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Hi everyone.  Let me start this off by saying this:  I hate winter golf.  I know you Michigan guys are calling me all sorts of diminutive explicatives under your breath right now, but I've decided I don't care.  I've done all the things you can to do make a round tolerable in winter (besides hot cocoa in one of those beer-drinking helmets that have a straw to your mouth (this may be the key).  I don't like winter golf.


That said, I also don't like letting my putting atrophy over the long Wisconsin winter, so here my solution:


Host a (indoor) putting contest on DGRUS. If you don't have an indoor basket with 20 feet of space...feel free go outside (we might even give you a bonus putt...okay, no we won't).  All those in Florida and Cali are exempt from this contest.  Okay, you're not, but you have no excuse for your sub-par putting.  :-) 


Here are the simple rules. 


1...Throw 50 20' putts in one day and record your makes.  It doesn't have to be all at once, it can be broken up.  If you happen to make all 50, then keep going to see how long a streak you can get.


2...Once you start your set officially (and just say in your mind, 'okay, now I'm starting' don't start after you've made ten in a row while warming up) you cannot start over, no matter how dismal you're doing.  Stick to it.  It's what you'd have to do in a round...let's make it count.


3...Come to this thread and post how many you hit of 50 from the 20' range.


4...You can only do one set a day.  (you can practice all you like of course) So if you don't like your score, you cannot start over.  You're on your considerable honor as a disc golfer. 


5...We'll have daily winners, weekly winners, and the coveted "Best Session of the 09-10 Winter Season."  The contest will run until April 1, 2010 (last day to putt will be March 31).


That's it.  I don't have any prizes for this...just something to keep us motivated to practice and to create the pressure of competition in the off-season.


Oh lastly:  are there any vendors out there that would be willing to sponsor such a contest?  I know many of you frequent this forum.  Even a very small weekly prize (like a company mini) to the best score of the week would go a long way in creating a good name on the forum I'm sure. 


Again, please be honest about your scores, it does no one (including yourself) a favor if you cheat.  You all know the adage.


Let the games begin!

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I ended up 35 out of 50 from 20 feet today.
2-22-2010... I hit 43/50! I feel pretty good about that. My best before today was 39/50 (with my left hand). The crazy thing is that it was with a new type of putter-- dx aviar p&a. I've been putting with pro d challengers for five years now and have been quoted saying that I'll never switch. Well, I don't know if I'll switch after just one session, but it's in my head. I noted that the aviar certainly has more glide, even on putts. I had one or two putts today that I know wouldn't have carried into the chains with my challengers that sailed just over the top rail and in. Either way I think I'll probably keep a challenger in the bag for driving, as I've tried driving with dx aviars and they are too flippy for me.
Bah! It appears I took the weekend off but really I didn't. I have been putting my arse off. I've thrown easily 1000 putts in the past 3 days. I'll count some tonight when I practice. Good work Brandon. I putt with challengers because I like to putt hard. Aviars can't handle the power haha
the glo aviar is a bit more stable. throw it flat and hard and it will glide a bit to the right. it's a lot of fun in the woods
so ,a day late to report putting.Windy,some rain,putted 34/50..2/21/10.nice lefty putts Brandon.second set putting lefty... a pro challenger,scored a low 29/50.Good thing only the first set counts.You win the day Brandon.
2-21-10 hit 34 of 50, 1st time I've tried keeping track, I was kind of disappointed, I thought I'd do better. @ 15' I was much better, hit 46 of 50. I didn't think the extra 5 feet would make that much of a difference. I probably should pick just 1 putter and try that way.
I hear you, it's bizzare. I feel like 15 feet is a gimme (except on windy days). I really think a game is lost or won based on how well you putt from 20'-30'.
Yeah, putting with challengers is like putting with rocks. (not rocs btw) I used to like that, but now I'm wondering if a little extra glide might be good for me. Time will tell. Don't worry man-- I won't walk away from my challengers lightly.
mark off 3- 20 ft throws if possible.Putt two17 throws and then one16 putt equals 50 throws.I find it breaks up the putting.Then again,I am in SWFL and the weather is a little more accomodating to disc golf.
I really liked the Feldberg putting video that was posted on the first page. I started switching up my style to do more of a push putt and after 3 days of putting 100 putts a day my consistency is waaay better than spin putting. If I miss, it's a height issue and not left to right. When I used to spin putt I could miss any which way but as weird as it sounds, from 20 feet I'm shooting great. Of course, it's basement putting without wind or elements. I'm thinking about going full throttle with this style of putting. Thanks again.

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