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I really need help with my putting. I have watched many videos but I was just wondering what you guys do for putting. I can consistently make putts inside 20ft but outside of that it is really bad. I have a new 174 ss wizard, a 150 dx avair, and a 172 soft magnet. Any input on stance or anything else would really help.



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That's good advice. Stay focused, but let your hands do the thinking.
Putting is a mental game, really. Id you don't think you're gonna make the put, then you probably won't. If you think you can, chances are you probably can. The worst thing you can do before a putt is to think you can't make it. You need to mentally prepare yourself to think you can make it.

I was a very bad putter when I first started, but that was mainly due to lack of techinque and not finding the right putter for me. But when you miss on more and more putts, your confidence will drop and that's when you need to take action. Set yourself lower goals than to think you can make every putt from outside of 20 feet. Set yourself a goal that you will at least get 50% of those putts. It might not be much, but you need to start somewhere, and demanding too much from yourself can be destructive to your game.

I've tried a variety of putters, but I never really got the hang of any of them. But one day, I ordered a 3-pack Aerobie disc golf set including all the discs in the Sharpshooter series (#1 - driver, "2 - midrange and #3 - putt and approach). The #1 and #2 I found to be utterly useless so I gave one away to a friend and I just keep the #1 in the back of my car. But, the #3 was actually an excellent putter! At least for me. It has a flat disc surface and feels heavy in the hand. I like those sort of putters which you can really feel the weight shifting as you release it.

When I first started putting, I thought it was all about just using your arm to throw it, but it's not really about the arm at all. It's about shifting the weight of your body forward, and most importantly, getting that little snap so it'll come flying out of your hand. It takes a lot of practise, and god knows how many hours I've spent learning the technique, but it was well worth it. My putting is now the strongest part of my game and I can easily sink a 30' putt without worrying if I'm a) not going to make it and b) going to end up 40' from the basket if I miss because with the technique I use, that simply isn't possible unless I really mess it up, but then it's all on me.

And lastly, your Wizard and Magnet might be good putters. I've never tested the Wizard so I couldn't say, but I've nothing but good things about it. My brother and a friend of mine used to depend on the Magnet as their main putter, but they've actually both discarded it now because they weren't making consistent putts with it. Might just be their technique, but I didn't like it either. It felt too much like lid than a frisbee to me. And the 150 DX Aviar is probably not your best choice for a putter. The heavier a putter is, the more dependable it is. A light putter will probably have a tendency to hyzer and be very voulnerable to head or side wind. So I would either consider getting some new putters or just focusing on getting the Wizard right. My other two putters are an R-Pro Dart and a DX Aero. Both Innova. They have a very straight flight, and I usually go for the Dart on longer putts - around 40' - and the Aero is mainly my approach disc.

I'll link you a few good videos that helped me learn the technique. You might have seen them before, but if you have, watch them again and see if what I just said made any sense :)

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Putting Basics

Dave's Tips | Putting - Wrist Action

Dave's Tips | Snake Strike Put

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Putting Confidence Program

Hope what I said helps and that you might learn something you din't already know from the videos :)
Putters are a personal thing, but my putting improved greatly. When I switched to a stable/understable putter (APX) and stopped using those overstable putters (Challenger, Rhyno, Wizard). For me, I didn't have to deal with to much, if any, hyzering out and it was most notable the further out I was putting. Once you find that special putter. Go out and buy 4 to 6 of them in the same weight range. Now you have a putter you can work on consistency on. Instead of multiple putters and weights. You just can't gain consistency with different putters.
Now go to youtube and watch the Discraft ptting clinic with Mark Ellis. Doing both of these things. Has improved my putting greatly.
I am with you there, if i take to long to putt... it's like I talk myself right out of hitting the basket. I know it might work for some, but I find it best to pick up my putter and putt within around 10... I am not saying to rush it be any means... if it take longer then so be it! Thats just what works for me.

practice practice practice,morley field practice basket

putting man
i agree with picking one putter and having several of them,same weight,heck even all the same color so you dont favor one over the others.dont copy anybody elses style,keep to yourself and bang away at the pratice basket till the cows come home...the arrow putter,using it for 3yrs

I always square my shoulders to the basket, get my balance and then follow through on the putt. I would recommend that but then there are people like Ron Russell who stand sideways to the basket. But you do have to get your balance and feel comfortable. I also hear people say that they aim for a single link of chain but I don't do that either. I aim for the space in front of the basket. Whatever you do, you have to stick with it, get comfortable and sink the putt. Simple.
I've been told to aim for a single link as well, but it was followed up by "Aim small, miss small". Not only is every person different, every body is as well. That is, mechanically speaking. Tale all the ibfo you get and sift through it. You will eventually find what works for you. I say this, because I use Jim's style as well as Ron's, because I find them both usefull for different situations.
People were asking me why I was putting so well the other day and I just told them that I decided to make my putts. Then yesterday I missed a couple of eight footers because my brain wasn't working.
Use the marks we made on the driveway! Don't move back to the next one until you hit 10 in a row from the one you're on...you'll be money if you keep practicing like that!

(Troy and I made our own basket [turned out really well actually!], we throw in his backyard every chance we get...we set up the basket at the top of the driveway and with duct tape, put marks on the driveway every 5 feet from the basket. This is a perfect way to practice putts!...keep moving 5 feet back after you master each distance!)
It is all practice honestly.  Find a putting form that you can execute and repeat and gives you the ability to putt from outside the circle w/o having to jump.  Be relaxed and fluid all the way from start to execution to finish.

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