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I think that minimizing the negative effect of wind on a throw is very important. I get better every year at doing that but I still do some stupid things. Focusing on just putting, I am interested in how others manage windy conditions.

Some basic things I know: Putting in a headwind can lift your disc up; putting in a tailwind can push your disc down. Wind from the left and the right can also affect putts, more so if you are putting anhyzer or hyzer than if you straight-line putt.

What I am interested in is suggestions for coping with those conditions. For example, for me at least, when I am putting into a headwind and it is a relatively short putt, say under 15 feet, then I have learned that putting faster and straight at the basket helps. Some people putt with the disc upside down; the rationale being that it at least won't lift up and float away. When there is a very stiff headwind, so stiff that I am not even trying to put the disc in, but just get it close enough for a drop-in putt on the next try, I get down very low on the ground and put right above the grass.

I'm wondering if there might be some routines to go through when the opportunity to practice putting in windy conditions arise. But I don't know enough of what really works when putting in wind, so I thought I'd ask the community.

So, what are your tips for putting in windy conditions?

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This may not be what you're looking for, but where I play wind is almost always a factor (10-20mph almost a constant with plenty of higher winds on an open course). Here's what radically lowers my score on my home course:

Aim for a landing zone. I hate headwind putts and don't make many of them even when I do run them. I also hate right to left winds as a righthand backhand putter. These hold even more danger than the headwind putts in my opinion. If you get any hyzer the disc in a 20mph wind, your disc is going well outside the circle. I love tailwind putts, these are my favorites. Left to right winds are just fine for me too. Therefore I don't play my usual game of just trying to get as close as possible...I try to make darn sure I get onto the side of the basket I want to putt in...even if that means a 40 footer instead of a 20 footer...I'd rather have a 40' tailwind putt than a 20' headwind putt in strong wind. So my target is no longer the basket, but a landing area. It's probably 10-15' away from the basket, maybe more, depending on the strength of the wind.

I know I am not the first one to use this idea, but I've noticed that I shoot radically lower when I use it.

But then you need to know how to putt in a tailwind for it to be any good. I just give it either a little more height or speed or sometimes both. Actually on putts inside the circle, what I do is aim at the very top of the chains (the last possible place for the putt to go in). This way if the wind dies or just doesn't push the putt down as I anticipated, I'm still probably going in. Then I putt decisively, not harder than usually, but firmly. This is not the place for timid putts. If your disc is going to be pushed down, then you know you're not going past far if you miss.

For headwinds I actually add some anhyzer. They seem to fall out before the wind can really lift them. In really strong winds I lay up, but in moderate winds as long as there's no drop-off behind the basket, I run them...remembering one critical factor, if I miss and even if long, I have ....a tailwind putt! And again, I love those.

The for left to right winds I try to putt my normal putt, just as flat as I can. If I do this perfectly, the wind shouldn't be too much of a factor here as I really never "flip" a putt I've noticed.

Right to left winds are the ones that are the most dangerous in strong winds in my opinion. If you get a tiny amount of hyzer in your putt with a strong wind, your disc is GONE. I used to putt anyzer here or lay-up, but I've adopted an approach from a God-given gift recently. I putt left handed. I'm not bad at it. I putt flat or with a little hyzer. If I miss, the wind is just going to knock it down really close to the target. Maybe you're not a good left handed putter (or a forehand putter), but if you're going to only lay-up in this type of wind, maybe it's worth a try...give yourself a chance. I nailed a 35 footer the other day this way. The guy right next to my lie had his right handed bid catch the wind and glide into the water. Food for thought.
hey now,recently started to putt using the upside down approach.Start with the disc between the left shoulder and ear angled but shooting straight at basket,sort of a chopping motion.Distance is around 15-20' with 7 of 10 hitting mark.A work in progress in our SWFl wind condition.Peace
Well today we just played a small tourney at Begg Park and it was very windy. steady wind at least 15 mph and gusts up to 30. The only thing was is I went at the basket more aggressive than I usually do. Surprising thing was that I almost couldn't miss the first round. I focused on throwing it flat and with authority.

