. Though there might be many douchers around who take the intensity level at the course up a notch, I'm not there for them. I'm there for the outdoors, my friends, and the game; they can't take that away from me.


What does everyone think about public drinking at disc golf courses? Should it be accepted, and if it is, should there be tolerance for the type of activity that comes out of the drinking level rising a little too much? Or, do you think prohibition of alcohol in public should be enforced, because there really isn't a line? Is it an area of gray that the police needs to account for in order to protect disc golfers and park users/citizens alike?



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I think most of the public courses in our area don't allow alcohol on park property, havingsaid that I personally don't have a problem with someone having a few beers during a round. Outright drunkeness is another story. Staggering around, dropping f-bombs at the top of their lungs, picking fights,etc...no excuses....

There always seems to be a few that ruin it for everybody else. I am a big believer in personal freedom, but I will not tolerate violence. I prefer to be "left alone" while I do my own thing on the course. I don't bother anybody and I expect the same in return. I think alcohol should be allowed. I don't drink, but I know many people who do and have no problems. Again, I do my own thing to enhance my mood, perspective, and add to my overall playing enjoyment, and I would not want someone calling the po-9.

What I see coming down the road is "Pay to Play". All other sport venues allow alcohol, but if you get out of hand there is an officer there to throw you out and ban you from ever returning. "Pay to Play" would curtail much of the disruptive behavior and it allows funding for a roving "Marshall" very much like ball golf. Many State, City, and Local parks prohibit the use of alcohol, yet they only enforce the law when morons get out of hand.

Maybe we all need to stand together and police our own. Drop a warning flag or tie one to a basket or tee post to alert all the decent folk that there are "unwanted idiots" on the course. Maybe if all the decent folk confronted the idiots they would move on to another place. Just a thought.

Remember this; Alcohol does not cause a person to be an A-hole, it simply lowers inhibitions and the real person is displayed. I choose not to associate with A-holes whether they are drunk or sober. Sometimes you need to see a person drunk before you can see who they really are.

So to answer your question, don't ban alcohol! Ban the idiots!

Casual players, like casual fishermen, stick-golfers, hunters, etc will want to have a few beers while they enjoy their hobby of choice.  Nothing wrong with that.  It should be a very simple rule:  Have fun, be respectful of others, or stay your ass off the course.

There is always going to be a problem with drunken disorderly conduct, oddly enough, I've never seen anyone get rowdy on the course, same goes for regular golf.



It's not the alcohol but the drunk that is drinking is the problem.

Overdoing anything does not work out.

Usually that person is okay when not intoxicated.

It would be nice to ask them, Hey, let's get loaded at Walmart, a store or any 'public place."

See what happens, mr. misconduct and disorderly gets involved.

This ruins any round of golf...... 


When talking public parks, disc golfers have a vested interest in maintaining a favorable reputation with the police, parks department, neighbors, local government, and the rest of the non-disc world. 


Bad behaviour by any disc golfers damages this reputation.  But even discreet illegal behaviour risks it, if it comes to the attention of neighbors or authorities.


A few cases have been serious enough to get courses pulled, or threatened to be pulled.  But far more often, when disc golfers approach the local authorities about building more courses---or pleading with them to not diminsh current courses with intrusions by other activities---the reputation of the disc golf community, good or bad, weighs in the decision.



Let alone that some get to be themselves while they drink, but they all end up driving home.  Then what?
The aforesaid mentioned are all good points,but there is the problem of litter.most responsible citizens will throw/carry to the trash can.It's the lazy  slobs that really piss me off,throw any trash into/down onto the ground/woods.carry in/carry out,but that does not seem to carry over to those who still expect us to pick up after.Trash that is dumped within site of a can just mistifies to this day.Wonder what their homes look like or who is still picking up after them.
I prefer to have a beer or two before the round so that I don't have to carry my beer around and spill it. I also know some people that carry a few beers around. They play in the local league and are responsible for not littering their cans or bottles. I have also come upon the irresponsible individuals who are obnoxious and throw their trash everywhere (or try to "hide" their can or bottle in a bush). One time I saw a guy throw a beer can on the ground and I asked him to put it into the trash. He promptly told me that he wanted to piss on it. Not too bright. So it is hard to generalize. I believe that we have to self police our disc golf parks to a point and remind others not to trash the place. But you can only do so much.

I believe that people who throw litter should have their addresses published so that we could go by their residence and dump our trash on their lawn. Then we could see how they feel about littering.

Really like your idea of dumping trash on those that litter!


How about a sign that says:


You Litter

Leave Your Address

& Phone Number.

We will promptly 

deliver you trash!

This is when I think tasers should be legal. I have seen many aholes on the courses that do this same crap. The number one thing that pisses me off is when bottles get broken. I have seen a flip side to this that changed the way a few individuals acted for good. A serious club beat down occured and kids were banned for life. Handle accordingly is the best advice.
It's hard to catch them in the act, unfortunately not always at the course.

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