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I am curious to find out how often most of you are switching out your putters because they are too beat-in........ie......What is your putter's average lifespan before you replace it. I use Discraft d plastic putters for my main putters. I prefer the banger GT but also use a challenger( primarily for very straight or anny putts, jumpers). My preference is for firmer plastics in general......I have found using three D challengers in my arsenal that they beat in approx. 3-6 months and are too beat after that. The bangers last a little longer.... I rotate the putters in and out of the bag so that they behave/break-in similar fashion. I was wondering if anyone has similar experiences in putter longevity.....thoughts? not a big deal just end up buying several in same color and weights every half year or so....

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i've been replacing my putter about every 3 months. (dx aviars) awesome flight off the rack but it doesn't take long to wear them out. i just switched to the kc pro aviar after trying a big bead. we'll see how long it lasts.
I have two putters, one for approach that might hit trees or other objects and one that can only possibly hit chains or the ground. The one I use for putting will last forever. I use my putters as long as possible before I replace them. That is one disc that I really need to get to know. For putters, I think older is better.
to further clarify....I only use these for putts....no tee shots/tree knocks.....use an esp banger gt for any shot which could ding up the disc.....Prefer the "new" stability of newer challengers
Aging putters can be like fine wine-they just get better. My primary putters are Magnets and Rattlers.

A flippy putter is beloved, unless or until the flight plate (top of the disc) concaves (drops downward) too much-then it needs to be replaced-not that I am picky or anything. Magnets will eventually drop down too much. Rattlers do not. When the disc concaves it still flies great, it just fits in the hand funny.

I want a flippy putter (beat up Rattler or really beat up Magnet) for all soft anhyzer shots, gentle, floating runs and most straddle putts. The flippy putter is good, so long as it holds its shape, until it breaks or gets lost. I have never had a flippy putter get too flippy to be useful.

I also need a fresh, strong, overstable putter in the bag (new Magnet) for certain upshots and putts.

My friend Darren Harper has a pair of Magnets that are older than Kyle Jacob Smalling ( just barely :)), with an "Alien" hotstamp from 1995. They have been through the frisbee wars. They are still in the bag as his primary putters. Darren is a fine putter. Those discs avoid the dirt but they wack a lot of metal.
i have DX Aviar P&A's some more beat up than the others, but my first one thats taken the most punishment is still my go to putter... I know what it does.
I have been using a 1991 Discovering the World Aviar that is so beat in I dont even know what the original rim looked like.lol. I've been throwing it for a good 8-10 years and have switched to a couple others and always ended up back with this oldie but a goodie:) Always flies on a b-line wherever I throw it, too bad I cant throw it at the basket more often.
mark ellis said:
Aging putters can be like fine wine-they just get better. I understand this to be true....but I like my challengers to be stable and have a stronger fade!just a personal preference. I knew I would hear from a lot of ya that love your 'antique' putters!!! Flippy putter is beloved, unless or until the flight plate (top of the disc) concaves (drops downward) too much-then it needs to be replaced-not that I am picky or anything.
that is what is happening.... the flight plate is becoming concave
thats exactly why i get putters in premium plastic (esp flx right now). if i want consistency with any disc its my putter, and i don't want to have to adjust to wear in a putter anymore than necessary.
i rotate too. process of elimination when practicing gets me the top 3 over,neutral and understable.
Depend on how much you use a certain disc.
Not much of a choice for me, I use APX Swirls and unfortunately they were discontinued and the $20 a putter is a bit steep for me at least right now. They have been in my bag for about 5+ years. I have 2 beat in about the same. So if anyone has any swirls they are willing to part with for a more reasonable cost or trade please let me know.
i've used 2 supersoft omegas for over a year. i only change my putters if they get dinged too deeply from hitting the basket too hard. my last set of putters(champion aviars) lasted about 4 years.

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