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I am new to the sport, been playing since August, just got my first negative score 2 days ago. Anyhow, one thing i've worked on from day one is my putting, because I know my driving will take longer to develop. I often look at the pros "What's in my Bag" and i have yet to see any of them or anyone on the course use the standard DX Birdie Innova disc that i have been using. My putts are getting longer and longer, now majority of the time i'm knocking them in at 30ft. However, I do seem to struggle in strong winds. I've been eyeing the Aviar, and have felt it my hands in stores, but i'm a little apprehensive about switching discs since i'm still experiencing growth in putting with it. That's of course until a gust of wind comes along. What are your thoughts?

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I went through the same thing with the Putt'r. I really liked it at close ranges because it was straight and easy to throw. In the wind and at any real distance, I had no confidence in it. I think that's the big thing; not only did it not fly like I wanted it too, but putting without confidence is an exercise in futility. I now throw the Magnet, and would recommend it to anyone. I've also slipped a Challenger into the bag for heavy wind.
You want a Disc that is stable to understable when just starting out . A well broken in Putter is nice to have.
My putting sucked, and then along came the VOO-DOO (Gateway) Works well for me!!
if you like the birdie but want something slightly better in the wind check out a magic or voodoo from gateway.

I personally use Discraft Challengers because I trust them, have confidence in the flight, and they are comfortable to me. Playing in the chicago area for the past 2 years I found them to work great even in extreme 30+ wind. I just moved to the Raleigh, NC area and they work just as well here with the lack of wind.
Challenger, hands down best windy day putter ever. unless your in a hurricane then I would suggest a zone....they know no wind.
If you're banging the majority of your putts from 30' and in, don't change anything. I'm jealous. My make % from 30' while playing rounds is probably less than 40%. My putting is not so hot.

But seriously, if you're looking for a more overstable putter mold to add to your bag, I'd consider a Rhyno as it will feel similar in the hand to your Birdie. Or you could just get a Wizard and be done with it. : )
Thanks for the advice guys. I had a great weekend of putting, seemed my 2nd shots weren't always on, so leaving me 30 footers and as much as 60 footers this weekend and I made probably 90% of them, saved many pars and got a few birdies out of it. I made a beautiful 60 footer and a 40+ footer around some trees. I think I'm going to stick with my birdie unless it's extremely windy. In that case, i'm going to try out the magnet and aviar, with grippiest plastics as some have recommended. Thanks for the help!
okay, been using the aviar for almost a month now, and not liking it a bit. as a beginner, my strength was in putting, and i feel i have lost confidence in it now because i wanted to give the good ole college try on using a new disc. So, i'm gonna sell or trade my aviars.
I used to putt with an aviar then i used a soft apx then i used a zone and i found i liked everything and i tried too many putters and it threw off my game now i use a soft banger and on long putts i use a magnet you might try turbo putting in the wind. Im not good at it but if you are it will make wind putting way easier. But my advice is just to stick to the birdie. Thats what will help you in the long run.
im gonna give one more try on a new set of discs, then i'll revert back to my birdie if it fails. i'm gonna try the soft banger gt, and a zone for really windy conditions, see what this does. if it fails, i'll sell or trade those for more birdies. i read recently a review on the banger gt, where a guy started off with the birdie, then moved to the aviar, and then fell in love with the banger gt, so i'm thinking i'm probably alot like him, who knows? i'll give it a month or 2 with these new discs whenever i decide to buy them.
If you are going to try out any putter, try a Rattler. I dabbled with them for a decade. Now I throw them more than any other disc.

Jim Kenner (owner of Discraft) carried one and used it to play catch with before rounds. So I played catch with one for years and always thought it was a great touch disc. It floats and hovers, imo, better than any disc on the market.

So it found its way into my bag as an approach disc. Since it was there I used it in putting practice. Eventually it earned its way as a putter.

I have seen players give up on a Rattler because they use it wrong. The Rattler is not a multipurpose disc. It is a specialty disc. It does a particular job and does that job superbly. Just follow the rules: never throw it hard; never throw it into a wind.

The Rattler is not a sledge hammer or a wrecking ball. It is a scalpel. It is a precision instrument.

A putt or a short upshot is a precise shot. It is a mistake to throw that shot far or hard. You need a precision instrument for that job.
Don't give up before you try Gateway putters.. I see a lot of people with gateway in their bag just for the putters.

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