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I used to line up on a line (with my throwing arm forward), but i recently have been making the move to the "straddle" form. By putting in the straddle form it helps me keep the disc on a straight line to the basket and eliminate my my left-to-right misses almost completely. The only thing i noticed was it takes a bit m ore effort to throw...say...25+ feet. I figured i just have to learn on how to use my legs more.

Any suggestions or helpful hints are welcome

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Thats a tuffy. I tend to use a straddle putt as well. I find when I'm 20+ out. I use less leg "push" and more arm and wrist (speed that is), but my arm tends to be lower and more straight. So it's kind of like a quick "flick" of my arm and wrist. My disc still goes straight, but I tend to have ellavation issuse when I do it that way. Sometimes it's to low or high, but thats how I manage to get more "D".
To clear something up. I still push down with my legs. I just find it's more of a delayed push. It's a bit after I start my arm movement. I just seem to get better "pop" on the disc that way. I'm sure it's not textbook (I always keep waiting for Mr. Ellis to step in soon) and please take that as a compliment Mr. Ellis, because that's the way it was ment.
I also made the switch to straddle putt a few years ago and haven't looked back. I did take some advice though and practiced enough to get to know a realistic range for it, and revert to a "regular" putting style when outside my percentage range.
I'm still not sure if this is working out for me though,haha.
I switched last year and can now putt!! I have no problem with range until I get around 70 ft. However I am a pretty big guy. I don't use a lot of upper body, most of distance comes from my legs. I make sure to bend my knees almost like I am trying to sit in a chair. As I come up to throw I straighten my legs and generate the power that way.
Yes this eliminates Left and right misses. Now you get to worry about High and Low misses instead, LOL!!!! Just keep practicing!!!
One option is to gradually move your non-dominant foot back a little more as you get farther away to get a little more power from your legs. This allows you to keep your same up/down arm motion rather than change your arm swing for more power.
Hey, I'm not the only one to discover this! I usually have a somewhat open stance... it's really pretty much my karate fighting stance as I feel the most balanced in it. When I jump putt though, the non-dominant foot goes almost completely in a straight line to the target as my front foot. I find it easiest to spring up strong this way and in a good line with the target.
yeah, the elevation isn't a huge concern to me. I'd rather hit low on the basket then blow past the entire thing. And as far as the leg push goes..this is just going to be something imma have to experiment with. Thanx Guys!
I've tried straddle and traditional forms, and it almost doesn't matter. What I've found on my putting, is it's all in my eyes and head. If take the time to really focus in on a point on the basket, I'll usually hit my putt. When I let myself get "rushed" and just see The Basket, I'm gonna miss no matter which stance I am using.
I've heard a lot of people talk about the "focusing on a link" theory when putting, but it doesn't work for me. It's wonderful if it does work for you though. For me it takes my focus away from where (for me) it should be: what I'm doing with the disc in my hand. There are just a couple of simple things going on in my head when I'm putting, but they are all mechanical: 1. "Keep the nose level" as I tend to putt nose down sometimes and hit the front of the basket and "Give it enough steam to get there" as I tend to get tenative on long putts, but in most situations I can always hit the comeback putt. If you miss low you've never given the disc a chance to go in... you do this all round and you won't hit anything. Maybe you won't bogey, but you won't shoot a great round either.

Anyway, I take my mechanical approach to putting from ball golf. I was taught to drill my putting mechanics until it was a perfect pendulum, letting the momentum of the club do the work...clean back swing, clean follow through in a good line. While I am not a good ball golfer (don't have the time or money) I AM a good putter. When you putt in ball golf, you select your line based on terrain and then you select your speed by how much you draw back the putter, BUT here's the KEY: After you've done these things, YOU DON'T LOOK AT THE HOLE WHILE YOU SWING, YOU LOOK AT THE BALL. You see the club in your peripheral vision, but you don't focus on it. Now for disc golf the correlation is only approximate (as it usually is, but still helpful) as you wouldn't have good success not looking at the target at all (try putting with your eyes closed), but I think you need not focus as intently on it as a single link. This probably does help some people get rid of the mental chatter that leads to bad putts.

For me, I try to practice my mechanics to perfection during practice. Then when it counts I try to line up, select my disc angle and loft...then it's all about controlling the speed on the line and angle I've chosen.
Generally my routine is this:

1. I flip my putter in my hands 3 times to clear my mind about the putt.
2. I give myself positive reinforcement, like "you got this" or "easy putt".
3. I pump the arm a few times to make sure I'm on a straight path.
4. I shoot, making sure to follow through
Whatever your preferred putting method, really, you need them all. Your next crucial putt may be a downhill, blind hyzer from one knee. Or something completely different. Whatever you can't do is destined to bite you in the butt.

At one time I dreaded straddle putts. Then I practiced them enough so that now I don't care. I'm still horrendous at anhyzer putts. Oh, and the putts which I have to release chest high are just fliers, unfortunately, fliers in the literal sense as well.

It is really difficult to describe putting form in words. There is a new Discraft Pro Clinic on Youtube.com on putting form by Scott Papa who I think is a wonderful and entertaining teacher of the game. If someone sporting purple hair can't point you in the right direction then there is something misaligned in the universe.

BTW, If the universe truly is misaligned then it's not even your fault when you miss a putt. Just count all putts within the circle as gimmes. :)
Once I'm done with my Nomar Garciaparra ticks. I just thinks this constant manta "aim small, miss small" I know I stole it from the movie Patriot, but that what chills me and keeps me focused, but when I'm on one knee it's "wax on wax off" or tandem putting it's "paint the fence" uphill it's "Mr. Lee, why you no were uniform!"... well you get the idea lol!!!


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