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I think that minimizing the negative effect of wind on a throw is very important. I get better every year at doing that but I still do some stupid things. Focusing on just putting, I am interested in how others manage windy conditions.

Some basic things I know: Putting in a headwind can lift your disc up; putting in a tailwind can push your disc down. Wind from the left and the right can also affect putts, more so if you are putting anhyzer or hyzer than if you straight-line putt.

What I am interested in is suggestions for coping with those conditions. For example, for me at least, when I am putting into a headwind and it is a relatively short putt, say under 15 feet, then I have learned that putting faster and straight at the basket helps. Some people putt with the disc upside down; the rationale being that it at least won't lift up and float away. When there is a very stiff headwind, so stiff that I am not even trying to put the disc in, but just get it close enough for a drop-in putt on the next try, I get down very low on the ground and put right above the grass.

I'm wondering if there might be some routines to go through when the opportunity to practice putting in windy conditions arise. But I don't know enough of what really works when putting in wind, so I thought I'd ask the community.

So, what are your tips for putting in windy conditions?

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Ha! Nah, no worries...I knew what you meant. I think you're right, FWIW. There's a time and a place for being very aggressive. Calm conditions, a natural "barrier" or "backstop" that'll keep you inside of 15-20 feet from the basket if you miss your mark, etc. I guess what I meant was Intermediate players being aggressive at inopportune moments. i.e. Going after a putt in the wind where if you miss 7-8 feet long, and your disc has a 50/50 chance of going 30-40 feet down a hill (giving you a fat 5 on the card unless you can stick the 40-footer). That kind of stuff.

Chuck Kennedy said something at a tournament we were at a few months ago that stuck with me. The concept of "trap holes." You know, holes where it looks like if you can just pound it through that 20-25' alley or go over top you can set up your improbable deuce and gain a shot or two on the competition. Ams generally throw caution to the wind and go for it, then end up mired DEEP in the woods/rough, praying to save FOUR. :-) Chuck says to just set your ego aside, tee off with your putter or your Buzzz/Roc, and set up your second shot at the mouth of the opening...then run that gap and save your par.

Not really a putting example...but an example of how Am/Int players hang themselves at tournament after tournament. Nobody likes throwing 125 feet off the tee at a tournament where the other guys on your card will go 300+ feet up/over/through...but all that matters in the end is where your score is at when it's all said and done. NOT who has the biggest "balls." :-)
One of the aspects of Course Managment...IE: Puting yourself in a position to have the easy downwind putt (or right to left wind putt...whatever you are comfortable wth). Brandon eluded to this in the very first reply to this discussion.
Well this may be a little off the wall but it works for me in those bad winds. I like to use my discraft avenger ss flex plastic, it dosn't seem to get effected by the wind like my putters do and the flex plasic allows for the disc to stay in the chains. Might be worth a practice try for you
We don't think you're snooty.............hmmmmmmm, ya no worries!lol!!! Just a thought. I always thought it has more to do with age than the group you play in. I always noticed the young guns going for it more than the advanced groups. Man the other day. I played in this foursome and this kid was just ripping his putts with no concern for what was behind the basket. I'm talking he'd blow 25+ feet past the basket if he missed. It's that imortality thing.
wind sucks... Putting into wind head wind makes putter float in the air and go understable... Tail wind makes putter drop and go straight. Remedy is simple use heavy putter in wind and throw lil harder.
I see a ton of frustration with new players that haven't grasped the wind concepts. Like Vagnerman said..positioning your disc to have a tail wind putt is a huge step in the right direction. Not every time though. I personally don't mind a slightly brisk head wind if I'm taking a putting stance outside 60..inside 80. That headwind can help keep your disc in the air a little longer on a straighter line. With a big headwind putt you definitely need to keep your disc flat on a lower line....a higher hyzer style putt will sail away..just about every time.

In extreme wind..I always prefer to have a tail wind putt. I will also switch to heavier more stable plastic..even a driver if need be.

Chuck had pointed out about putting upside down in another thread about this...it works great...the problem is having the confidence to do it..an upside down putt reacts completely different than a regular putt...you really have to get used to that. I will go upside down turbo if it's close enough...inside 12'
I forgot to add that when I was putting in the wind I was also thinking "Make this putt", not "Don't miss this putt". It's weird, but worked. I gleaned this bit of philosophy by watching "Mr. Baseball".

I am not always so aggressive putting, but when within 30ft it worked. I also forgot to add I was using a Putt'r 170-172gr.
As a general rule of thumb you are completely correct...Headwind will lif the disc, tail wind the opposite. I have come to realize though that this is not always the case. I stopped spin putting about 2 years ago, and now push putt. This will sometimes drive the nose of the disc down as i pitch it into the air. that said into a headwind...if the nose of my disc is down the wind wiill drive the disc straight into the ground. Very frustrating as it goes against everything i experienced as a spin putter. On the contrary when their is a tail wind i have to be careful to not putt to high, for whne the nose goes down the wind will get under the flight plate and drive the disc up...again very frustrating, but managable. I know rather like push putting with a tailwind, as i can gauge the putt and not have to pitch the disc as high.
Now with a headwind i will spin putt, reverting back to the basics and the way i learned. flat and at the basket, half the speed of what i think it should be and it seems to find the chains. All and all practise in different conditions and it will round out your putt. It also brings it home to learn all you can about different styles as they can come in handy in certain situations.
I putt max weight putters flat.
hey now,sorry about the delay.Shorter putting distance within 30 '.Straddle putt or regular putting stance.Like you mentioned,an upside or turned over sidearm throw for putting.A work in progress is putting lefty,still frustrating but might come in handy.Peace
hey now,either straddle or regular putting stance.An upside down sidearm flick is what is close resemblance.Peace
Don't try to float your putt with no spin !

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