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Is it normal to be able to chuck a putter nearly as long as a driver? I guess I just assumed that a driver would far surpass a putter. Tried my putter on a hole today, and while it didnt get exactly the same distance, it was 80-90%$. Am I throwing my drivers wrong?

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I'm thinking you may be throwing your drivers wrong. I've seen people throw putters pretty darn far but not anywhere near as far as a driver. I think one guy I saw threw an avair like 250 ft but was throwing his destroyer well over 400ft.
Eeeesh! The putter is going a good 250-300, but the drivers arent going much more than 320. Back to the fundementals video I guess.
My guess is you're throwing your drivers nose-up. Drivers are much more nose angle sensitive than putters and midranges. If you're not using a power grip now for driving, make the switch. For me it freed my wrist up a bit so that I could tilt it down when driving. I had kinda a modified fan grip for driving before this and was having the same problem you are. I still use it for midranges and putters, but it's all power grip for drives now.

I would take a little speed off your drives in the practice field and make sure you're releasing smooth and level with the nose down. That could also be your problem (but I don't know)...trying to overthrow your drivers, whereas you know you have to be smooth with putters to make them fly far. Try different heights too...putters need to fly higher to go far, drivers are better on low lines (in most cases), probably in part because if you try to get those drivers high, it's likely that the nose of your driver is going up, causing the disc to stall early.

Okay enough from me. I hope something in there applies to you and helps. I was just giving possible scenarios.
Yeah the Nose angle is probably a big issue and throwing a putter is a lot different than a driver. I used to be able to throw my putter on any open hole under 350ft before I got a Buzzz but when throwing a putter you are focusing more on the spin than anything else.

Years back I had horrible form and was flipping over old CE Firebirds until I decided to work on my Mid and Putter game. This helped polish the form but I am not too sure how you would do it the other way around........................

Maybe you should try a Driver that is closer to a putter type throw than a high speed throw like a Cyclone, XL, or Sabre and you should be able to get them out farther than your current discs even though they are a good bit slower because they are less sensitive to the nose angle.
Nah, you are throwing your putters properly, that 's why they fly so far. Some players crush putters. Maybe they are just showing off but if I threw putters that way I would show off too.

So I have a Craig Leyva story. Craig is a west coast pro whose shots ignore the traditional rules of gravity.

I was at National Doubles in Round Rock, Texas, practicing the courses before the event. My partner, Carleton Howard, and I were playing a crazy-long hole on the temporary course. We had thrown our second shots and still couldn't see the basket so we were wandering up to seek out a route for the next shot when a disc came whizzing over our heads and stuck high in a tree. When we walked forward we could see it was an Aviar. We looked back and couldn't see where it might have come from. There were no bordering fairways since we were on the far edge of the course. The tee pad for the hole we were on was a country mile away. We concluded someone was lost and throwing the wrong way.

A few minutes later I met Craig for the first time. He came wandering up looking for his disc. He had thrown a putter from the tee pad which went farther than our second drives. We directed Craig to his disc. He apologized for throwing past us. I don't know exactly how far he threw that putter but it was Herculean.

If you watch Al Schack (Michigan) or Mike Sullivan (Canada) or Stevie Rico (California) or Craig Leyva (?? west coast somewhere) throw a putter you should not conclude the target is closer than 400 feet.
Ok Mark but are you honestly telling me that these same guys don't throw their drivers WAY further than their putters? I didn't say that some people can crush putters super far but relative to using a driver your putter should ALWAYS come up short. Am I wrong?

Maybe the putters just "feel" better to them so they're able to throw them farther?
Sure drivers go farther than putters. The low profile and sharp edge of a driver allow them to glide farther. But a putter or Midrange thrown right can still glide very far. The difference is distance is not as great as we might think.

Some players throw putters or Mids for long anhyzers. I remember Ron Russell doing semi-magical things with a Comet. A Comet can go a shocking distance on an anhyzer. When Al Schack has to go over big trees and flip he often uses a beat up putter.

If you can control a putter or Mid better than a driver there are long or high shots where you are better off keeping the driver in your bag.
agreed, I tee off quite often with a mid sometimes a putter but not on holes that are super long. The 18th hole at my home course is 869ft long! It takes me three solid drives just to get in putting distance.
Try a standard Dx Aviar Driver.
So what is the farthest flying putter out there??
R-Pro Boss...straight up.
I Can't Find a DX Avair Driver ANYWHERE. Are they discontinued?

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