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i am a relative rookie... my friends sucked me in to disc golf at the beginning of last season and i've been addicted ever since... due to lots of coaching from my friends, i've progressed pretty quickly, but my biggest problem right now is putting... i have a very straight ahead putting style, and by that i mean i putt in a straight line and right at the chains... the problem i have with this approach is that with the putters i use, my range is limited... i have tried numerous putters and am currently using a kc pro aviar ( which still doesn't help my range ).... i am waiting for my new R-Pro Dart to arrive in the mail, as from what i've read it should fit my game well... any advice on what to putt with for that straight shot putting style, or should i be changing the way that i'm putting? any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I second (or third?) what Jamie said about springing slightly from the legs. It will take a little bit for you to coordinate the springing feeling with your backswing and the timing of the throw. There is just no getting around practice. Try a lot of different techniques. You WILL need a straddle putt on wooded courses anyway. You don't have to be an expert at it (though it would help), but some proficiency will save you strokes when you have to reach around something. Also, try less spin, more pitch. You WILL also need to loft over things from time to time...again, saving strokes. I've also learned that as I practice different types of techniques recently, it helps my current form (spin putting) evolve into a more consistent style. Now I'm not afraid to give my spin putt a little more loft when there is a tailwind. Now I can loft it up with nose down to get up and down over a bush quickly. I can putt on any angle to avoid getting blown away by the wind. Don't worry about ruining your current form, you won't lose it by practicing other ways and you may just refine it.

Most of Team Super G putts long with a Rhyno.
It is super overstable and moves slow, so you have to give it some "go" when you throw it, but target the sweet spot.
If it misses, it stays right by the basket...it has the best brakes of any putter on the market...sticky to chains also!
Because it is so over-stable and sticky, it is the "go to" putter for high wind situations. Try it and "watch the magic"!
I've always cocked my wrist while going into my backswing (if you can call it a backswing when putting) to put a slight spin on the disc. The more spin on the disc, the less wobble and the straighter it will fly. The only problem with that is that sometimes the disc would go from left to right enough that it would miss the chains or glance off the right side of the chains (I'm RHBH btw).

2 days ago I solved the problem. I put my left foot in the lead position instead of my right. The change in stance corrected anything my upper body was doing wrong. Now my putting is much more consistent and I feel more confident, which is one of the things you need in order to make good putts.

So to sum up: try putting your left foot forward when making putts.

learn to turbo putt. less motion to breakdown while putting....lol j/k (not really)
i would try a good old stradle putt. will help add distance to your putt and is
very accurate when practiced often. i cant do it but most players i play with
do this. i am a turbo putter only myself and feel like any putt 50ft and in i
should make. and should be close anywhere out to 100ft. im with the others
on the disc issue. find one you like and practice practice practice. its not
often the disc thats the problem more often the motion of the putter.
I can't believe noone reacted to your Climo reference. lol it was funny. There is a site called discgolfreview.com that has an instructional article on the short arm putting technique if you need some direction.
mark ellis said:
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I agree with Rescue. It aint the disc its the technique. The only things that matter about your putter choice is that it feels good to you and you have confidence in it.

Throwing a straight putt at the center of the chains is great, if you can do it. But no single putting style works for every putt because you need to putt over, under or around obstacles sometimes. And the various baskets you putt at have no respect for any putting style: they kick out apparently good putts at will.

The best solution for putting woes is practice.

mark ellis said:
Try putting like your cousin Ken.
I'm in the same boat as you are right now on the putting range of 25+ feet. First I try to tale myself that anything further then 30ft is not a put, but after you play long enough and see people sinking shots like this all the time you realize you have to get at least 2 of these per round of 18 to compete. I've tryed all the disc mentioned aviar(jk, classic, KC,etc.), reef, wizard, 1080, etc. I can get the distance pretty well 20ft in and make most of them 25 not so bad but 30 1 out of 10 no explanation. I tryed the qms with a direct online shot works sometimes but if your off just a tad the disc can just float and you have a nasty back shot. When starting in Disc gold I only had a few disc so I putted with and eagle. So using a driver from this distance has been very effective for me. The XD is the closets thing to this. However I hate the new star xd. It's nothing like an XD from the 90's. If you can find one of these for sale in a max wieght I think you will get some more distance and have a nice feel. Remember the new star XD is not the same mold as the dx XD they fade a lot more at slow speeds. good luck.
Video tape yourself putting and post it up. Then people can critique your form and with so many seeing it you should get better advice then just writing this post.

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