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I've been plating disc golf for about 3 years now, and I've finally gotten the hang of my driving and approach part of the game, but I've always felt uncertain about my putting part of the game. For example, my brother plays like once a month and he's a better putter than me, but I always beat him by 15-20 strokes because my drives are around 400-450' while his are at 250-300' max.

Anyway, that's not really my point; I'm posting here because I need advice on putters.

I've been through a lot of putters over my years, and I've never really found that one putter out there that's right for me. Drivers. mids, approaches are pretty much settled now, but not putters for actual putting.

I'll try to remember all the putters I've gone through and tested but did not really like and why:

Latitude 64 Zero Spike - great grip, nice and shallow, but too flippy. Sort of just comes out wrong out of my hand.

Aerobie Sharpshooter #3 - it's a weird disc, I know, but it's really grippy and very shallow. This has been my go-to-putter for a long time, but the reason why I've never really settled on it is because it's just too darn overstable. It's a beast, so nothing outside of 30' will go consitently at the basket.  Very nice for forehand approaches, though, so it stays in my bag anyway. I either have to throw it crazy hard for it to maintain straight or predict a fade at the end. Which I'm not too fond of, because it has the most insane low speed fade ever. It just plummets after it's lost it's speed.

MVP Proton Ion - a nice disc, really, but I've never really gotten the hang of it. The soft ones are nice and grippy, but the medium ones, which I used for a long time, are just too slick to get a confident feel for. It is a nice disc, but I've never really gotten the hang of this disc. It can go left, right or straight in.

MVP Proton Anode - I really like the MVP discs, but with this, as with the Ion, there's something that just doesn't feel right. I have this in the medium version which, with the Ion, is just too slick to the feel. But I really like the way it flies. I might go for a soft one of these.

Innova Dart - tried this in Star and R-Pro. It's just too deep for me, althoug the R-Pro has a really good grip. I still keep it my bag for longer approaches or short hole drives.

Innova Aviar - I've never really gotten what all the fuss is about. I've never liked this disc. It's too deep and too slick to get a comfortable feel. I know a lot of my mates use this, but this is a disc I'll never get the hang on, and after trying for too long, I've just given it up.

I've tried a few others as well. but nothing worth mention more by name, really. Innova Polecat, Vibram Sole, Vibram Ridge and innova Rhyno.

So I guess some of you might think there's something wrong with my form, and I'm open to that, but the most important thing for me when choosing a disc is how it feels in my hand. That applies for drivers and mids as well. I have an Echo Star Roadrunner which is my go-to-disc for the moment, mainly because it feels really good in my hand. That gives confidence and helps for a cleaner release. I can throw that thing about 400' simply for the fact that it feels right in my hand.

So if any of you have any suggestions on putters that are shallow, grippy and somewhat neutral in flight, then please share! I've been looking at the Discraft Banger GT, but I've spent a lot of money on discs that I don't use, so I'll ask here for advice before I buy every single disc the world has ever produces for that one true disc that feels right for me :)

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To each their own.

I grew up northeast USA, know about the weather.

Been to Germany, Austria not Norway yet.


Like some snow and ice here now, too hot.

Yeah, I'll bet. My brother got married to a Kentucky girl this May and we all went over there for the wedding. Luckily, the temperatures never managed to go much past 80, so it was sort of a hot Norwegian summer.

Managed to sneak in a quick round at charlie Vettiner Park as well. Nice course. Especially for me who can throw a pretty well-placed forehand about 300'. Lots of right curves on that course. I ended up on -1, so I was well happy with that being my frist round there. It was a bit different than most Norwegian courses. It was very open with little vegetation and trees around. Most Norwegian courses are very tight with a low ceiling and lots og trees, so an open course is just luxury compared to what I'm used to :)

Here's a picture of me sinking a crucial birdie putt on the first hole after a nasty roll-away :)

I know, and that's part of the problem. Seems there is no right or wrong when it comes to what's right for you as a putter. Need to try them all. Feels more like Pokemon than disc golf now, though - gotta catch 'em all.

I have a friend who has a Banger GT, and he rarely plays anymore, so I could borrow that to test it out. I don't know anyone who has a Yeti Pro Aviar, though, so I might have to order one if the Banger GT doesn't work out.

The most shallow putter I've ever thrown is an Innova XD--if you can find the Champion version, get it.

That said, try a Challenger--

Oh man, yeah! Just looked up the specs on the XD. 1,2 cm rim depth. That pretty crazy for a putter. but I like the flight specs on it, so it's a contender. The downside is that they only come in DX, and DX tends to be quite slick. I've tried a Challenger, and it feels like a Wizard. It's too deep for me to get a comfortable feel to it.

If your looking for a thin putter. The Pure is up there and it comes in a few plastics. The thing that bugged me about it. Was it was to fast, like the XD. However if you like a fast putter. It might work for you?

You can always get Gateway to send you 10 putters for $70+shipping (I know...ouch to your zone).  I am a long time DGRUS user, and am now a Gateway employee.  Tell us what you like and we will send you a killer set of putters to try out and experiment with.  Maybe we can even work in some bonus goodies...

Oh, BTW, the e-mail is office@gdstour.com...

Yeah, I know. I have a Pure and I use it as an approach/mid disc. Great disc, but I don't like to putt with it.

That's still pretty cheap compared to Norwegian prices even when you include shipping and customs. One disc in Norway costs around $20 and that's not even including shipping. But I just don't know what I'm gonna do with 10 putters that I might never use. I appreciate the offer, though, and I'll let you know if I change my mind :)

I use two putters an Omega SS an a Banger GT, I love the bangers for throwing until they get beat up then I like them for putting. Keep in mind the Soft Banger GT and the Banger GT are way different on grip. Some of the Softs are almost floppy in the hand.

I've been testing my friends Banger GTs a little today, and I really like it so far. Especially the soft one. The Pro-D is a lot stiffer and slicker. I actually had some spit-outs that the soft didn't have. And also, I'm a spin putter, so the soft fitted me better. I ordered myself a Soft Banger GT to see if I can get the hang of it, 'cause I like the way it flies and the grip.

Try a Gateway Voodoo. I was in a similar situation until I bought a super stupid soft voodoo about 2 weeks ago. Best putting of my life the last couple weeks.

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