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I have a question that has been bothering me. I played in a tournament and I seen that a player has changed his score. Then my cousin changed it back and confronted him about it and then he changed it back to 3 when it was suppose to be a 5 and then another person in the group confronted him about it at the end of the round and he made up some excuse. Which makes me question all the other time I played with him and he won, with me in second. The whole group went to the T.D. about it and nothing ever came of it. Just corrected that one score and went on like it never happened. When this sport is all about honesty and you see someone doing that, it ruins it.
Don't get me wrong I am there to have fun and if I win it is a bonus, but know I just feel cheated out of some extra bonuses and it bothers me because I think I should still be in Am 4 because someone is always beating me by a narrow margin. It feels like I am not improving. I shot a 66 and a 56 yesterday and I know they were super busy and it was super late, but if it was my tournament and I caught someone doing that TWICE they would be disqualified.

What do you think?

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Am 4 is not going to have your most dedicated-to-the-game players in comparison with the other divisions. There are shot shavers in all divisions, but its your responsibility as part of their group to keep an eye on it. The td is in a really tough position in times like that, when he didn't witness any of it. If someone is shaving shots in am 4, he's probably breaking other insignificant rules too. Learn the rules well and call him on EVERYTHING. And keep an eye on the card, keep score for him and yourself on a seperate card, do whatever you have to to not let that shaving get in your head. And anyone that wins an am4 tournament in my opinion should move up immediately. Am3 is a way bigger field and you'll meet a lot more people, learn more, move up to am2 faster and have more fun. Am4 is really not a division I would want to spend more than one tournament in if I were to start over.
That sucks, Blazo has the best idea, keep your own score card going and maybe encourage another you trust to do the same and do a comparison and continue to call him on everything. Otherwise if there's nothing being done about it, you're going to have to do the same as the shot shaver, he shaves 2, you shave 2, I know it won't feel right, but I wouldn't stand by and let someone else get away with it. In the end, if and when he moves up, it'll all catch up to him soon enough, why would you lie about your score and accel to a higher competitive level then risk getting your butt kicked and being watched that much closer? He's setting himself up for failure, so hang in there Rook!
Yeah I am done in Am4 I am definitely going to Am3 from now on. I have learned a lot, and thanks for all the advice I like the keep my own score card idea. I will probably get my ass handed to me in Am 3, but at least I know it is because I need to work on my game, and not because someone is shaving points.
It sucks that there are cheaters out there, but the solution is very simple. When you play on a card with a suspected "pencil whipper", the best approach is to OPENLY keep a score card. Once everyone in the group realizes there is a second scorecard being kept, the chances of pencil whipping decrease dramatically.

No one has to know why you want to keep a your own score card. Years ago, I played with a lady who would sometimes keep a separate score card. I found out only recently that she was doing that because another girl we often played with was a suspected pencil whipper. It was a very discreet way to handle the problem without calling anyone out.
When I have the scorecard in a competitive round I ask each player after each hole what their score was. I make sure I do this when we are all close together then I repeat the score back to make sure everyone hears it. Any disagreements happens at that point and is instantly cleared up.
This is how everyone I play with keeps score.
Ball point pen helps. Even a kittyhawk won't erase it.
I can't believe anyone would want to shave strokes.. Where's the sense of satisfaction in a win you didn't earn?
Spread the word that he is a cheater. Its his own reputation that he is destroying, you can just help him out a little.
Understandable, but he wasn't with our group the first round and who knows what else he done before then. Like I said I am there to have fun, but on the other hand I want first place when I earn it. I'll put it this way he is from the Flint area and plays Am4. I thought in the last tournament I played with him in at Goldenrod he was doing it too which I came in second because we had to have a throw off and I am forehand dominate and if you played there the holes 1 and 2 are a nightmare for me. So need less to say I took second.
I caught him doing it at "kick out the yams" is where this conversation started, but I am just referring back to Goldenrod. didn't mean to confuse people. I played with him about 3 times. First time was at Hollywoods, then Goldenrod, and lastly at Grand Woods.
I HATE CHEATERS !!! Why even play?

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