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How long did it take u to find a putting style u felt comfortable with and do u still make small changes to that style? Been at it for over a year and still making adjustments.

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Ive been playing for almost 10 years now and I still change my putting style little bits.  If something isn't working i try to tweak it a little to make it work.  Find yourself a professional player and ask for some advice.  most are willing to give!

I pretty much had my style from day 1.  I got a bit more consistent with it as time went on tho.  You develop a feel for how much speed/height you need and how much spin to put on it.  One key thing is to pick a putter and settle on it.  If you're constantly changing equipment you can't expect any consistency or to develop a solid feel for what you're doing.

Yeah I have never really changed my style from day one, but I have always been fairly solid at putting. I do change it up a bit from time to time. Big key to putting is to just go for it, if you get worried about putt backs and start 2nd guessing your going to miss alot more putts.

It took about 8 months to feel comfortable with stance and style. Been tweeking ever since.

I do know that a quick motion forward makes all the difference since this is where your wrist will bend and create a snap forward w/ your follow through.  This is of course if you are spin putting as I do.  I make the mistake of slowing down my movement a lot when I get under pressure, which gives my putt no spin, no distance and it just falls flat. Hopefully more practice = more confidence. :)

I'd say a few years. I started off with the staggard stance and spin putting. Then straddle with spin release. Now I use both with a push putting technique. The straddle is my primary stance and works best for me when I'm above or below the basket or on uneven ground. Staggard is handy when I'm about 40' out  or so. Just depends on how I'm feeling with the straddle that day.

The key is to be fluid and consistent in your motions, be confident, and get your own basket off Craigslist!!!

My "style" is pretty basic. Square shoulders to the basket, get my balance, and follow through. Nothing to really tweak. It's just a matter of doing those things in a fluid manner and not over thinking it. Proper execution is the key, especially with the follow through.

Find what feels comfortable to you. Practice , Practice, Practice !!!!!!

Everyone has there own form.

Here's someone that's pretty efficient at it:

Find more videos like this on www.DiscGolfersR.Us

I've been experimenting with putting styles for several years and keep returning to the basic spin putt. I have found that being aggressive and not worrying about overthrowing results in hitting the chains more often than trying to make "soft" putts that typically land next to the basket. On a clear site-line to the basket, I find I am much more accurate curving an anhyzer into the basket than I am throwing straight or hyzer, but I don't know why. At 25' or less I use the push-putt technique straight at the basket with a high degree of accuracy. Beyond 25' I revert back to the spin putt.

I am not always pleased with my putting consistency and continue to try new things, but I believe everyone has different styles that work for them. I guess the number one rule is to be comfortable and practice, practice, practice.

I often think back of the days when I would toss a (toy) frisbee back and forth to a friend and how accurate I could be every single time. I try to apply that same thought process when putting. Some days are right-on and some days not so much.

One thing is for sure. Be confident and don't hold back on a putt. I didn't have that ferocity on one putt today and I missed it (it just kind of floated to the right). It was a practice round so I got a bit mad, put some juice on a second putt and it was dead center. Don't hold back on what you know you need to do. Be confident and it will go dead center. Holding back on it will generally get you a floater.

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