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Hey everybody!  Love reading the forums, this is my first contribution.

Though the winter months have definitely not kept me off the DG course, it's made night disc a bit more difficult (it's just too cold).  The remedy?  Inside putting.  We have about 20' of open space in the attic of our apartment, perfect for a midnight toss after a few beverages.  The more putts I threw from the same distance (20' measured out), I started to think about my statistics.  I kept track over 2 sessions of 50 putts and here's what I got:


Now, I absolutely don't make all my 20' putts outside, but I thought I did better than this!  60% of 20 footers is pretty mediocre. 

So, anyone else been bored/addicted enough to give this a go?  If so, how are your putting stats?  I'm interested to see how these will change the more I practice up there. 

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Can't say I have, well sort of, that is. After watching the putting clinic put on by Discraft/Mark Ellis. So From approx 15' or so. It's around 99% The video's basisc premis, is to find a distance were you make 100% of your putts. This builds true confidence, not just bluster. Do to this, if I had to throw out a number. I would say 85 to 90% from 20'.
Soooo a big Thank you to Mark Ellis!
Not exactly, but being a stat nerd, i decided to look at the probability I could get any score at the weekly league I participate in based on my average previous scores, handicap and standard deviation, that's all you really need, the results are below, not sure if the image will post correctly................

Interesting trend. Given the weather here in Missouri, I've also been throwing 20-footers inside for about a week now. Typically, I've been making 8-9/10--I haven't been keeping track exactly, but that's the general trend. While I haven't seen much improvement yet--it's only been a week--I'm hoping to gain CONFIDENCE from that distance, as Mark Ellis' putting confidence clinic suggests. (See YouTube or Discraft.com for the video of you haven't seen it.)

My suggestion for you, following Mark Ellis, would be to move in to a distance that you will make approx. 90% of your putts and repeat for two 15-minute sessions every day, for 30 days. After that many sessions, you'll have a much more reliable sample of your putting performance; and you'll probably have improved in the process.

Lastly, you might also consider the impact of your "few beverages" on your performance. While I often enjoy a cold one when I'm playing in our (non-sanctioned) club tourneys, I definitely notice my performance drop if I have more than one or two. I'm not trying to micro-manage your lifestyle, just bringing up other variables that may significantly affect the outcome you're interested in.

I hope this helps and happy hucking...
I have a basket in the basement of our house. I have different distances marked with tape. I think it is interesting how much changes in the 15'-20' range. I make nearly all probably 99% of my 15 footers, but maybe 85% of my 20'. I actually think I make almost of all of my 17' too. So 3' seems to make a lot of difference. My best day putting down there I made 63 putts in a row from 20'. I haven't been putting for a while and I've been messing around with the push putt (thanks Dave Feldberg), but I think I'll take up your challenge today. I'll warm up a bit and then fire off 100 putts and post how many I hit. Maybe I'll do it in two time periods of 50 each...depends on how the day goes. I'm already feeling the pressure.

Hey! Maybe we can use this thread to induce a feeling of tournament type pressure as we try to best each other's best scores? Rule: you can only do/post one series of 100 (or should we make it 50?) of putts per day...and no starting over if you're not doing well! I think maybe I just need some competition here in the dead of winter to keep me going!

Oh and I hit 8/10 from the free-throw line at the YMCA the other night. I really feel like 20 footers are to disc golf what the free throw line is to basketball. Both of them have the potential to make or break your game.
stat nerd!! lol, man, i love Standard Deviations, graphs, etc., best part about Probability and Statistics class, wait, that wasn't a "part", it was the whole semester.
Sure I track them.....very simple method. .....Some go in...Some don't. lol!!

Seriously though....it can't hurt to track your %'s from varying distances or even different stances or putting styles.
If I had the means to do this "comp" everyday I would be all over it. My game could certainly use it!
Don't forget to switch putt with opposite throwing arm.Never can tell what injury might befall you or what lay your disc lands.You might only have that opposite hand toss putt to contend with.
simple is always good.Raining in sheets of blowing,cold rain on the SWFl side of Fl today(2-12-10)..."going where those chilly winds don't blow,cold wind and (no) snow.."
I actually started practicing putting left handed last season. The reason being is that our course is really windy on a hill and there are certain situation I'll lay up because if I accidentally put even a little hyzer on the disc, it's going to fly 100 feet away or into the lake. So I started to work on lefty so that I could actually take a run at these with no risk.

The reward came in leagues one night when a competitor and I were in the exact same lie with a right to left cross wind with a pond 12' past the pin. He putted first. It didn't look too bad, but the wind got under it, picked it up a little and it went deep in the water. I thought, "Well, time to try out my lefty putt in competition" and I canned it from 25 feet. It was deeply satisfying.
Okay, I put my putting in for the day.

I hit 35/50 and then 42/50 an hour later.

So 77% overall. Not too shabby, not too stunning either. :-) Either way, that's the mark to beat for the day! Who will be the daily champion?
So I followed Brandon and kept track of my putting results today. For the first 50 putts from 20' I was 39/50 or 78%. My second time around I was 43/50 or 86%. That adds up to 82% out of a hundred putts. Just like Brandon said, not too shabby, but nothing to brag about. Especially considering I was throwing inside, on a pretty forgiving basket.

Although it was fun to know my average for the day, I'm not sure I'll be counting every day. It made it a bit harder to forget about everything besides the shot in front of me--which is the hardest thing for me to make 'routine' already.

As for my part in the putting confidence program, I guess I'm supposed to move in a bit closer now that I know I'm not yet 90% from 20'...

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