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I live by the "drive for show, putt for dough" thought...  problem is, I work too hard on the "drive for show" part, so mostly it is a "Putt for....  D'OH"....  once in a while, i'll be pretty ok... usually that is from inside 3'....  but now to be completely cereal....

I have three putters in my bag.  A Rhyno, for some overstability.  An Aviar P&A, because it flies fairly straight when I need it.  A Magnet, mostly because my first putter was a Magnet, and it's kinda like holding that first girlfriend....  you never forget how....  *sigh*

Anyway....  I am always on the look out for a nickels worth of free advice...  adjusting for inflation, subtracting taxes, medicare, social security, and health insurance, I figure I can expect a penny for your thoughts on what you think is/are the best putter(s) available...

I am not trying to start a Discraft, Innova, Vibram, Lat 64 Royal Rumble, but I want to open options that I have no clue about... things like softer plastic to make it stick, or maybe flight characteristics about your favorite putter...  I am definitely not married to any of them, except maybe the Magnet... *sigh*...  and would love input on the non-mainstream (not DC or Inn) putters...

And before any of you wise guys say it about putting, I will repeat the words of my mother when I asked how I could get better at being the hottest man alive... she said, "Practice, practice, practice... and if that doesn't work, get a good plastic surgeon."

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Well for me it's the APX swirl. It's a 0.0 or 0.5 stability. The thing that I like about it. Is that it has a nice tacky feel, but is still stiff. It has to do with the way they pressed the plastic. For my overstable putter (very windy days). I use a JK Pro Aviar-X. Once again, tacky, but stiff.
Now I'm not going to say practice, practice etc.... However, what I will add. Is of all the discs you get advise on. The putter is the hardest, because imo. They are the one disc that is the most personel of choices. It's a tactile thing and has to feel just right for you. I can say without calling B.S. That I have tried every putter from the big two (Innova, Discraft), minus the Rattler (sorry Mr. Ellis ;) as well as Gateway and Lat 64. It took quite some time to find the one just right for me.
My putter is the Gateway Magic, comes off a little under stable if your putt is to long, you might look at the Gateway Wizard which is a bit over stable. I know what you mean about the magnet, that was my first love as well. Do you have a Basket in your yard? Any target well do, but we all like throwing at baskets better then trees, and are more like to step out once or twice a days for just a few minutes for the..... practice, practice, practice part you already know about. Youtube has some great putting videos that really helped me... just look up "Discraft disc golf clinic" Mark Ellis is a very good teacher.... and I am guessing Mark likes the Magnet...LOL.

i'm getting a SSS magic tomorrow. love my bangers inside 25ft, want something beyond it.
Yeah i'm replying simply to follow this thread, i also love my Magnet, but honestly with my smallish hands putting from over 15 metres it scrapes against my index finger quite harshly and that explains some putts going wayward, what putters are out their with a shallower lip but still provide soft landing
Yeah my first putter was the Rattler on Ellis' advice , but after playing catch with a friends Magnet i felt the Rattler was a little to wobbly for my liking .. bad workman blaming his tools perhaps, but I think ill always use a magnet for the short putts out of pure familiarity now.

staying with one style or brand-manufacture,,is the best way to go...for 50ft in use a putter,,outside that go mid range,,,but for putters pick one and then get 3 or 4 of the same..i use an arrow,and thats it,for 3 yrs now, and comitting to one putter has made a HUGE difference

all arrows,putters on the market are so deep welled,and not stiff,,the arrow is shallow and really stiff,,sticking to one style of a putter might be what some players need to get their game where they want it
I use an Innova XD as my primary putter. The rim is very shallow and my 'smallish hands' have come to love it over the years. I rotate in a new pair every 8-10 months, as they get beaten in. I also love Magics and Wizards for upshots and utility putts. If I ever switch to a 'push putt' style the Magic will be #1. Until then I'll keep banging the chains with my XD's.
I have three soft magnets and I love em.............and I practice alot. I also have a Dart, that thing is money and glides like a champ on those long approach shots. To each his own on the putters, go to a shop and handle them all and pick one that you absolutely love the feel of.
I use many putters--I primarily use a D-Magnet within 25 feet--I love my soft Wizard for most other putts--I do carry an understable Magic for left to right putts around objects. For longer putts outside of 50 feet, I use a Gateway Element X mid range (it feels great in my hand, has tons of glide, and darts like a laser).

In the end, its all about feel and confidence--my putter lineup could change at any point--I could go with a challenger, warlock, xd and 8x aviar next week; it all depends on how my game is going...
i dont get it understable ,overstable for me i want a putter to do one thing,fly staight,cause im only putting in that direction,straight at chains,how can something thats going to peel right or left get you there consistantly
I get what you're saying Harold, but take for example a situation that occured for me in my Wednesday night's league. I was 50-60 feet away from the basket with an uphill putt and a drooping tree branch in my direct line of flight. My only option was to throw from right-to-left to get up the hill and around the branch. No straight line for me. An overstable putter would have been nice, but I don't have one. So I put a big hyzer on my SS Magic and dropped it 3 feet from the basket for my par. There just wasn't a straight line available to the basket.

Tall Tom

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