The second round I didn't throw as aggressive and then the disc got caught by the wind and floated away a few times.

I would say low and aggressive would be the best. My usual finesse putts weren't cutting it today.
I play in a pretty windy place as well. I've come to the point were I don't even think of the wind and just focus on putting. I primarily do just a few things diff. in windy conditions. One, I break out my Wizard for anything outside of 20 to 25 feet. My normal putter is the APX, but the Wizard gives me more confidence. Two, I find a hyzer angle on the putter works for me, but I still aim dead straight at the basket. Three, I tend to use the straddle putt stance more. Finally, I just put a little more speed on my putts. I try not to raise or lower my aim point at the basket. The biggest thing I've learned. Is you just have to be more aggressive when putting in windy conditions. I just go out there a little more "chippy"
Environmentaly, If I can use objects..ie, tree's rocks...I will try and aim for them and hope my drive ends up next to them. Then use them as wind blocks.
I have a fairly flat putt, doesn't matter the distance. I use a aviar. Into a head wind I putt with the same flat flight, but with half speed. I know it goes against all the information everyone says, but it works. With a tail wind I just putt a little higher, but still flat and straight. Right or left winds don't really affect the flight much, least ways not enough to make a difference. So, if youputt flat.... give it a try. Good Luck
So when you putt upside down, are you talking about a "scoober" style. Or do you take your normal putting stance?
Well I used to have a lot of trouble with wind until I started using the Wizard. The wind just doesn't seem to affect it as much as other putters. I also try to make sure I put with the nose down in headwind and crosswinds. I also tend to try to judge the wind and make small compensations for where I'm aiming at the basket. IE: Most of the time I just aim for center pole but if there is a hard right to left wind I might aim for the left half of the chains instead. Another thing is during headwind puts I try to keep them lower than normal because I would rather bounce one off the front of the basket than float one over and 30ft past.

It's chronically windy down on the prairie here in SW Minnesota. Consequently, even on CALM days we're putting with wind. :-)

I think for me, it ultimately comes down to reps. Thousands of reps. Putts react SO differently whether there's a head wind, tail wind or cross wind. With a tail wind, I always aim about two chain links higher than I might normally. Head wind? Two chain links lower. Wind from the left to right? I usually aim one set of chains to the left (left-hand, back-hand putter). Wind from right to left? I usually aim one set of chains to the right. To get all the different looks, I just methodically work my way around a basket in a circular motion...thereby simulating all the wind conditions on one basket regardless of which way the wind is coming from.

The other person who mentioned laying up and living to fight another day is 100% correct as well. With those 25-30+ MPH winds, I'll often keep it less than three feet off the ground and try and drop in for par from inside of five feet. Going after anything outside of 25-30 feet in those conditions is just BEGGING for a tough 20+ footer in the wind coming back for par.

I'm still an Intermediate player though...so in 90% of the events I play in, it seems like the person who makes the least mistakes wins that class. Aggressive play sometimes pays off! However, more Ints dig their own graves by playing it a little TOO aggressive. And the stronger the wind, the better those 3s look on the card.
Probably agressive at the wrong times. There are conditions and lies (ie terrain) that behoove a run at the basket and others where laying up is key. I think intermediate/advanced players still probably haven't figured all these factors out...at least in the middle of tourney play.
i like to switch to a more overstable/faster disc and do the flat, low and agressive putt. if slightly windy i switch to the roc or buzz and in very windy conditions i will use a teebird.
Hey, thanks for the tip!! I really like this style after reading your post and trying it. I was doing a similar throw to this with a two finger flick grip when I needed to putt high over something. I was okay at it, but your throw with the thumb in the disc with that back-hand chopping motion is fantastic! I'm not real great at it yet, but I saw progress after 15 min of practice. I don't think it will be great for long distances, but good for the short stuff over bushes. I've yet to try it into a headwind, but I'm excited to do so! How do you have your feet in this form?
I'm included in this category, BTW. I didn't want you to think I was a snooty pro. Not that pros are snooty (but maybe I would be!).

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