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I live by the "drive for show, putt for dough" thought...  problem is, I work too hard on the "drive for show" part, so mostly it is a "Putt for....  D'OH"....  once in a while, i'll be pretty ok... usually that is from inside 3'....  but now to be completely cereal....

I have three putters in my bag.  A Rhyno, for some overstability.  An Aviar P&A, because it flies fairly straight when I need it.  A Magnet, mostly because my first putter was a Magnet, and it's kinda like holding that first girlfriend....  you never forget how....  *sigh*

Anyway....  I am always on the look out for a nickels worth of free advice...  adjusting for inflation, subtracting taxes, medicare, social security, and health insurance, I figure I can expect a penny for your thoughts on what you think is/are the best putter(s) available...

I am not trying to start a Discraft, Innova, Vibram, Lat 64 Royal Rumble, but I want to open options that I have no clue about... things like softer plastic to make it stick, or maybe flight characteristics about your favorite putter...  I am definitely not married to any of them, except maybe the Magnet... *sigh*...  and would love input on the non-mainstream (not DC or Inn) putters...

And before any of you wise guys say it about putting, I will repeat the words of my mother when I asked how I could get better at being the hottest man alive... she said, "Practice, practice, practice... and if that doesn't work, get a good plastic surgeon."

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If you really want to become a better putter forget about the disc. Watch Mark Ellis' video on Discraft "The Putting Confidence Program" and sign up for his club in the members section of this site. In 30 days you will be a better putter and it won't matter whether you use a Magnet, Roc or a brick. You will be better.
I have 2 Soft Banger GTs .. One new and stable..and one old and understable....work great for me
then i would call that an approach,not a putt
Oh, but I was trying to sink it. It was my best look ever at my first birdie on that particular hole.
I have also tried many putters but finally settled on the X Putt'r. The rim is just deep enough and wide enough to feel just right. It is nice and straight, nothing I have tried flies close to it.

I have even started using the Z version of the Putt'r as an anhyzer disc for hole close to 200ft.

Now the Magic I tried as a putter, but never was consistent with it. I did try throwing it on drive from 200-250ft and it works as a straight drive with little to no fade, it just drops. Not consistent as an anhyzer disc, but short straight drives needing no fade, it works wonders.
I have been using the SS Voodoo for about a year now...the same two I won in a tourney. I used several different putters before that, but when the Voodoo landed in my hand I loved how it felt immediately. Recently, I was thinking of trying some lighter Magics to have a more straight putter. I've adopted the push putt pitch that Blake at DGR puts so much stock into and want something a little straighter. As of now a Voodoo is regarded as a beat in Wizard with a smaller bead and seems to fade more than I want at longer distances.

I'm like some of the others in wanting a soft and tacky feeling disc but still somewhat firm. I also use JKAs as approach and short driving discs and like them for the same reason. The SS plastic of Gateway and the JKAs also provide a nice grippy feel even when the disc is soaked from water/rain.
Went to buy the SSS Magic today, they were sold out of them. I found it funny that the SS Magics weren't really Super Soft feeling. my Soft Bangers feel softer. So, i bought a SSS Voodoo. I liked that it had the fastest speed of all the gateway discs (because i'm looking for a longer putter) and i really like the feel of the small bead. it just looks small, i think i'll feel like im in more control, but yet to throw it so who knows. And i think their SSS Plastic still may not be as soft as my Soft Banger. we'll see tomorrow if its the one. i'm going to use it for our mini, not even going to break out my bangers if i'm within 25-35ft.
go to marshall street--they have lots and lots of gateway putters in every plastic and every mold--$5.99 x-outs--can't beat it if you like their putters
oh, no biggie, didn't feel like waiting on mail order. my store will have some in a week. i just putted with it for an hour and a half, so far, so good.
Isn't there a disc called "Brick"? I cannot remember, I see so many discs online....
What do you do when you do not have a straight path? Many times I need a putter the hooks around a tree or bush or whatever... But yeah if you only carry one putter, I guess straight is good.
Yes Quest AT makes i putter called the "10Meter Brick"

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